Cardiology Update 2010: The Heart of the Matter
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Cardiology Update 2010: The Heart of the Matter

Schedule of Presentations:

Friday, August 6, 2010
08:00:00 Registration
08:30:00 ABIM Session Hari P. Chaliki, Luis R.P. Scott
11:30:00 Adjourn
12:00:00 Registration
13:00:00 Welcome
13:05:00 Advanced Heart Failure: Is it Time to Look Beyond Conventional Therapy? Anantharam V. Kalya
13:30:00 Cardiac Restriction, Constriction and Tamponade: From Bedside to the Echolab: Can You Make It Simple? Christopher P. Appleton
14:00:00 Setting up a Successful Midlevel Practitioner Heart Failure Clinic: Tips, Pitfalls, and Concerns Anne Marie Wenzel
14:30:00 The Role of Midlevel Practitioners in the Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease Susan M. Halli
15:00:00 Break
15:15:00 Left Main PCI: Are We There Yet? F. David Fortuin
15:45:00 Cardiac Devices: Telemedicine Should be the Standard of Care Jane L. Bazzell
16:15:00 Subspecialty Training for Midlevel Practitioners in CV Diseases: A Formal Fellowship as the New Standard? Marci Farquhar-Snow
16:45:00 Anti-platelet Drugs: Resistance is Futile Howard R. Lee
17:15:00 Q&A
17:50:00 Adjourn
Saturday, August 7, 2010
07:00:00 Continental Breakfast
07:45:00 Heart Failure in 2010: What the Guidelines Say, What is Missing and What Should be Banned Robert L. Scott
08:15:00 Acute Aortic Syndromes: How to Diagnose and How to Treat Them Ramesh Bansal
09:15:00 New Drugs for Atrial Fibrillation, From New Anticoagulants to New Antiarrhythmics: Are They Going to Deliver it in this Decade? Arshad Jahangir
09:45:00 Break
10:00:00 Aortic Stenosis: Are the Standards of Treatment Changing? John J. Lynch
11:00:00 AAA Repair: Can We Retire the Scalpel? Samuel R. Money
11:30:00 Lunch
12:30:00 Mitral Regurgitation Quantification, Perioperative and Intraoperative Assessment: How the Echocardiographer Can Assist You Roger L. Click
13:00:00 Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy: Does My Patient Need an ICD? Gregory T. Altemose
13:30:00 Update in Drug-Eluting Stents John P. Sweeney
14:00:00 Pulmonary Hypertension: Suspect, Diagnose and Treat – Can a Cardiologist Do It All? D. Eric Steidley
14:30:00 PCI is Underutilized as a Revascularization Strategy Paul Teirstein
15:00:00 Q&A
15:30:00 Adjourn
Sunday, August 8, 2010
07:00:00 Continental Breakfast
07:30:00 Diastolic Dysfunction: Do the Echo Findings Hold True in Clinical Practice? Christopher P. Appleton
08:00:00 CRT: When Should I Recommend It and What Can I Realistically Expect? Is It Okay to Recommend CRT-P Instead of CRT-D? Komandoor Srivathsan
08:30:00 Nightmare Cases in Heart Failure: How We Dealt with Them Robert L. Scott, D. Eric Steidley, Rhadha S. Gopalan
09:10:00 Break
09:25:00 Show Me the Echo, I Tell You the History: Case Discussions Roger L. Click, Hari P. Chaliki, Krishnaswamy Chandrasekaran, Ramesh Bansal
10:05:00 Catheter and Surgical Ablation for Atrial Fibrillation Ablation: How is it Done and Who Benefits? Dawn E. Jaroszewski, Fred Kusumoto, Luis R.P. Scott
10:45:00 Preventive Cardiology in its Core: How to do it Successfully Using a Multidisciplinary Approach R. Todd Hurst, Susan M. Halli
11:15:00 Q&A
11:50:00 Adjourn
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