13th Annual Duke Cardiothoracic Update and TEE Review Course
Sea Pines Resort
Hilton Head Island, South Carolina
Hilton Head Island , South Carolina
13th Annual Duke Cardiothoracic Update and TEE Review Course

Schedule of Presentations:

Thursday, August 5, 2010
06:30:00 Breakfast With Exhibitors
07:20:00 Welcome & Introductions Madhav Swaminathan
07:30:00 [Surgical Plenary] Cardiac Surgery in the Next Decade Chad Hughes
08:25:00 Session: Aortic Valve - Moderator: Madhav Swaminathan
08:30:00 Aortic Stenosis: Pathophysiology Madhav Swaminathan
08:50:00 Aortic Valve Replacement Options Chad Hughes
09:10:00 Aortic Valve: Intraoperative Video Madhav Swaminathan
09:30:00 Break with Exhibitors
09:45:00 Session: Mitral Valve - Moderator: Joseph Rogers
09:50:00 Mitral Regurgitation: Pathophysiology Joseph Rogers
10:10:00 Mitral Regurgitation: Surgical Options Jeffrey Gaca
10:30:00 Mitral Valve Repair: Intraoperative Video Madhav Swaminathan
10:50:00 Panel discussion Q/A Madhav Swaminathan, Jeffrey Gaca, Joseph Rogers
10:55:00 Session: Heart Failure - Moderator: Madhav Swaminathan
11:00:00 Heart Failure: The Epidemic Joseph Rogers
11:20:00 Heart Failure: Surgical Options Joseph Rogers
11:40:00 VAD: Intraoperative Video Madhav Swaminathan
12:00:00 Extracorporeal Support for Acute Heart Failure Richard Walczak
12:20:00 Panel Discussion Q/A Richard Walczak, Joseph Rogers, Madhav Swaminathan
12:30:00 Lunch: Workshop Attendees Only
13:30:00 Workshop A: Device Management for the Heart & Lung – Low Flow and Swine Flu Kevin Collins, Richard Walczak, Joseph Rogers
13:30:00 Workshop B: Ultrasound for All Madhav Swaminathan, Andrew S Shaw, Larry Field
17:00:00 Evening Session: Kids Event
Friday, August 6, 2010
06:30:00 Breakfast With Exhibitors
07:20:00 Welcome & Introductions Mark Stafford Smith
07:30:00 [Perfusion Plenary] Perfusion Technology Kevin Collins
08:25:00 Session: Organ Protection on CPB - Moderator: Mark Stafford Smith
08:30:00 Renal Protection Mark Stafford Smith
09:00:00 Myocardial Protection Aman Mahajan
09:30:00 Break with Exhibitors
09:45:00 Session: Thoracic Surgery A - Moderator: Katherine Grichnik
09:50:00 VATS: What I Need Intraoperatively Mark Berry
10:10:00 VATS: Anesthesia Update Katherine P. Grichnik
10:30:00 VATS Technique: Intraoperative Video Mark Berry
10:50:00 Panel Discussion Q/A Katherine P. Grichnik, Mark Berry
10:55:00 Session: Thoracic Surgery B - Moderator: Andrew Shaw
11:00:00 Will it Hurt? The Genomics of Pain Andrew S Shaw
11:20:00 Postoperative Analgesia Alina Nicoara
11:40:00 Eshophagectomy Mark Berry
12:00:00 Lung Isolation: Intraoperative Video Mark Stafford Smith
12:20:00 Panel Discussion Q/A Andrew S Shaw, Alina Nicoara, Mark Berry, Mark Stafford Smith
12:30:00 [Lunch] Katherine Grichnik Lecture: Basic TEE Certification : Widening its Use, Narrowing the Gap Andrew S Shaw
13:30:00 Workshop C: Optimizing Perfusion Strategies Kevin Collins, Mark Stafford Smith, Richard Walczak, Steven E. Hill, Mihai V. Podgoreanu
13:30:00 Workshop D: Thoracic Surgery/Airway Station Andrew S Shaw, Alina Nicoara, Mark Berry, Katherine P. Grichnik
Saturday, August 7, 2010
06:30:00 Breakfast With Exhibitors
07:20:00 Welcome & Introductions Madhav Swaminathan
07:30:00 [Critical Care Plenary] Controversies in Transfusion Elliott Bennett-Guerrero
08:25:00 Session: Sepsis - Moderator: Mihai Podgoreanu
08:30:00 Glucose Management: Where are We Now? Mihai V. Podgoreanu
08:50:00 Transfusion and Sepsis Steven E. Hill
09:10:00 ICU Ventilation Modes Larry Field
09:30:00 Break with Exhibitors
09:45:00 Session: Critical Care A - State of the Art - Moderator: Madhav Swaminathan
09:50:00 The Role of Biomarkers in Perioperative Medicine Mihai V. Podgoreanu
10:10:00 Fluid Management Myra Ellis
10:30:00 Electrophysiology Patrick Hranitzky
10:50:00 Panel discussion Q/A Andrew S Shaw, Mihai V. Podgoreanu, Patrick Hranitzky
10:55:00 Session: Critical Care B - Monitoring - Moderator: G. Burkhard Mackensen
11:00:00 TEE in the ICU: The Focused Basic Exam Feroze Mahmood
11:20:00 Monitoring Volume Status Myra Ellis
11:40:00 Sedation, Analgesia and Delirium Larry Field
12:00:00 Ethics and Decision-Making in the ICU Steven E. Hill
12:20:00 Panel Discussion Q/A Feroze Mahmood, Myra Ellis, Steven E. Hill, G. Burkhard Mackensen
12:30:00 [Lunch] Who Wants to be an Echo Millionaire? Joseph P. Mathew
13:30:00 Workshop E: Mock TEE Exam G. Burkhard Mackensen, Alina Nicoara
13:30:00 Workshop F: Rhythm and Blues Patrick Hranitzky, Myra Ellis, Aman Mahajan
16:15:00 Workshop G: Porcine Heart Dissection Wet Lab Feroze Mahmood, Jeffrey Gaca, Madhav Swaminathan, Alina Nicoara
18:30:00 Evening Reception
Sunday, August 8, 2010
06:30:00 Breakfast With Exhibitors
07:20:00 Welcome & Introductions Madhav Swaminathan
07:30:00 [Echocardiography Plenary] TBD G. Burkhard Mackensen
08:25:00 Session: TEE Basics - Moderator: Alina Nicoara
08:30:00 Intraoperative TEE: A Cardiologist’s View Svati Shah
08:50:00 What View is This? Audience Participation Madhav Swaminathan
09:10:00 Hemodynamics; What I Need to Know for the Exam! Feroze Mahmood
09:30:00 Break with Exhibitors
09:45:00 Session: LV Function - Moderator: Aman Mahajan
09:50:00 Evaluation of Systolic Function Aman Mahajan
10:10:00 Diastolic Function: The Essentials Alina Nicoara
10:30:00 Case 1: Heart Failure Svati Shah
10:50:00 Case 2: Mitral Regurgitation Feroze Mahmood
11:10:00 Case 3: Low Gradient Aortic Stenosis Madhav Swaminathan
11:30:00 Mock Exam Review G. Burkhard Mackensen, Alina Nicoara
12:30:00 Adjourn
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