Trauma and Critical Care Symposium
Fairmont Copley Plaza Hotel

Boston, Massachusetts

Schedule of Presentations:

Sunday, November 7, 2010
07:15:00 Pre-Course 5: Disaster Management And Emergency Preparedness (DMEP) RONALD I. GROSS
09:00:00 Pre-Course 2: EMS Refresher MARK D. PEARLMUTTER
09:00:00 Esophageal injuries | 1 HASAN B. ALAM
09:00:00 Pre-Course 1: Surgical Techniques In Trauma HASAN B. ALAM
09:20:00 Carotid injuries | 1 GEORGE VELMAHOS
09:40:00 Tracheal injuries | 1 CHRISTOPHER R. MORSE
10:00:00 Panel discussion | 1
10:20:00 Break | 1
10:40:00 Handsewn vs. stapled anastomosis | 1 David King
11:00:00 Kidney and bladder injuries | 1 GEORGE VELMAHOS
11:20:00 Preperitoneal packing for pelvic injuries | 1 MARC A. DE MOYA
11:40:00 Panel discussion | 1
13:00:00 Pre-Course 4: Complex Airway And Mechanical Ventilation ULRICH H. SCHMIDT
13:00:00 Basic tenets | 3 MARC A. DE MOYA
13:00:00 Pre-Course 3: Trauma & Emergency Sonography Workshop MARC A. DE MOYA
13:20:00 F.A.S.T. | 3 VICKI E. NOBLE
13:40:00 Assessment for pneumo/hemothorax | 3 ANDREW S. LITEPLO
14:00:00 Vascular access | 3 HOVIG V. CHITILIAN
14:20:00 Echocardiography for volume assessment | 3 DANIEL W. JOHNSON
14:40:00 Hands-on experience on live models and mannequins All faculty | 3
Monday, November 8, 2010
06:45:00 Registration
07:45:00 Welcome GEORGE VELMAHOS
07:55:00 Session 1: Joint Trauma/Critical Care PAUL D. BIDDINGER
08:00:00 Telemonitoring: Lessons from the military David King
08:15:00 Direct transfers to the operating room SUZANNE K. u WEDEL
08:30:00 Prehospital bleeding control HASAN B. ALAM
08:45:00 Discussion
08:55:00 My Way Or The Highway: CT For C-Spine Clearance ALASDAIR K.T. CONN
09:00:00 CT is adequate for c-spine clearance MARC A. DE MOYA
09:10:00 CT is inadequate for c-spine clearance MITCHEL B. HARRIS
09:20:00 Discussion and audience vote
09:25:00 Emergent Airway DAVID F. BROWN
09:30:00 The ideal rapid induction agents SUSAN R. WILCOX
09:45:00 Video-intubation DAVID A. PEAK
10:00:00 Cricothyroidotomy: indications, technique PATRICIA O'NEILL
10:15:00 Discussion
10:30:00 Break
10:55:00 Compartment Syndromes TIMOTHY A. EMHOFFEMHOFF
11:00:00 Extremity compartment kills EDWARD KELLY
11:15:00 Abdominal compartment kills CARL J. HAUSER
11:30:00 How to close a fasciotomy ERIC J. MAHONEY
11:45:00 How to close an open abdomen LEONARD J. WEIRETER
12:00:00 Discussion
12:15:00 Lunch
13:10:00 Session IIB: Critical Care Breakout | The Best Intensivist Daniela S. TALMOR
13:10:00 Session IIA: Trauma Breakout | Vascular Injuries: The Beast Unleashed PETER A. BURKE
13:15:00 Stents for blunt vascular injury: Ever operate? VIRENDRA I. PATEL
13:25:00 Ligate all the veins under the diaphragm? TIMOTHY A. EMHOFFEMHOFF
13:35:00 Fix the artery before or after the bone? RONALD I. GROSS
13:40:00 Severe Infections | Session IIB JEANINE WIENER-KRONISH
13:45:00 Which arteries can I ligate? David King
13:55:00 Discussion
14:05:00 The Best Trauma Surgeon GEORGE VELMAHOS
14:10:00 Case #1: and audience vote DAVID R. KING, SURESH K. AGARWAL
14:20:00 Case #2: and audience vote DAVID R. KING, SURESH K. AGARWAL
14:30:00 Case #3: and audience vote DAVID R. KING, SURESH K. AGARWAL
14:55:00 Pelvic Trauma CARL J. HAUSER
15:00:00 Open pelvic fractures: Crippling, lethal! ROBERT J. J. WINCHELL
15:00:00 New Evidence On Thrombosis | Session IIB NICHOLAS SADOVNIKOFF
15:15:00 Bleeding control: Damage-control angiography BENJAMIN J. POMERANTZ
15:30:00 Minor pelvic fractures: Never a problem? CHAD T. WILSON
15:45:00 Discussion
16:00:00 Session III: Joint Trauma/Critical Care | The Survivor Game GEORGE VELMAHOS
Tuesday, November 9, 2010
07:30:00 Session IV: Joint Trauma/Critical Care | Steroids: Any Role? JEANINE WIENER-KRONISH
07:30:00 Any role of steroids in head injury? ANN-CHRISTINE DUHAIME
07:40:00 Any role of steroids in spinal cord injury? JONATHAN D. GATES
07:50:00 Any role of steroids in ARDS? LUCA M. u BIGATELLO
08:00:00 Any role of steroids in sepsis? HASAN B. ALAM
08:10:00 Discussion
08:25:00 My Way Or The Highway: FFP In Resuscitation GEORGE VELMAHOS
08:30:00 Setting the stage: A case of massive bleeding GEORGE VELMAHOS
08:35:00 Give more FFP and then some more! DAVID R. KING
08:50:00 FFP is a precious recourse: Do not waste it! RICHARD L. HASPEL
09:05:00 Discussion and audience vote!
09:15:00 Break
09:40:00 The Evidence Is Solid (Or Is It)? KIMBERLY A. DAVIS
09:45:00 Primary repair for ALL colon injuries FREDERICK MILLHAM
10:00:00 Percutaneous tracheostomy for ALL critical patients MARC A. DE MOYA
10:15:00 Hypotensive resuscitation for ALL bleeding patients PATRICIA O'NEILL
10:30:00 Discussion
10:40:00 Trauma/Critical Care Jeopardy HASAN B. ALAM
11:20:00 Keynote Lecture: GEORGE VELMAHOS
11:30:00 Universal Health Coverage: The Massachusetts Experiment DAVID F. TORCHIANA
12:00:00 Lunch
12:55:00 Session VA: Trauma Breakout | Controversies: Do You Agree? FREDERICK MILLHAM
12:55:00 Session VB: Critical Care Breakout | ICU Ethics ALICE GERVASINI
13:00:00 Never ER thoracotomy for blunt trauma! DAVID R. KING
13:15:00 Never work over 12 hours straight! MARK D. PEARLMUTTER
13:30:00 Never remove a pediatric spleen! DAVID P. MOONEY
13:45:00 Discussion
13:55:00 Operative Or Nonoperative? GEORGE VELMAHOS
14:00:00 Case #1: Large duodenal hematoma RONALD I. GROSS, KIMBERLY A. DAVIS
14:15:00 Case #2: Distal pancreatic injury MICHAEL S. ROSENBLATT, JONATHAN D. GATES
14:30:00 Case #3: Internal carotid gunshot wound PETER A. BURKE, ROBERT J. J. WINCHELL
14:45:00 Case #4: Renal artery injury ZARA R. COOPER, SURESH K. AGARWAL
15:00:00 Break
15:15:00 Fix Now Or Later? ROBERT J. J. WINCHELL
15:20:00 Le Forte facial fractures MARIA J. TROULIS
15:35:00 Spine fractures with cord injury MALCOLM R. SMITH
15:50:00 Urethral/penile trauma ADAM SCOTT FELDMAN
16:05:00 Discussion
16:10:00 Session VI: Joint Trauma/Critical Care | The Final Word
16:15:00 Summary of the main points of the Symposium GEORGE VELMAHOS
3D Tissue Models
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