3D Tissue Models
Geriatric Orthopaedic Fracture Conference 2010
Saint Paul Hotel
350 Market Street
St. Paul,, MN
Geriatric Orthopaedic Fracture Conference 2010
Saint Paul Hotel
University of Minnesota


Schedule of Presentations:

Thursday, December 2, 2010
17:00:00 Five most important issues in geriatric fracture care. Mohit Bhandari
17:30:00 JHACO , PQRI , SCI P, etc. – Alphabet soup, quality, and geriatric fracture care Julie Switzer
18:00:00 The evolution of fracture care during my career Sigvard Ted Hansen
18:30:00 Ankle and foot fractures in the elderly Peter Cole
19:30:00 Reception
Friday, December 3, 2010
00:00:00 Lunch
07:00:00 Breakfast
07:30:00 Post traumatic foot and ankle reconstruction J. Chris Coetzee
08:30:00 small group case studies: fractures in the elderly
09:30:00 Break
09:50:00 Biomechanics pearls for osteoporotic bone Mohit Bhandari
10:50:00 Osteoporosis Treatment: Art and science Jeanne Dutkowski
10:50:00 DVT prophylaxis in the geriatric fracture patient – why not aspirin? Gregory Brown
11:20:00 Getting your patient safely to the OR : do I need more than a hemoglobin, H and P, and a consent? Matthew Layman, Ranjit N. Kesha
11:20:00 Fall prevention 101 – Can we help prevent the next fracture? Sarah Anderson
12:45:00 Ankle fracture challenge: Hands-on saw bones fracture reduction and fixation
13:30:00 Degenerative foot and ankle issues in older patients Sigvard Ted Hansen, J. Chris Coetzee, Troy Boffeli, Fernando Peña
15:00:00 Break
15:20:00 Orthotics for foot and ankle problems – if the shoe fits, wear it. But what if the shoe doesn’t fit? Thomas Langer, Troy Boffeli, Robert Tillges, Michelle J. Hall
15:20:00 Physical therapy assessment, treatment, and clinical pearls for geriatric foot and ankle injuries Lisa Zeman, Michael Lauer, Dawn Altstatt
15:20:00 New technologies and implants for the geriatric fracture patient Peter Cole
16:00:00 Economics of osteoporosis evaluation and treatment for the orthopaedic surgeon – the value of “owning the bone” Clifford B Jones
16:30:00 Closing
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