3D Tissue Models
Second Annual Targeting Genes, Engineering Vectors, Designing Constructs, and Optimizing Clones
Hotel Del Coronado
1500 Orange Ave.
Coronado, California
Upstream Decisions Lead to Downstream Successes

The demand for high quality biotherapeutic proteins has never been greater, yet meeting this demand is challenging because protein expression is both an art
and a science. Bottlenecks frequently arise because functional proteins are difficult to produce. This usually requires designing new cloning schemes including
lengthy verification and sequence analysis of the gene or protein of interest, moving a gene from one vector to another, transfecting the vector in an alternative
host, or re-characterizing the expressed protein --an inefficient, time-consuming and expensive process. This meeting continues the tradition of applying effective
protein discovery research leading to functional products.

Schedule of Presentations:

Monday, January 10, 2011
07:30:00 Conference Registration | Morning Coffee
08:25:00 Targeting Genes
08:30:00 Chairperson’s Opening Remarks
08:45:00 Keynote Presentation | Creation of a Bacterial Cell Controlled by a Chemically Synthesized Genome Daniel Gibson
09:35:00 Applications with an Enhanced Unnatural Amino Acid Incorporation Platform Travis Young
10:05:00 Coffee Break | Featuring Emerging Companies/Products
10:45:00 Genome Surfing Ryan T. Gill
11:15:00 Next-Gen Pichia pastoris Protein Expression Anton Glieder
11:45:00 Influence of Construct Design on Downstream Applications Frank Schäfer
12:15:00 Close of Morning Session
12:30:00 Luncheon Presentations | or Lunch on Your Own
13:55:00 Plasmid Delivery Systems
14:00:00 Chairperson’s Remarks
14:05:00 Recombinant Yeast Libraries as a Tool for Engineering Novel Antibacterial Proteins Karl E. Griswold
14:35:00 Modulation of Plasmid Replication for Optimal Expression of Recombinant Genes Manel Camps
15:05:00 A Molecular Biology Toolkit: Engineering, Automating and Constructing Large Clone Sets and Their Biological Applications Jason Steel
15:35:00 Sponsored Presentation
15:50:00 Refreshment Break Featuring Emerging Companies/Products
16:25:00 Viral Delivery Systems
16:30:00 Use of Lentiviral Vector Promoter Libraries to Optimize Protein Expression in Mammalian Cell Lines Dominic Esposito
17:00:00 Variants of a Novel Bipartite Plant Viral Vector System Are Adapted for either High Level Protein Expression or Virus-Induced Gene Silencing John Hammond
17:30:00 A Suite of Biosafe Deleted Plant Viral Vectors for High Level Protein Expression Christopher Kearney
18:00:00 Welcoming Reception | Exhibit Hall
19:30:00 Close of Day
Tuesday, January 11, 2011
07:30:00 Breakfast Presentation | Coffee
08:10:00 Engineering Expression Systems
08:15:00 Chairperson’s Opening Remarks
08:20:00 Single Gene Copy CHO Production Lines: The EESYR Approach to High Level Protein Expression for Therapeutic Protein Development Anke Watty
08:50:00 Interplay between Translation Rates and Protein Folding Efficiency José M. Barral
09:20:00 Production of Recombinant Proteins from Protozoan Parasites: Current Approaches and Novel Platforms
09:50:00 Sponsored Presentation
10:05:00 Coffee Break | Exhibit and Poster Viewing
10:45:00 Enhanced Monoclonal Antibody Expression with the Epi-CHO Transient Protein Expression System Peter Gray
11:15:00 Co-Expression of Proteins in Bacteria: Application to the Production of Soluble Core Histone Protein Complexes and Beyond Robert N. Dutnall
11:45:00 Independently Inducible System of Gene Expression for Condensed Single Protein Production (cSPP) Suitable for High Efficiency Isotope Enrichment Monica Roth
12:15:00 Close of Morning Session
12:30:00 Luncheon Presentations | or Lunch on Your Own
14:00:00 BuzZ Session A | Interactive participation leads to problem-solving solutions and future collaborations around focused topics.
14:45:00 Refreshment Break | Exhibit Viewing and Poster Awards
15:30:00 BuzZ Session B | Interactive participation leads to problem-solving solutions and future collaborations around focused topics.
16:15:00 Registration for Short Courses
16:15:00 End of Conference
16:30:00 Dinner Short Courses
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