3D Tissue Models
9th Annual Phosphor Global Summit 2011
The Westin Riverwalk, San Antonio TX
420 West Market Street
San Antonio, Texas 78205

     *  Abstract Deadline:
       17th September 2010

     *  Registration Deadline:
       23rd March 2011


   Kathryn Conway, LED Consulting; Thomas Juestel, University of Applied
   Sciences Muenster; Stephane Jobic, University of Nantes; Cees Ronda,
   Philips; Alok Srivastava, GE, Dominik Uhlich, Tailorlux; Andries
   Meijerink, University Utrecht among others.

   The 9th annual Phosphor Global Summit – taking place on March 22 – 24,
   2011 in San Antonio, Texas – will provide a forum for leading
   producers and end-users to discuss and plan the advancement of
   phosphor technology and applications, with LEDs still being the most
   important example

   420 West Market Street, San Antonio, TX, 78205, United States

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Schedule of Presentations:

Tuesday, March 22, 2011
08:00:00 Seminar Registration
08:30:00 Pre-Conference Seminar 1: Fundamental Concepts of Luminescence Spectroscopy/Basics of white LED phosphors Hajime Yamamoto, Andries Meijerink
13:00:00 Seminar Registration
13:30:00 Pre-Conference Seminar 2: Designing Luminescent Materials/Energy Flow in Luminescent Materials Excited by High Energy Radiation Alok Srivastava, Cees Ronda
Wednesday, March 23, 2011
08:00:00 Registration and Continental Breakfast
08:50:00 Opening remarks from Conference Co-Chairs Cathy , Conway, Thomas Juestel
08:55:00 Session 1: Overview of the Markets and Materials Available
09:00:00 Challenges for Lighting Phosphors in a Resource Limited Environment Steven Deutsch
09:30:00 Global Rare Earth Supply Chains Getting Their Legs Ian London
09:55:00 Session 2: Trends towards Novel Luminescent Materials
10:00:00 The Manipulation of Air-Sensitive Compounds in Industry
10:30:00 Morning Refreshments and Networking Break
11:00:00 Development of Novel Nitridic Materials and Their Applications as Phosphor Converters H. Jürgen Meyerg
11:30:00 Phosphors for Blue and Violet LED Systems Anant Setlur
12:00:00 Ceramic Laser Materials for Projection Applications of Lasers Ulrich Weichmann
12:30:00 Lunch will be served for speakers and attendees
13:30:00 The Use of Spray Pyrolysis for the Manufacturing of Unique Multi-phase Phosphor Materials Pascal Pinceloup
14:00:00 Strategies for Achieving High Quality, Efficient and Economical Lighting Using Luminescent Organic Materials and Novel Device Architectures Max Shtein
14:25:00 Session 3: Role of Defects and Persistent Luminescence
14:30:00 Phosphorescence and Luminescence of Eu2+ Doped Aluminates and Aluminosilicates Stéphane Jobic
15:00:00 Afternoon Refreshments and Networking Break
15:30:00 Physics and Applications of Afterglow Phosphors Philippe Smet
16:00:00 Oxyfluoride Materials - Basic Chemistry and Opportunities as Phosphors Tom Vogt
16:30:00 Poster Session and Networking reception
Thursday, March 24, 2011
08:00:00 Continental Breakfast
08:30:00 Opening Remarks from Conference Co-Chairs
08:35:00 Session 4: Phosphors as the Basis of Future Lighting
08:40:00 The End of the Lamp as We Know It Cathy , Conway
09:10:00 Future Challenges for LED and Phosphor
09:40:00 Color Quality Measurement of Phosphor-Based Sources for General Illumination Wendy Davis
10:10:00 Morning Refreshments and Networking Break
10:35:00 Session 5: Developments in Ceramic LED Phosphors
10:40:00 Selection of Phosphor Materials and Technologies for LED Applications Oleg Shchekin
11:10:00 Ceramic and Glass Ceramic Phosphors for White LED
11:40:00 Eu3+ Activated Molybdates and Tungstates - Potential Color Converters for pcLEDs? Dominik Uhlich
12:10:00 Lunch will be served for speakers and attendees
13:10:00 Session 6: Phosphors Moving towards Novel Horizons
13:15:00 Rare Earth Doped Materials for Quantum Information Processing
13:45:00 Laser Phosphor Display (LPD): Introduction to LPD Technology and its Advantages Roger M. Hajjar
14:15:00 Novel Scintillators
14:45:00 Afternoon Refreshments and Networking Break
15:15:00 Nanophosphors for Energy Harvesting and Detection Applications Hisham Menkara
15:45:00 Revisiting Pandora's Box of Luminescence Andries Meijerink
16:15:00 Closing Remarks from the Conference Chairs and Conclusion of Conference
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