22nd Annual International Colorectal Disease Symposium
Harbor Beach Marriott
3030 Holiday drive
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

*  Registration Deadline:
       16th February 2011


   Steven D. Wexner MD FRCS
   Program Director

   This 22nd annual course will provide the most current detailed and
   in-depth analysis of the current status of colon and rectal surgery.
   The course will include an evaluation of new technologies, new and
   emerging techniques, data based upon peer review and meta-analysis as
   well as randomized controlled trials. Emphasis will be upon the
   diagnostic methods and technically useful therapeutic approaches to
   optimize patient outcomes. Benign and malignant disease will be
   covered as will abdominal and anorectal surgery and laparoscopic and
   other minimally invasive procedures. The focus will be upon the
   clinical applications of the current best practices in the field
   demonstrated by world renowned experts with extensive use of video and
   audience interactive discussion. Topics such as NOTES , robotics, TEM
   , TME , and advanced laparoscopy will be highlighted throughout the
   There are 2 hands on-workshops in conjunction to the mail course:
   1- ERUS (Endorectal Ultrasonography) 2/16/11
   2- TEM (Transanal Endoscopic Microsurgery) 2/20/10

   3030 Holiday drive, Fort Lauderdale, FL, 33316, United States

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Schedule of Presentations:

Wednesday, February 16, 2011
15:00:00 Early Check-in | Registration
Thursday, February 17, 2011
06:30:00 Breakfast
06:35:00 Registration
07:00:00 EXHIBITS open
07:15:00 Welcome and Introduction Steven D. Wexner
07:20:00 Session | Rectal Carcinoma Controversies and Conundrums Steven WEXNER
07:25:00 Multi-modality Management of Locally Advanced Rectal Carcinoma
07:35:00 Assessing and Defining Quality TME Mariana Berho
07:50:00 Current Status of Laparoscopy for Rectal Carcinoma
08:05:00 Distal Rectal Cancer | Laparoscopic vs. Open Intersphinteric Resection E. Rullier
08:20:00 When in Abdominoperineal Resection Required, How is it Best Done and What are the Results? Victor W. Fazio
08:35:00 Methods of Reconstruction after Proctectomy - Techniques and Results Ian Lavery
08:50:00 Panel Discussion
09:20:00 Break | EXHIBITS
10:00:00 Session | Rectal Carcinoma | Optimizing Outcomes
10:05:00 Complete Pathologic Response of Rectal Cancer to Neoadjuvant Therapies | Options and Risks
10:15:00 The Importance (or lack of importance) of Lymph Node Counts in Colorectal Surgery
10:30:00 Lymph Nodes after Neoadjuvant Therapy | What is the Standard? Mariana Berho
10:45:00 Local Excision vs. TME after Downstaging of T2 +T3 Rectal Carcinomas E. Rullier
11:00:00 Defining and Evaluating the Importance of Circumferential Resection Margins A. Wibe
11:15:00 Comparing the Results of Laparoscopy and Laparotomy
11:30:00 Genetics Juan J. Nogueras
11:45:00 Panel Discussion
12:20:00 Lunch | dessert coffee served in exhibit area
13:20:00 Session | Recent Advances in Colorectal Physiology Eric G. Weiss
13:25:00 Current Status of Bulking Agents for the Treatment of Fecal Incontinence
13:35:00 Optimizing the Outcome of Sphincteroplasty
13:50:00 Sacral Nerve Stimulation Steven WEXNER
14:05:00 Artificial Bowel Sphincter
14:20:00 Rectal Prolapse - Matching the Procedure to the Patient Stanley M. Goldberg
14:35:00 Surgery for Constipation - When, What and Why? Tracy L. Hull
14:50:00 Laparoscopic Rectopexy - Techniques and Long-term Results
15:05:00 Panel Discussion
15:40:00 Break and EXHIBITS
16:20:00 Session | Measuring Quality James Merlino
16:25:00 Quality Assurance in Rectal Cancer Treatment A. Wibe
16:35:00 Measuring Quality in Colorectal Surgery
16:50:00 Quality of Life following Low Anterior Resection
17:05:00 Quality in Rectal Cancer Surgery: Is Volume and Specialization Meaningful? Lester Rosen
17:20:00 Improving and Measuring the Quality of the Inpatient Experience Fabio Potenti
17:35:00 Quality in Healthcare
17:50:00 Function and Quality of Life after Transanal Endoscopic Surgery
18:05:00 Panel Discussion
18:40:00 Adjourn
18:45:00 Welcome Cocktail Reception
Friday, February 18, 2011
06:45:00 Breakfast
06:50:00 Registration open
07:00:00 EXHIBITS open
07:15:00 Session | Dilemmas and Debates in the Management of Inflammatory Bowel Disease Steven WEXNER
07:20:00 Dysplasia in IBD | What Does it Mean and What Should We Do?
07:30:00 Nutrition, Pre-biotics and Probiotics in IBD Alison Schneider
07:45:00 Medical Management after Resection for Crohn's Disease | Can we Improve the Outcome? Roger Charles
08:00:00 What Determines Indeterminite Colitis?
08:15:00 Controversies in Pouch Surgery Feza H. Remzi
08:30:00 Laparoscopic Management of Fistulas in Crohn's Disease Barry Salky
08:45:00 Panel Discussion
09:15:00 Break and EXHIBITS
09:55:00 Session | Portals and Ports of Access for Minimally Invasive Surgery: A Global Perspective Juan J. Nogueras
10:00:00 Are There Advantages of the Single incision Technique? William CHEN
10:10:00 The Case Against Single Incision Colectomy Richard L. Whelan
10:25:00 The Role of NOTES in Colorectal Surgery
10:40:00 Transanal Endoscopic Operations
10:55:00 Single Port Colectomy: The Italian Experience
11:10:00 The Transvaginal Approach to Colectomy
11:25:00 HALS Hand-assisted Laparoscopic Surgery | The Asian Perspective
11:40:00 Panel Discussion
12:20:00 Introduction of Professor the Lord Darzi of Denham Steven WEXNER
12:25:00 Innovation in Healthcare
12:55:00 Lunch | dessert coffee served in exhibit area
13:55:00 Session | Current Status of Colorectal Challenges
14:00:00 Clinical Algorithm for the Surgical Management of Retrorectal Tumors
14:10:00 Diagnosis and Management of Rectal Hemangioma
14:25:00 Prevention, Recognition and Treatment of Post-operative Ileus and Small Bowel Obstruction James Merlino
14:40:00 Training and Education in Colorectal Surgery Eric G. Weiss
14:55:00 Trends and Results of Surgery for Malignant Left Colonic Obstruction
15:10:00 Avoidance and Management of Complication of Laparoscopy DEBORAH NAGLE
15:25:00 Changing Paradigms in the Management of Lower Gastrointestinal Hemorrhage
15:40:00 Panel Discussion
16:15:00 Break and EXHIBITS
16:45:00 Session | Video Expert Exchange
16:50:00 Laparoscopic Abdominosacral Resection for Locally Advanced Primary Rectal Cancer
16:55:00 Lift Procedure for Anal Fistula Christopher Whitlow
17:05:00 Modified Primary Closure of Pilonidal Disease
17:15:00 TRREMS Procedure for the Treatment of Rectoceles
17:25:00 Laparoscopic Intersphincteric Resection E. Rullier
17:35:00 Mesh Repair of Rectocele
17:45:00 Four Techniques of Splenic Flexure Mobilization Richard L. Whelan
17:55:00 Transanal Endoscopic Microsurgery Dana R. Sands
18:05:00 Laparoscopic Proctectomy
18:15:00 Panel Discussion
19:00:00 Adjourn
Saturday, February 19, 2011
06:45:00 Breakfast
06:50:00 Registration open
06:55:00 EXHIBITS open
07:00:00 Session | Challenges and Unresolved Issues Stanley M. Goldberg
07:05:00 Minimally Invasive Surgery in the Treatment of Liver Metastases Horacio Asbun
07:15:00 Pelvic Exenteration for Recurrent Rectal Carcinoma: Survival and Quality of Life Michael SOLOMON
07:30:00 Managing Enterocutaneous Fistulae Ian Lavery
07:45:00 Reoperative Pelvic Surgery Victor W. Fazio
08:00:00 Benefits of Laparoscopy for Colon Carcinoma
08:15:00 Anal Melanoma - Does Radical Surgery Alter the Outcome? Tracy L. Hull
08:30:00 Panel Discussion
09:00:00 Break and EXHIBITS
09:30:00 Session | Master Class in Advanced Colorectal Surgery DEBORAH NAGLE
09:35:00 Sacrectomy for Recurrent Rectal Carcinoma
09:45:00 Laparoscopic Management of Anastomotic Leakage William CHEN
10:00:00 Management of Locoregional Recurrence of Rectal Carcinoma Jakob Izbicki
10:15:00 Endorectal Vacuum Assisted Drainage Treatment of Anastomotic Leakage
10:30:00 Reoperative Pouch Surgery - Techniques and Results Feza H. Remzi
10:45:00 Challenges of Laparoscopy in the Obese Raul J. Rosenthal
11:00:00 Intracorporeal vs. Extracorporeal Anastomosis | In there an Advantage? Barry Salky
11:15:00 Panel Discussion
11:50:00 Lunch
12:35:00 Session | A Critical Analysis of New Techniques Ian Lavery
12:40:00 Technical Aspects of Laparoscopic Sigmoid Colectomy for Diverticulitis
12:50:00 Dynamic Imaging Modalities for Pelvic Floor Disorders
13:05:00 Three Dimensional Ultrasonography Methods and Results
13:20:00 Compression Anastomosis | Is Three a Crowd?
13:35:00 Strictureplasty - Indications and Results Feza H. Remzi
13:50:00 Robotics in Colorectal Surgery | Medical Miracle or Marketing Mania? David Maron
14:05:00 Panel Discussion
14:35:00 Session | Current Status of the Management of hemorrhoids and Benign Anorectal Disease Lester Rosen
14:40:00 Injection of Aluminum Potassium Tannin Acid (ALTA) for the Treatment of Symptomatic Hemorrhoids
14:50:00 Lift Procedure for Anal Fistula Christopher Whitlow
15:05:00 Comparing Methods of Excisional Hemorroidectomy - Ultrasonic, Bepolar or Diatherapy | What are the Differences?
15:20:00 Critical Comparison of the Methods of Fistula Treatment
15:35:00 Critical Comparison of the Methods of Fissure Treatment
15:50:00 Avoiding and Managing Complications of Hemorrhoidectomy Stanley M. Goldberg
16:05:00 Panel Discussion
16:35:00 Session | Benign Colonic Disease: Analysis of Advances Tracy L. Hull
16:40:00 Current Indications for Elective Surgery for Diverticular Disease
16:50:00 The Myth of the Bowel Prep
17:05:00 Tips for Successful Laparoscopic Repair of Ventral Incisional Hernia Samuel Szomstein
17:20:00 Polypectomy, Endoscopic Submucosal Resection (ESR) and Colonic Stenting Theodore J. Saclarides
17:35:00 Laparoscopic Treatment of Endometriosis Michael SOLOMON
17:50:00 Modern Management of Lower Gastrointestinal Bleeding Sands
18:05:00 Panel Discussion
18:35:00 Adjourn
Sunday, February 20, 2011
07:00:00 Departure
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