Osteoporosis 2010: New Insights in Research, Diagnosis, and Clinical Care
Ritz Carlton Hotel
600 Stockton Street, San Francisco, CA 94108 415-296-7465
San Francisco, California
Osteoporosis 2010: New Insights in Research, Diagnosis, and Clinical Care

Schedule of Presentations:

Thursday, July 15, 2010
08:00:00 Registration and Continental Breakfast
08:05:00 Bone Biology and Strength Dennis M. Black
08:30:00 Bone Structure and Function and the Bone Remodeling Cycle Dolores M. Shoback
09:10:00 Q&A
09:20:00 Beyond BMD: Bone Quality and Bone Strength Mary L. Bouxsein
10:00:00 Q&A
10:05:00 Fractures and Their Epidemiology
10:10:00 Epidemiology and Risk Factors for Fracture Dennis M. Black
10:40:00 Q&A
10:45:00 Break
11:00:00 Tools of Risk Assessment and Diagnosis
11:05:00 Osteoporosis Diagnosis: BMD, FRAX and Assessment of Secondary Osteoporosis Steven T. Harris
11:40:00 Q&A
11:50:00 Case Studies of Interpretation of BMD Scans Deborah E. Sellmeyer
12:25:00 Q&A
12:35:00 Lunch (on your own)
14:00:00 Special Topics in Osteoporosis Mary L. Bouxsein
14:05:00 Bad to the Bones: Corticosteroids and Other Medications Jonathan Graf
14:35:00 Q&A
14:40:00 Bad to the Bones: Cancer Treatments Jonathan Graf
15:10:00 Q&A
15:15:00 Break
15:35:00 Diabetes, TZDs and Fracture Ann V. Schwartz
15:55:00 Q&A
16:00:00 Vertebroplasty and Kyphoplasty as Treatments for Vertebral Fracture Douglas C. Bauer
16:25:00 Q&A
16:30:00 Adjourn
Friday, July 16, 2010
08:00:00 Continental Breakfast
08:25:00 Treatment and Prevention: Non-Pharmacologic Interventions Deborah E. Sellmeyer
08:30:00 Nutrition: Protein, Salt, and Other Nutrients Deborah E. Sellmeyer
09:00:00 Q&A
09:05:00 Controversies in the Use of Vitamin D and Calcium Deborah E. Sellmeyer
09:35:00 Q&A
09:45:00 Break
10:05:00 Physical Activity Wendy Katzman
10:30:00 Q&A
10:35:00 Fall Prevention and Hip Protectors Edgar Pierluissi
11:00:00 Q&A
11:05:00 Treatment and Prevention: Pharmacologic Interventions
11:10:00 Bisphosphonates: Efficacy and Recent Controversies Dennis M. Black
11:40:00 Q&A
11:45:00 Estrogen, SERMS Steven R. Cummings
12:10:00 Q&A
12:15:00 Lunch (on your own)
13:40:00 Treatment and Prevention: Pharmacologic Interventions continued Ann V. Schwartz
13:45:00 Anabolic Agents and their Combination with Anti-Resorptives Dennis M. Black
14:05:00 Q&A
14:10:00 Denosumab and New Treatments on the Horizon Steven R. Cummings
14:40:00 Q&A
14:45:00 Break
15:00:00 Clinical Issues, Choices, and Dilemmas in Osteoporosis Therapy
15:05:00 An Overview of Treatment: Who and When to Treat Dolores M. Shoback
15:35:00 Q&A
15:40:00 Monitoring of Treatment in Osteoporosis: BMD, Bone Markers, or None of the Above Douglas C. Bauer
16:05:00 Q&A
16:10:00 Case Study of an Older Post-Menopausal Woman Douglas C. Bauer
16:25:00 Case Study of an Older Man Steven R. Cummings
16:40:00 Case Study of an Early Post-Menopausal Woman Anne Schafer
16:55:00 Adjourn
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