3D Tissue Models
Second Annual Protein Aggregation and Emerging Analytical Tools
Hotel Del Coronado
1500 Orange Ave.
Coronado, California
Understanding and Overcoming Analytic, Formulation, Manufacturing, and Regulatory Challenges

This annual meeting covers latest trends and challenges in protein aggregation. It features in-depth case studies and interactive discussions on mechanisms of
aggregation, detection and quantitation of aggregates, characterization tools, visible and sub-visible protein aggregation detection and analysis techniques, prevention
of particles, impact of aggregation on production and rational design of protein solutions.

Schedule of Presentations:

Thursday, January 13, 2011
13:00:00 Conference Registration
13:35:00 Mechanisms of Protein Instability
13:45:00 Chairperson’s Opening Remarks
13:50:00 Coping with the Colloidal Properties of Proteins Thomas M. Laue
14:20:00 Novel Oxidative and Photolytic Pathways of Protein Degradation Christian Schoneich
14:50:00 Aggregation and Self-Association in a High Concentration Antibody Solutions Devendra S. Kalonia
15:20:00 Sponsored Presentation
16:25:00 Measuring and Improving Stability
16:30:00 Measuring and Increasing Protein Stability C. Nick Pace
17:00:00 Towards Understanding Ion-Induced Protein Aggregation: Correlation with Biophysical Predictors of Stability Yatin Gokarn
17:30:00 Engineering, Characterizing and Formulating Aggregation-Resistant Antibodies Peter M. Tessier
18:00:00 Close of Day
18:30:00 Dinner Short Course
Friday, January 14, 2011
07:30:00 Breakfast Presentation | Coffee
08:10:00 Analytical Tools and Methods
08:15:00 Chairperson’s Opening Remarks
08:20:00 Sub-Visible Particulate Detection and Quantification: Tools and Methods Danny Chou
08:50:00 Understanding Monoclonal Antibody Aggregation Using Native Chromatographic Methods Ramil Latypov
09:20:00 Case Study: Antibody Aggregation Mechanism and Development of a Rapid Method to Identify Highly Soluble Monoclonal Antibody Candidates Sam Wu
09:50:00 Sponsored Presentation
10:05:00 Coffee Break | Exhibit Viewing and Poster Awards
11:00:00 Field-Flow Fractionation as a Possible Tool for Analyzing Protein Aggregates Tsumoto Kouhei
11:30:00 Measuring Protein Charge – Historical Challenges and Recent Developments Kevin Mattison
12:00:00 Interactive Panel | Aggregation-Related Manufacturing and Quality Issues Palani Palaniappan, Yatin Gokarn, Ramil Latypov
12:30:00 Close of Morning Session
12:45:00 Luncheon Presentations | or Lunch on Your Own
13:55:00 Utilizing Analytics And Modeling
14:00:00 Chairperson’s Remarks
14:05:00 Comparability Assessments with Biopharmaceutical Dosage Forms: Analytical Challenges and Opportunities David B. Volkin
14:35:00 Structure-Based Design of Therapeutic Antibodies for Improved Developability Sandeep Kumar
15:05:00 A Chemometric Approach towards Assessing the Aggregation Propensity of Polypeptides Mark Manning
15:35:00 Foldit | Video Games for Scientific Discovery in Biochemistry Seth Cooper
16:05:00 End of Conference
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