A Case Based Approach to Controversies in Cardiovascular Medicine
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Schedule of Presentations:

Thursday, February 3, 2011
07:30:00 Registration and Breakfast
08:30:00 Opening Remarks
08:55:00 Session I | Ischemic Mitral Regurgitation: Is There a Case for Surgical Intervention? Joseph Maalouf, Wael Jaber
09:00:00 Case Presentation
09:05:00 CABG Alone Provides Reasonable Outcomes! Gosta Pettersson
09:15:00 Mitral Valve Repair or Replacement at the Time of CABG is Needed Rakesh Suri
09:25:00 Response
09:30:00 Response
09:35:00 Questions and Answers
09:40:00 Session II | Are Newer Antiplatelet Therapies Superior to Conventional Dual Antiplatelet Therapy Post PCI?
09:45:00 Case Presentation
09:50:00 Prasugrel or Ticagrelor Plus Aspirin Should be First Line Therapy Leslie Cho
10:00:00 Combination of Clopidogrel and Aspirin Remains First Line Therapy Ziyad Ghazzal
10:10:00 Response
10:15:00 Response
10:20:00 Questions and Answers
10:30:00 Coffee/Tea Break and Visit Exhibit
10:45:00 Session III | CRT in Heart Failure: Hope for the Hopeless?
11:00:00 Case Presentation
11:05:00 Evidence for Prognostic Benefit Walid Saliba
11:15:00 Current Criteria Are Inadequate for Proper Patient Selection Robert Frantz
11:25:00 Response
11:30:00 Response
11:35:00 Questions and Answers
11:40:00 Session IV | Cardiology in the Gulf Region: Lessons from the Local Registries (I)
11:45:00 What Have We Learned from the Gulf ACS Registry Khalid F. AlHabib
12:00:00 Questions
12:05:00 Update on the Gulf Atrial Fibrillation Registry Najib Al Rawahi
12:20:00 Questions
12:30:00 LUNCH
13:55:00 Session V | Multivessel CAD - Surgery vs. PCI (SYNTAX, BARI)
14:00:00 Case Presentation
14:05:00 Surgery Offers Durable Results and Improves Prognosis Gosta Pettersson
14:20:00 Modern PCI Should Be the First Option for Revascularization
14:35:00 Response
14:40:00 Response
14:45:00 Questions and Answers
15:00:00 Coffee/Tea Break and Visit Exhibit
15:30:00 Session VI | Hypertension 2011: What is Adequate Blood Pressure Control? Leslie Cho
15:50:00 Questions and Answers
16:00:00 Coffee/ Tea Break and Visit Exhibits
16:05:00 Workshop 1: Valvular Heart Disease Cases and Management Options. Role of Echo, CT and MRI in Decision Making Wael Jaber, Mouaz Al-Mallah
16:15:00 1. Asymptomatic Severe Aortic Stenosis Joseph Maalouf
16:30:00 2. Asymptomatic Severe Aortic Regurgitation Brian Griffin
16:45:00 3. Asymptomatic Severe Mitra Regurgitation Joseph Maalouf
17:00:00 4. Severe Tricuspid Regurgitation and Pulmonary Regurgitation Brian Griffin
Friday, February 4, 2011
07:55:00 Session VII | Functional Tricuspid Regurgitation Should be Corrected at Time of Mitral Valve Repair Hani K. Najm
08:00:00 Case Presentation
08:05:00 Protagonist Gosta Pettersson
08:25:00 Response
08:30:00 Response
08:35:00 Questions and Answers
08:40:00 Session VIII | Chronic Stable CAD: Medical Therapy is Not Inferior to PCI 2011?: COURAGE Revisited
08:45:00 Case Presentation
08:50:00 Medical Management Is as Good as PCI Leslie Cho
09:00:00 PCI is Better than Medical Management
09:10:00 Response
09:15:00 Response
09:20:00 Questions and Answers
09:30:00 Coffee/Tea Break and Visit Exhibit
09:55:00 Session IX | Thoracic Aortopathy 2011: State of the Science Hani K. Najm
10:00:00 Case Presentation
10:05:00 Treatment Guidelines for Marfan Syndrome Should Be Extended to Other Causes of Thoracic Aortopathy Gosta Pettersson
10:15:00 Treatment Guidelines for Marfan Syndrome Should Not Be Extended to Other Causes of Thoracic Aortopathy Naser M. Ammash
10:25:00 Response
10:30:00 Response
10:35:00 Questions and Answers
10:40:00 Session X | Atrial Fibrillation: Diverging Concepts in Treatment?
10:45:00 Case Presentation
10:50:00 Ablation: First Line Therapy for Rhythm Control? Walid Saliba
11:00:00 Rate Control is Not An Inferior Choice
11:10:00 Response
11:15:00 Response
11:20:00 Questions and Answers
11:30:00 Lunch
13:55:00 Session XI | Cardiology in the Gulf Region: Lessons from the Local Registries (II)
14:00:00 The Pandemic of Obesity In the Gulf Khalid al Jaberi
14:15:00 Questions
14:20:00 Heart Failure in the Middle East Awatif Abdusalam Al Sousi
14:35:00 Questions
14:45:00 Coffee/Tea Break and Visit Exhibit
14:55:00 Session XII | STEMI: Choice of Stent for Primary PCI
15:00:00 Case Presentation
15:05:00 DES is Superior to BMS Ziyad Ghazzal
15:20:00 BMS is As Good As DES Leslie Cho
15:35:00 Response
15:40:00 Response
15:45:00 Questions and Answers
16:00:00 Coffee/Tea Break and Visit Exhibits
16:15:00 Workshop 2: 1. Coronary Artery Disease Cases and Management Options Leslie Cho, Ziyad Ghazzal, , Gosta Pettersson
Saturday, February 5, 2011
08:25:00 Session XII | Case Based Core Curriculum
08:30:00 PCI vs. Surgery for Mutivessel disease Hani K. Najm
08:45:00 Outcome of Surgery For Prosthetic Valve Endocarditis Zohair Al Halees
09:00:00 Stroke Prevention in Atrial Fibrillation: Can We Eliminate Warfarin? Current and Future Approaches Wael Jaber
09:15:00 Cardiac CT and Stress Testing: Antagonistic or Complementary Role? What is the significance of CT Calcium score? Mouaz Al-Mallah
09:30:00 Right Heart Failure and Pulmonary Hypertension: What Is a Clinician to Do? Robert Frantz
09:45:00 Bridge to Transplant Experience: Factors Influencing Survival To and After Cardiac Transplant Katherine Hoercher
10:00:00 New Therapies for Heart Failure: From Novel Agents to Non-drug Therapy
10:15:00 Panel Discussion
10:45:00 Coffee/Tea Break and Visit Exhibit
11:15:00 NSTEMI: Management 2011: Who Should Have an Invasive Strategy? Ziyad Ghazzal
11:30:00 HCM: Heterogeneity of Phenotypes and Management Naser M. Ammash
11:45:00 Cardiac MRI in the assessment of cardiomyopathy? Mouaz Al-Mallah
12:00:00 Adult Congenital management: Tips and Pitfalls for the General Cardiologist Mohammed Omar Galal
12:15:00 Panel Discussion
13:00:00 LUNCH
13:55:00 Session XIV | Innovations in Management of Cardiovascular Diseases
14:00:00 Robotic Surgery is Superior to Conventional Surgery for MV Repair Rakesh Suri
14:15:00 3D Echo:A new Dimension in Cardiovascular Imaging Ahmad Omran
14:30:00 Interventional Echo: Role of 3D Joseph Maalouf
14:45:00 Percutaneous Valve Repair/Replacement Hybrid Procedures
15:00:00 Coffee/Tea Break and Visit Exhibit
15:20:00 Workshop 3: Bring a Case From Home ECG, Echo, Nuclear, CT and MRI Mouaz Al-Mallah, Wael Jaber, Naser M. Ammash, Walid Saliba
17:00:00 Wrap-up and Adjourn
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