Second Annual Membrane Proteins
Hotel Del Coronado
1500 Orange Ave.
Coronado, California
Structure, Function, Achieving Scale & Importance as Drug Targets

This meeting addresses the insoluble nature of membrane proteins, their function and interrelationships, the challenges of achieving scale, and their importance
as drug targets. Along the way, we will discover how membrane proteins are housed – either fully or partially – in lipid bilayers, and why they are considered to be
extremely important intermediaries. For researchers who are familiar with soluble proteins, Membrane Proteins’ hydrophobic nature poses a significant barrier to
extraction and keeping them stable in an aqueous state. Key leaders who have successfully accomplished this feat share their insights and protocols for expression
and purification.

Schedule of Presentations:

Thursday, January 13, 2011
13:00:00 Conference Registration
13:40:00 Delineating Structure, Function and Interactions
13:45:00 Chairperson’s Opening Remarks
13:50:00 Opening Keynote Presentation | Membrane Proteins in the Service of Human Health Robert Stroud
14:20:00 Structural Study of a Membrane Protein in a Lipid Membrane by Cryo-EM Liguo Wang
14:50:00 Tryptophan-Lipid Interactions in Membrane Protein Folding Judy Kim
15:20:00 Screening of Membrane Proteins using Profinia Prior to Large-Scale Purification Said Eshaghi
15:35:00 Refreshment Break | Exhibit and Poster Viewing
16:25:00 Overcoming Challenges
16:30:00 Elucidating the Structure and Function of Membrane Proteins through Nanotechnology Stephen G. Sligar
17:00:00 Using the Nanodisc to Study Membrane Protein Structure and Dynamics: Three Case Studies Franck Duong
17:30:00 Membrane Proteomics of Cancer Cells Shen Hu
18:00:00 Close of Day
Friday, January 14, 2011
07:30:00 Breakfast Presentation | Coffee
08:10:00 Transporters
08:15:00 Chairperson’s Opening Remarks
08:20:00 Structural Dynamics of Active Transporters Robert Nakamoto
08:50:00 In vitro Assembly of Multi-Component Drug Efflux Transporters in Real-Time Helen I. Zgurskaya
09:20:00 Conformational Thermostabilisation: A Route to Persuading Membrane Proteins to Crystallise Christopher G. Tate
09:50:00 Sponsored Presentation
10:05:00 Coffee Break | Exhibit and Poster Viewing
10:45:00 Poster Awards in the Exhibit Hall
10:55:00 Drug Design & Development
11:00:00 Probing Receptor Activation Using Genetically Encoded Non-Natural Amino Acid Mutagenesis Thomas P. Sakmar
11:30:00 Membrane Interactions of Cyclotides David Craik
12:00:00 Establishing a Structure-Based Drug Design Loop for the CGRP-Receptor, a Class B GPCR Ernst ter Haar
12:30:00 Close of Morning Session
12:45:00 Luncheon Presentations | or Lunch on Your Own
14:00:00 Chairperson’s Opening Remarks
14:05:00 Plenary Keynote Presentation | High-Speed NMR Analysis of Human Membrane Proteins Expressed by Cell-Free Synthesis Senyon Choe
14:35:00 Detergents in the Purification, Stabilization, and Refolding of Membrane Proteins Dirk Linke
15:05:00 Preparation of Stable Isotope-Labeled GPCR by Bacterial Fermentation Alexei Yeliseev
15:35:00 Scale-Up and Process Development of a Suite of Membrane Bound Proteins (CYP450s) in Saccharomyces cerevisiae Prabuddha Kundu
16:05:00 End of Conference
3D Tissue Models
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