Eighth Annual RNAi for Functional Screens
World Trade Center
200 Seaport Blvd.
Boston, 02210, Massachusetts

Schedule of Presentations:

Wednesday, November 3, 2010
08:30:00 Pre-Conference Short Course*
13:30:00 Chairperson’s Remarks Albert B. Seymour
13:40:00 A Lentivirus-mediated RNAi Screen Identifies Novel Regulators of Wnt/b-Catenin Signaling Michele Cleary
14:10:00 An Image-based siRNA Screen for Kinase Genes That are Important for Cancer Cells to Adapt to Hypoxia Steven Haney
14:40:00 RNAi Screen With a High-Throughput qRT-PCR Assay Readout for Novel Target Identification Namjin Chung
15:10:00 Networking Refreshment Break in the Exhibit Hall
15:45:00 Synthetic Lethal siRNA Screens Using Preclinical Compounds Alex Gaither
16:15:00 Strategies for Improving RNAi Screening Success: Using a Ubiquitin-EGFP Assay to Identify Druggable Genes Required for Proteasome Function James Goldmeyer
16:45:00 Translating Human Genetic Discoveries to Novel Targets and Therapeutics Albert B. Seymour
17:15:00 PANEL DISCUSSION: The Current Fate of Drug Targets Being Uncovered by RNAi Screens Albert B. Seymour
17:45:00 End of Day
18:00:00 Conference Short Course*
20:00:00 Dinner Presentation
Thursday, November 4, 2010
07:30:00 Interactive Breakfast Breakout Discussion Groups
08:20:00 Diversifying Functional Genomic Screens
08:35:00 Chairperson’s Opening Remarks Marc Ferrer
08:40:00 A Comprehensive Strategy From RNAi Screening, Through Validation, Genomic Analysis, Comparative Biology to Biological Target Alex Bishop
09:10:00 RNAi, mRNA Biogenesis and Genome-wide Drug Modifier Screens Hakim Djaballah
09:40:00 Functional Genomic Strategies for Defining Host-Pathogen Interactions Abraham Brass
10:10:00 Networking Coffee Break in the Exhibit Hall
10:55:00 RNAi Screening in Cancer Cell Lines: Synthetic Lethals and Oncogene Modulators Joanna Holbrook
11:25:00 Patent Considerations and Trends in RNAi Steven L. Highlander
12:25:00 Sponsored Presentation
12:55:00 Luncheon Presentation
13:50:00 Exploring High-Throughput, High-Content RNAi Screens
13:55:00 Chairperson’s Remarks Michele Cleary
14:00:00 KEYNOTE PRESENTATION: Applying High-Throughput RNAi to Empower Systems Biology Spyro Mousses
15:00:00 Networking Ice Cream Refreshment Break in the Exhibit Hall
15:40:00 Quantitative Multi-Parametric Image Analysis to Determine Off-Target Effects
16:10:00 Talk title to be announced Neil Emans
16:40:00 Forcing Glioblastoma Tumor Initiating Cells to Differentiate: An High Throughput, High Content Imaging Screen to Target Transcription Factors and GTPases Milan G Chheda,
17:10:00 Close of Conference
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