43rd Annual New York Cardiovascular Symposium: Major Topics in Cardiology Today
Hilton New York,
1335 Avenue of the Americas,
New York 10019-6078, New York

Schedule of Presentations:

Friday, December 10, 2010
06:30:00 Registration - Continental Breakfast
07:00:00 Introductions Jack Lewin, Ralph G. Brindis, Andrew Van Tosh
07:25:00 Session I: New Discoveries in Athero-thrombogenesis, Technologies and Agents Bernard Gersh
07:30:00 Atherothrombosis, Senescenece and Degenerative Brain Disease A Link Through Cardiovascular Risk Factors Valentin Fuster
07:55:00 Atherothrombotic Disease is Systemic A Link Through Imaging Henrik Sillesen
08:20:00 Atherothrombotic Events Predictability Through Risk Factors, Imaging and Omics Michael A O’Donnell
08:45:00 Panel Discussion Michael A O’Donnell, Henrik Sillesen, Valentin Fuster
09:15:00 Coffee Break
09:30:00 Session II: Acute Coronary Syndromes Gregg W. Stone
09:35:00 STEMI: Clock Time Therapy Challenges The Ambulance, the Metropolitan and the Community Settings Bernard Gersh
10:00:00 NON-STEMI: Clock Time Therapy Challenges Risk-intervention vs. Stabilization Deepak L Bhatt
10:25:00 ACS: The Interventionalist Facing Quality and Burden of Plaque(s) Will PROSPECT Help Management or is It Just a Theoretical Concept? Gregg W. Stone
10:30:00 Adjourn
10:50:00 Antithrombotic Progress — Evolving Oral Agents ADP Inhibitors, Antithrombins, Fr Xa Inhibitors Marc Steven Sabatine
11:15:00 Sudden Cardiac Death: The Role of Acute Ischemia and Thrombosis Implications for Coronary Revascularization and the ICD Bernard Gersh
11:40:00 Panel Discussion Deepak Bhatt, Bernard Gersh, Marc Steven Sabatine, Gregg W. Stone
12:25:00 Lunch
13:20:00 Session III: Chronic Coronary and Systemic Arterial Disease Spencer B. King III
13:25:00 Complex Coronary Disease and/or Significant Carotid Disease Similar Management Based on Anatomy, Flow and Co-morbidities Valentin Fuster
13:50:00 Peripheral Vascular Disease Above and Below the Diaphragm: Powerful Markers of Coronary Disease and Prognosis Jeffrey W. Olin
14:15:00 Refractory Angina/Ischemia/Carotid Disease in the Elderly Evolving Non Interventional COURAGE and Challenges William E. Boden
14:40:00 Panel Discussion William E. Boden, Jeffrey W. Olin, Valentin Fuster
15:10:00 Coffee Break
15:25:00 Session IV: Trends and Challenges of Prevention Daniel Rader
15:30:00 Lipids and Guidelines — “Let Me be Simple Minded Dr. !!” “LDL-C Less than 70 mg/dl and Pay Attention to HDL” Daniel Rader
15:55:00 Hypertension and Guidelines. — “This is Messy, Dr.!!” “Oblige to Know It by Law? Ideal BP?,What Drugs for the Elderly? Robert A. A. Phillips
16:20:00 PAUL DUDLEY WHITE LECTURE 2010 | Multivessel Coronary Disease and/or Diabetes Management Based on SYNTAX, BARI, ACCORD and FREEDOM Spencer B. King III
16:50:00 Panel Discussion Spencer B. King III, Robert Phillips, Daniel Rader
Saturday, December 11, 2010
06:15:00 Continental Breakfast
06:55:00 Session V: Systolic Heart Failure and Basis for Management Arthur J. Moss
07:00:00 Evolving Diagnostic and Prognostic Imaging (MR, CT) of the Various Cardiomyopathies: Myocarditis, Dilated, Infiltrative (Amyloid, Sarcoid), Hypertrophic, Noncompaction Javier Sanz
07:20:00 State-of-the-art Management of Systolic Heart Failure: BNP Intensified vs. Symptom Standard Medical Guided HansPeter Brunner-La Rocca
07:40:00 Cardiac-resynchronization Therapy for Systolic Heart Failure and Prevention of Events Arthur J. Moss
08:00:00 Effects of Exercise Training on Health Status in Chronic Heart Failure: HF-ACTION Randomized Controlled Trial Clarke. M. O’Connor
08:20:00 Trends in Length of Stay, Economics and Tentative Solutions Harlan Krumholz
08:40:00 Panel Discussion HansPeter Brunner-La Rocca
09:15:00 Coffee Break
09:30:00 Session VI: Diastolic Heart Failure and Pulmonary Hypertension Basis for Management Barry Massie,
09:35:00 State-of-the-art Management of Diastolic Dysfunction: The Need for a Disease-specific Approach? Barry Massie,
09:55:00 State-of-the-art Management of Pulmonary Hypertension: Various Etiologies Robyn Barst
10:15:00 State-of-the-art Management of Thromboembolic Type Prognosis and Therapeutic Approaches Peter Fedullo
10:35:00 Panel Discussion Robyn Barst, Peter Fedullo, Barry Massie,
11:05:00 Stand Up Break
11:10:00 Session VII: Rhythm Disorders, Contemporary and Future Topics of Focus Christine M. Albert
11:30:00 VT Ablan, Survival Free from ICD Therapy Follow Up of the SMASH-VT Study Vivek Y. Reddy
11:50:00 Atrial Fibrillation and the Quality of Life Key Platform for the Approach of Clots, Heart Rate and Heart Rhythm Valentin Fuster
12:10:00 Atrial Fibrillation, Catheter Ablation --- Increase in Safety and Benefit Mechanical Antithrombotic Approach: (PROTECT AF Study) — Ready? Vivek Y. Reddy
12:30:00 Panel Discussion Valentin Fuster, Christine M. Albert, Vivek Y. Reddy
13:00:00 Lunch
13:55:00 Session VIII: Management of Aortic Valve Disease, Aorta and IHSS Blase A. Carabello
14:00:00 Asymptomatic Severe Aortic Stenosis with Significant LVH: What are We Waiting for? Patrick T. O’Gara
14:20:00 Future of Transcatheter AVR: The Best Procedure of Choice for an 80-year Old? Even Younger? How We Protect the Brain from Embolization? Josep Rodés-Cabau
14:40:00 State-of-the-art Management of IHSS: Systolic and Diastolic Pharmacological Approach Septal Reduction (Alcohol, Myectomy) Steve R. Ommen
15:00:00 It’s Never Too Early or Too Late for Surgery in Severe AR Blase A. Carabello
15:20:00 The Dilated Aorta and Its Consequences: State-of-the-art to Prevent Dissection and Preserve the Valve Valentin Fuster
15:40:00 Coffee Break
15:55:00 Session IX: Management of Mitral Regurgitation Patrick T. O’Gara
16:00:00 It May Be Too Early or Too Late for Surgery in Severe Mitral Regurgitation Blase A. Carabello
16:20:00 Function and Anatomy of the Mitral Valve: Aiming for a Successful Repair David H. Adams
17:00:00 Panel Discussion David H. Adams, Blase A. Carabello
17:30:00 Adjourn
Sunday, December 12, 2010
06:15:00 Continental Breakfast
06:55:00 Session X: Novelties on Genetics, Cell Regeneration and Molecular Signaling Valentin Fuster
07:00:00 Personal Genomic Medicine — An Updated Primer Gregory W. Feero
07:25:00 Myocardial Disease: Genetic Pathways Clinical Relevance? Jeffrey L. Anderson
07:50:00 The Earliest Human Experience of Gene Therapy in Heart Failure: “A New Wind of Hope” Roger M. Hajjar
08:15:00 Cell Regenerative Therapy: Progress and Frustrations Kenneth R Chien
08:40:00 Follow Up on the Stem Cell-based Heart Replacement: The Taylor Heart Doris A Taylor
09:05:00 Advances in the Basic Science of Pulmonary Hypertension Stephen L. Archer
09:30:00 Coffee Break
09:45:00 Section XI: Novelties on Diagnostic and Therapeutic Strategies Valentin Fuster
09:50:00 Polyimaging (MR, CT, PET): For Early Atherothrombosis Identification and Management Zahi Fayad
10:15:00 Imaging (CMR, CT) in the Emergency Department: Chest Pain Evaluation Michael Farkouh
10:40:00 The Management of Acute Stroke Jeffrey L. , Saver
11:00:00 Section XII: The Future Two Extremes of Cardiovascular Medicine Valentin Fuster
11:05:00 INSTITUTE OF MEDICINE REPORT 2010 Valentin Fuster
11:35:00 HENRY I. RUSSEK LECTURE 2010 State-of-the-art Management of Advanced Heart Failure Prediction of What to Expect from Assist Devices (!!) and Transplantation (??) O. Howard Frazier
12:05:00 Program Adjournment
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