Surgery of the Foregut Symposium
Biltmore Hotel Coral Gables Florida
1200 Anastasia Avenue
Coral Gables, Florida

   Raul Rosenthal, MD
   Program Director
   Cleveleand Clinic Florida

   The aim of the symposium is to continue our endless learning process
   in becoming familiar with state-of-the-art techniques in open and
   minimally invasive surgery of the foregut. We will also devote a
   session to basic technical aspects of suturing techniques as well as
   endoscopy. At the conclusion of the program participants should be
   able to:

   1200 Anastasia Avenue, Coral Gables, FL, 33134, United States

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Schedule of Presentations:

Monday, February 21, 2011
06:30:00 Registration Continental Breakfast Visit Exhibits
07:15:00 Opening Remarks Steven WEXNER, Raul J. Rosenthal
07:25:00 Session | The European School of Laparoscopic Surgery Presents: Fundamental Technical Aspects in Gastroesophageal Surgery Santiago Azagra
07:30:00 Laparoscopic Nissen Fundoplication-That's How I Do It Bernard Dallemagne
07:45:00 Laparoscopic Gastrectomy Santiago Azagra
08:00:00 Laparoscopic Esophagectomy Guy-Bernard Cadiere
08:15:00 Discussion
08:25:00 Session | Gastroesophageal Surgery for Benign Disease Santiago Azagra
08:30:00 Etiology, Diagnosis and Treatment of Achalasia Thomas W. Rice
08:45:00 Paraesophageal Hernia Repair Technique and Results Barry Salky
09:00:00 Complications of Nissen Fundoplication Bernard Dallemagne
09:15:00 Recurrent Paraesophageal Hernia Diagnosis and Management Barry Salky
09:30:00 Discussion
09:45:00 Coffee Break and Visit Exhibits
09:55:00 Session | Malignant Disease of the Esophagus and Stomach Thomas W. Rice
10:00:00 New AJCC/UICC Staging Classification of Esophageal Neoplasms Thomas W. Rice
10:15:00 Current Treatment Strategies and Outcomes of Surgical Treatent for Esophageal Neoplasms Guy-Bernard Cadiere
10:30:00 Current Treatment Strategies and Outcomes of Surgical Treatment for Gastric Neoplasms Santiago Azagra
10:45:00 Discussion
10:55:00 Session | CurrentTrends in Organ Transplantation John Fung
11:00:00 Liver Transplantation John Fung
11:15:00 Pancreatic Islet Cell Transplantation Camillo Ricordi
11:30:00 Multiorgan Transplantation Andreas Tzakis
11:45:00 Discussion
12:00:00 Lunch Break and Visit Exhibits
12:55:00 Session | The German Society of Visceral Surgeons Presents: Modern Trends in Surgery of the Esophagus, Liver, Pancreas and Duodenum Raul J. Rosenthal
13:00:00 Update on Management of Pancreatitis Jakob Izbicki
13:15:00 Surgical Management of Liver Metastasis M. Anthuber
13:30:00 Lymphadenectomy for Malignancies of the Foregut. Does it Improve Outcomes? Joachim Mueller
13:45:00 Multimodal Treatment of Esophageal Cancer Heinz Becker
14:00:00 Discussion
14:15:00 25 Years Experience in Surgical Training | What will the Future Look Like? Juergen Brenner
14:45:00 Coffee Break and Visit Exhibits
14:55:00 Session | Liver, Biliary Tract, Pancreas and Duodenum 1 Horacio Asbun
15:00:00 Surgical Treatment of Pancreatic Cancer-When Do We Draw the Line? Avram Cooperman
15:15:00 Laparoscopic Resection of Pancreatic Neoplasms Horacio Asbun
15:30:00 Understanding the Significance of IPMN of the Pancreas Menachem Ben-Haim
15:45:00 Discussion
15:55:00 Session | Liver, Bilary Tract, Pancreas and Duodenum 11 Mark Sesto
16:00:00 Common Bile Duct Injuries An Update Conrad Simpfendorfer
16:15:00 Management of Complications After Reconstruction of the Biliary Tract Ignacio Pinto
16:30:00 Trancystic Duct Common Bile Duct Exploration for Secondary CBDS Samuel Schuchleib
16:45:00 Surgical Treatment Strategies in Resection of Liver Metastasis: When and How to Do It Menachem Ben-Haim
17:00:00 Management of Liver Metastasis: Two Step Approach Ignacio Pinto
17:15:00 Discussion
17:25:00 Session | Seleted Topics in Foregut Surgery and Abdominal Wall Mark Sesto
17:30:00 Management of Complex Ventral Hernias Jerrold Young
17:45:00 Laparoscopic Management of Ventral Hernias
18:00:00 Update in Management of Hiatal Hernias Alberto Chousleb
18:15:00 Update in Management of Gastroparesis Raul J. Rosenthal
18:30:00 Discussion
18:45:00 Adjourn
19:00:00 Welcome Reception
Tuesday, February 22, 2011
06:30:00 Continental Breakfast Visit Exhibits
07:25:00 Session | Basic Concepts in Reoperative Surgery Peter Benotti
07:30:00 Current Literature on Reoperative Surgery: An Overview from the Editor of SOARD Harvey Sugerman
07:50:00 What We Need to Know and How to Prepare a Patient For Reoperative Bariatric Surgery Peter Benotti
08:10:00 Revisions, Conversion and Reversals | Classification of Reoperative Bariatric Surgery Raul J. Rosenthal
08:30:00 Discussion
08:40:00 Session | Reoperative Surgery for BPD-DS and JIB Robert Brolin
08:45:00 Complications of JIB Best Procedure to Convert to Robert Brolin
09:00:00 Why Should a PBD DS Always Be Performed in 2 Stages? Jacques Himpens
09:15:00 Conversion of Failed LSG or LAGB to BPD-DS Jordi Pujol
09:30:00 Converting a RYGBP to a Scopinaro Procedure Almino Ramos
09:45:00 Management of Complications of BPD DS C. Richard Cohen
10:00:00 Discussion
10:15:00 Coffee Break Visit Exhibits
10:25:00 Session | Reoperative Surgery for Complications after LSG Eric DeMaria
10:30:00 Leaks Moises Jacobs
10:45:00 Strictures and Gerd Jacques Himpens
11:00:00 Conversion to RYGBP Samer Mattar
11:15:00 Conversion to BPD DS William Inabnet
11:35:00 Discussion
11:40:00 Session | Reoperative Surgery of RYGBP for Chronic Complications Kelvin Higa
11:45:00 Reoperative Surgery for Gastro Gastric Fistulae After Divided RYGB and Non-Divided RYGB Samuel Szomstein
12:00:00 Reoperative Surgery for Recurrent Marginal Ulcers/Strictures Robert Marema
12:15:00 Reoperative Surgery for Malnutrition/Limb Shortening/Reversal Scott Shikora
12:30:00 Discussion
12:45:00 Lunch Break and Visit Exhibits
13:40:00 Session | Reoperative Surgery of RYGBP for Chronic Complications Scott Shikora
13:45:00 Reoperative Surgery after Gastric Bypass | An Overview Kelvin Higa
14:00:00 Reoperative Surgery for Internal Hernias and Bowel Obstruction Eric DeMaria
14:15:00 Reversal is Better Than Revisions: RYGBP Reasons and Technical Considerations Robert Brolin
14:30:00 Discussion
14:40:00 Session | Reoperative Surgery of RYGBP for Failures Patrick O'Leary
14:45:00 Pouch-Anastomotic Dilatation/Trimming or Banding Samer Mattar
15:00:00 Anastomotic Dilatation Pre-Anastomotic Rings | Benefits and Disadvantages Mal Fobi
15:15:00 Dumping Syndrome: Revision or Reversal? Eric DeMaria
15:30:00 Lengthening of the Limb: Does it Help? Mal Fobi
15:45:00 Discussion
16:00:00 Coffee Break and Visit Exhibits
16:10:00 Session | Reoperative Surgery After Failure and Complications of VBG Mal Fobi
16:15:00 Reasons for Reoperative Surgery After VBG Patrick O'Leary
16:30:00 Technical Pitfalls of Conversion of a VBG to RYGBP Robert Marema
16:45:00 Laparoscopic Conversion of VBG to LSG With Remnant Gastrectomy With and Without Gastrectomy Kelvin Higa
17:00:00 Discussion
17:10:00 Session | Reoperative Surgery for Adjustable Gastric Banding Raul J. Rosenthal
17:15:00 Management of Slippage Amir Szold
17:30:00 Megaesophagus and Hardware Issues Samuel Szomstein
17:45:00 Management of Erosion Nathan Zundel
18:00:00 Failures | Conversion to RYGBP William Inabnet
18:15:00 Failures | Conversion to LSG Moshe Rubin
18:30:00 Discussion
18:45:00 Adjourn
Wednesday, February 23, 2011
07:00:00 Live Surgery Day-Buses Leave Promptly
07:30:00 LIVE SURGERY DAY Almino Ramos, Nathan Zundel, Samuel Szomstein
07:30:00 Registration and Breakfast
07:35:00 Surgery-Laparoscopic Hepatectomy L. Gayet
08:00:00 The Obesity Disease in the Asia Pacific Region
09:00:00 Gastric Plication Techniques and Results Almino Ramos
09:30:00 Surgery-SILS Cholecystectomy G. Dapri
10:00:00 Management of Leaks After RYGBP and LSG Almino Ramos
10:45:00 Surgery-Sleeve Gastrectomy Raul J. Rosenthal
11:00:00 Small Bowel Complications: Hernias, Neoplasms, Bezoars and Intussuception Samuel Szomstein
12:00:00 Surgery-Reoperative Bariatric Surgery Raul J. Rosenthal
13:00:00 Abdominal Pain After Bariatric Surgery Raul J. Rosenthal
14:00:00 Management of Strictures and Stenosis After RYGBP and LSG Samuel Szomstein
14:30:00 Surgery-Paraesophageal Hernia Repair Raul J. Rosenthal
15:00:00 Percutaneous Drainage of Peripancreatic Abcess in the Critically Ill Patient
16:00:00 Adjourn
16:05:00 Buses Depart for The Biltmore Hotel
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