2010 Heart-Brain Summit
Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health
888 West Bonneville Avenue Las Vegas, Nevada 89106
Las Vegas, Nevada
Keywords: 2010 Heart-Brain Summit

Schedule of Presentations:

Thursday, September 23, 2010
08:20:00 Opening Remarks Marc S. Penn
08:25:00 Session I: Depression and Heart Disease Leopoldo Pozuelo, Laura D. Kubzansky
08:30:00 Collaborative Care for Treatment of Depression in Patients with Heart Disease Bruce L. Rollman
08:50:00 Personality: Impact on Heart Disease and Treatment Johan Denollet
09:10:00 Pharmacologic Treatment of Depression and Heart Disease Peter Shapiro
09:30:00 Psychotherapy and Alternative Therapies of Treatment of Depression in Heart Disease François Lespérance
09:50:00 Break
10:10:00 Biofeedback in the Treatment of Heart Disease Christine S. Moravec
10:30:00 What are the Ethics of Randomized Trials in Depression? Paul Ford
10:50:00 Panel Discussion
11:05:00 Session II: Device Based Therapies Robert D. Foreman, Paul Citron
11:10:00 Electrical Vagus Nerve Stimulation for the Treatment of Chronic Heart Failure Hani N. Sabbah
11:30:00 Neurostimulation of the Cholinergic Anti-inflammatory Pathway: Using Implantable Devices to Treat Systemic Inflammatory Diseases Ralph Zitnik
11:50:00 Spinal Cord Stimulation for Heart Failure John C. Lopshire
12:10:00 Panel Discussion
12:40:00 Lunch
14:00:00 Pioneer Lecture - Introduced by Leopoldo Pozuelo, MD James Blumenthal
14:25:00 Session III: Young Investigator Competition J. Javier Provencio
14:30:00 Abstract Presentations (10 minutes each)
15:20:00 Break
15:35:00 Session IV: Depression and Inflammatory Signaling in Alzheimer’s Disease Jeffrey L. Cummings
15:40:00 Depression as a Shared Risk Factor for CVD and Alzheimer’s Disease Dylan P. Wint
16:00:00 Pro Inflammatory Signalling in AD and Depression Robert C. Barber
16:20:00 Vascular Signaling Abnormalities in Alzheimer’s Disease Paula Grammas
16:40:00 Panel Discussion
17:00:00 Poster Session & Reception
Friday, September 24, 2010
08:25:00 Session V: Stress in Medicine
08:30:00 Caregiver Stress Mitchell W. Krucoff
08:50:00 Patient Stress A. Marc Gillinov
09:10:00 Clinician Stress M. Bridget Duffy
09:30:00 Biofeedback in the Treatment of Stress Richard N. Gevirtz
09:50:00 Biofeedback for Extreme Stress: Wounded Warriors Carmen V. Russoniello
10:10:00 Panel Discussion
10:30:00 Break
10:45:00 Session VI: Annual Review of Key Publications in Heart-Brain Medicine M. Bridget Duffy
10:50:00 Cardiovascular Marc S. Penn
11:05:00 Neuroscience J. Javier Provencio
11:30:00 Behavioral Medicine Laura D. Kubzansky
11:40:00 Biomedical Engineering Peter Katona
11:50:00 Presentation of the Young Investigator Award Paul Citron
12:00:00 Lunch
13:10:00 Session VII: Novel Findings in Heart Brain Medicine Julian F. Thayer
13:15:00 Neurocognitive Findings in Heart Failure Patients Facundo Manes
13:35:00 Imaging for Autonomic Dysfunction Stephen E. Jones
13:55:00 Sudden Unexplained Death in Epilepsy Michael R. Sperling
14:15:00 Neurohormonal control of Heart Failure Gary S. Francis
14:35:00 The Hemo-Neural Hypothesis: How Blood Flow May Affect Neural Activity Christopher Moore
14:55:00 Panel Discussion
15:30:00 Wrap up Marc S. Penn
16:00:00 Adjourn
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