Building Better Brains: Neural Prosthetics and Beyond
The Given Institute
100 East Francis Street Aspen, CO 81611
Aspen, Colorado
Building Better Brains: Neural Prosthetics and Beyond

September 23 - 25, 2010
The Given Institute - Aspen, CO

Schedule of Presentations:

Thursday, September 23, 2010
17:30:00 Registration and Welcome Reception
18:30:00 Welcome Remarks Andrew Schwartz, Sonya Dougal
18:40:00 Keynote Address
18:45:00 Neuroprosthetics and Neuromarkers: Two Sides of The Same Coin Apostolos P. Georgopoulos
19:30:00 Evening Concludes
Friday, September 24, 2010
08:00:00 Registration
08:55:00 Session I: Basic Research with Strong Potential for Translation
09:00:00 Cognitive Neural Prosthetics
09:15:00 TBD Andrew Schwartz
09:30:00 TBD Miguel Nicolelis
09:45:00 Applications of Recurrent Brain-Computer Interfaces Eberhard Erich Fetz
10:00:00 Thinking About Control of a Neural Prosthesis Marc H. Schieber
10:15:00 Brain Flexibility in Neuroprosthetics Dawn M. Taylor
10:30:00 Coffee Break
11:15:00 Panel Discussion: Priorities in Translating Basic Research into Effective BCI
12:15:00 Lunch
13:25:00 Session II: New Developments in Bioengineering and Materials
13:30:00 Toward High-Performance Cortically-Controlled Prostheses Krishna Shenoy
13:45:00 TBD Yoky Matsuoka
14:00:00 Controlling Brain Circuits with Light Edward S. Boyden
14:15:00 TBD Daryl R. Kipke
14:30:00 Lessons from Chronic Histological Studies Patrick A. Tresco
14:45:00 Coffee Break
15:25:00 Session III: EcoG, EEG, and Less Invasive Approaches
15:30:00 Brain-Computer Interfaces: Theory vs Reality Jonathan Wolpaw
15:45:00 Electrocorticographic Brain Computer Interfaces Daniel W. Moran
16:00:00 Panel Discussion: How to Engineer an Effective Neural Interface? Pros and Cons of Current Devices and Materials
17:00:00 Day 2 Concludes
Saturday, September 25, 2010
08:00:00 Registration
08:55:00 Session IV: Clinical Trials of Neural Prosthetics
09:00:00 Research in Human Electrocorticography and Neuroprosthetic Implications Eric Claude Leuthardt
09:15:00 Clinical Trials of Intracortically-Based Neural Interfaces Leigh R. Hochberg
09:30:00 Interfacing Brain to Machine for Restoration and Enhancement of Human Functionality Philip R. Kennedy
09:45:00 TBD P. Hunter Peckham
10:00:00 Brain-Computer-Interfaces in Paralysis: Applications in Locked-In Syndrome, Chronic Stroke and Emotional Disorders Niels Birbaumer
10:15:00 Coffee Break
10:25:00 Session V: Translating Neural Prosthetic Devices to the Clinic
10:30:00 A Better Way to Read From the Brain Philip Low
10:45:00 Can Neural Prosthetics Be Used to Treat Neurodegenerative Disease? Howard Fillit
11:00:00 Targets for Neural Prosthetic Interventions in Spinal Cord Injury Jacqueline Bresnahan
11:15:00 TBD Robert Greenberg
11:30:00 Revolutionizing Prosthetics COL Geoffrey Ling
11:45:00 Reflections on Architecting Practical Interfaces to the Nervous System Timothy J. Denison
12:00:00 Lunch
14:00:00 Data Blitz
14:55:00 Session VI: Promising New Applications of Neural Prosthetics
15:00:00 The Development of Deep Brain Stimulation for Treatment Resistant Depression Helen S. Mayberg
15:15:00 Brain Stimulation for Epilepsy Robert S. Fisher
15:25:00 Session VII: Ethical and Regulatory Issues
15:30:00 When Ethics Become Prosthetic: Bringing Context to the Neural Interface Joseph Fins
15:45:00 Cyborgs, Superminds and Silliness: What Are the Real Ethical Challenges in Neural Prosthesis Research? Martha J Farah
16:00:00 TBD Kristen Bowsher
16:30:00 Closing Remarks and Meeting Adjourns
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