Preventive Care and Integrative Medicine: Focus on Oncology and New Strategies in Preventive Medicine
Northwestern Memorial Hospital
Feinberg Pavilion, 3rd Floor 251 E. Huron Street
Chicago, Illinois
Preventive Care and Integrative Medicine: Focus on
Oncology and New Strategies in Preventive Medicine
This conference is for medical professionals with an interest in complementary alternative medicine.

Schedule of Presentations:

Friday, December 10, 2010
08:00:00 Registration/Continental Breakfast/Exhibits
09:00:00 Welcome and Introductions Michael F. Roizen, Melinda Ring
09:10:00 Integrative Strategies for Mood Disorders Melinda Ring
09:55:00 CAM Interventions in the Treatment of Insomnia Ramadevi Gourineni
10:40:00 Mind-Body Syndrome: An Alternative Explanation and Treatment for Chronic Pain John Stracks
11:25:00 Questions and Answers
11:40:00 Refreshments/Exhibits
11:55:00 How About Stress Reduction: The Science Thomas J. Morledge
12:35:00 Integrative Approach to Treatment of Functional Disorders in Pediatrics Youngran Chung
13:15:00 Yoga Theory and Benefits Judi Bar
13:45:00 Questions and Answers
14:00:00 Adjourn
Saturday, December 11, 2010
06:30:00 Registration/Continental Breakfast/Exhibits
07:10:00 Introduction Raul J. Seballos
07:15:00 Steps to Reduce or Eliminate the Risk of Colorectal Cancer Steven J. Stryker
08:15:00 Is the Diet and Nutrition Link to Cancer Meaningless or the Only Alternative? T. Colin Campbell
09:15:00 Adjuvant Therapies During Cancer Treatment Tanya Edwards
10:00:00 Questions and Answers Raul J. Seballos
10:15:00 Refreshments/Exhibits/ Book Signing
10:45:00 Integrative Approaches to Gynecologic/Breast Cancer Diljeet K. Singh
11:30:00 Life With and After Cancer: Naturopathic Approaches Judy Fulop
12:30:00 Cancer Survivorship Challenges and Opportunities Mitchell L. Gaynor
13:15:00 Questions and Answers Tanya Edwards
13:30:00 Adjourn
Sunday, December 12, 2010
06:00:00 Registration/Continental Breakfast/Exhibits
07:00:00 Introduction Tanya Edwards
07:05:00 Introduction – Employee Wellness: What We Have Done and the Cleveland Clinic Results Michael F. Roizen
07:45:00 Frontiers of Immunology in Health and Diseases
07:45:00 Prevention Controversies and Issues in Women’s Health Anita Misra-Hebert
08:25:00 Vitamin D: Testing, Levels, and Supplements – What Do We Really Know and What Should We Do? Raul J. Seballos
09:05:00 Coronary Artery Disease: Statins, Aspirins, and What to Do – Controversies and an Update Leslie Cho
09:40:00 Integrative Approach to Preventive Cardiology
10:15:00 Making Yourself Heart Attack Proof Caldwell B. Esselstyn
10:55:00 Questions and Answers Tanya Edwards
11:05:00 Refreshments/Exhibits/ Book Signing
11:20:00 Prostate Cancer: Screening and Chemoprevention, Update and Future Directions Eric Klein
12:00:00 Update on Genetic Testing and Personal Genomic Screening Charis Eng
12:35:00 Testosterone and Hormone Replacement in Men: Risks and Benefits Richard S. Lang
13:15:00 Questions and Answers Raul J. Seballos
13:30:00 Closing Remarks
13:45:00 Adjourn
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