3D Tissue Models
Fourth Asian Pacific Conference: Perspectives in Lung Cancer
Hyatt Regency Hong Kong, Sha Tin
18 Chak Cheung Street Sha Tin, New Territories Hong Kong, China
Alpharetta, Georgia
Fourth Asian Pacific Conference: Perspectives in Lung Cancer

Schedule of Presentations:

Friday, September 3, 2010
08:15:00 Opening remarks
08:25:00 Session I: State-of-the-art in surgery
08:30:00 The art of radical surgery David Harpole
08:55:00 The art of minimal invasive surgery Masahiro Tsuboi
09:20:00 EBUS versus mediastinoscopy
09:40:00 Session II: Tobacco and carcinogenesis
09:45:00 Tobacco control in Asia
10:20:00 Carcinogenesis of lung cancer: Smoker vs non-smoker
10:45:00 Coffee break
11:10:00 Session III: State-of-the-art radiotherapy
11:15:00 Novel radiotherapy technology
11:40:00 Stereotactic radiotherapy for resectable lung cancer
12:05:00 Stereotactic and respiratory gated radiotherapy: Local experience
12:30:00 Panel discussion and cases
13:00:00 Lunch break
14:00:00 Clinical trial on molecular targeting agent: What is right and what is wrong? Frances Shepherd
14:35:00 Session IV: Gene signature and biomarkers
14:40:00 Gene signature for chemotherapy Giorgio Vittorio Scagliotti
15:05:00 Metagene or magic gene David Harpole
15:30:00 Clinical application of biomarker in management of NSCLC
15:55:00 Coffee break
16:10:00 Session V: Stage III disease
16:15:00 Optimal radiotherapy for stage III NSCLC
16:40:00 Optimal combined modality for stage III NSCLC Wilfried Eberhardt
17:05:00 Adjourn
Saturday, September 4, 2010
08:25:00 Session VI: State of the art in chemotherapy
08:30:00 Novel development in cytotoxic chemotherapy
08:55:00 Combination of chemotherapy with molecular target therapy: A good idea that is not so good Tony S. Mok
09:20:00 Patient selection for maintenance therapy
09:30:00 Session VII: Novel targets
09:35:00 MAGE A3
09:50:00 ELM-4 ALK Tetsuya Mitsudomi
10:05:00 IGF-R
10:20:00 Irreversible EGFR TKI
10:45:00 Vascular disrupting agent and VEGF TKIs Nick Pavlakis
11:00:00 Coffee break
11:25:00 Session VIII: State-of-the-art diagnosis
11:30:00 Florescence bronchoscopy and pleuroscopy for diagnosis of lung cancer
11:55:00 PET-Scan, MRI, or CT scan: Which is a better tool for early/late stage NSCLC?
12:05:00 Global view on first line management of advanced NSCLC
12:40:00 Panel discussion and cases
13:15:00 Lunch break
14:10:00 Session IX: The unfinished EGFR story
14:15:00 Cost-effectiveness of EGFR TKI Gilberto Lopes
14:30:00 Detecting EGFR mutation in plasma: DHPLC
14:45:00 Detecting EGFR mutation in plasma: Digital PCR
15:00:00 EGFR TKI resistance Lu Shun
15:15:00 Pharmacokinetics of EGFR TKI and treatment outcome
15:30:00 Coffee break
15:45:00 Session X: Research and development
15:50:00 The art and science of phase I study
16:10:00 Getting published in a high impact journal
16:20:00 Current status of lung cancer research in Asia Sumitra Thongprasert
16:30:00 Current status of lung cancer research in China Yi-Long Wu
16:40:00 Current status of lung cancer research in Japan
17:00:00 Closing remarks
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