Personalized Medicine Partnerships Conference
Bethesda Marriott Suites
6711 Democracy Boulevard Bethesda, Maryland 20817 USA
DC, Washington
   At Arrowhead’s 2011 Personalized Medicine Partnerships Conference, we
   will highlight key issues in forming partnerships and engage the best
   speakers to share their experiences with you. These key issues

     *  what pharmaceutical and diagnostic companies are looking for in a

     *  partnering challenges that arise within the realm of contractual
       negotiations, IP protection, regulatory affairs and

     *  benefits of partnerships, including more effective, efficient and
       safer clinical trials

     *  how and when to start a relationship, ie. discovery, clinical,

     *  the risks of partnering

   You will also have multiple chances to network and meet with others in
   the industry during one-to-one meetings and networking breaks and
   receptions. There will also be an online networking tool available
   before the conference even begins! Other key features of this
   conference include:

     *  PANEL DISCUSSIONS covering a variety of topics of interest to
       stakeholders in personalized medicine

     *  Presentations from companies and institutions on cutting edge of
       personalized medicine

     *  NEW CASE STUDIES on recent successes and failures in personalized

     *  UPDATES on US and European regulatory environments and their
       impact on personalized medicine

     *  Presentations on the challanges of biomarkers development

     *  KEY INSIGHT from payors on current and future reimbursement of
       personalized medicine

     *  PANEL DISCUSSIONS concerning drug and companion diagnostic
       co-development intellectual property, deal structure, risk
       management and commercialization challenges

   Background Current headlines coming out of Washington suggest that
   personalized medicine has taken on a level of importance heretofore
   unseen. As federal funding for comparative effectiveness research and
   support for personalized medicine from the NIH seems likely,
   pharmaceutical companies and molecular diagnostics companies
   increasingly need one another to advance their clinical programs and
   prove the value of this new healthcare paradigm to both governments
   and the insurance industry. Personalized medicine has the potential to
   revolutionize medical care by utilizing an improved understanding of
   genetics and molecular biology to allow for better diagnostic tests,
   more precise diagnoses, greater predictability of disease course, and
   improved patient safety by selecting not only the right drug for a
   patient but also the proper dosage to reduce adverse effects. Studies
   can go well beyond the resources of a single company or laboratory;
   therefore, biotech and pharmaceutical companies are joining forces to
   better research personalized medicine and produce results for
   patients. However, there have been many barriers to forming successful
   partnerships. Networking Opportunities Attendees will have the
   opportunity to form partnerships through the following networking

     *  Online partnering software available prior to the event.
       Attendees can schedule one-on-one meetings prior to the conference
       and print out a schedule of meeting times during the conference.

     *  One-to-one partnering meetings. Attendees can set up meetings
       during the event in order to form business relationships and find
       potential partners.

     *  Networking breaks. These will give attendees the chance to meet
       those with whom they many not have set up meetings.

     *  End of the day receptions. Again, this will give attendees the
       chance to mingle with other professionals after a day full of
       speakers, meetings, and thought-provoking topics.

   Who Will Attendees Meet?

     *  Biotech companies

     *  Pharmaceutical companies

     *  Diagnostic companies

     *  Financial groups

     *  Other industry-related service companies

Schedule of Presentations:

Monday, April 11, 2011
07:30:00 Registration | Continental Breakfast
08:15:00 Chair's Opening Remarks Charlie Raffin
08:25:00 Assessing the Evidence for Genomics | Focus on the Patient Margaret Piper
09:00:00 Almac’s Partnership Models for the Discovery and Development of Novel Biomarkers Michael Sloan
09:35:00 Forging Win-win Relationships to Improve Patient Outcomes: The Novartis Molecular Diagnostics (MDx) Approach to Partnering
10:10:00 Morning Refreshment Break
10:35:00 Commercializing a Gene-expression Test Which Competes Against Your Prospective Customers | Personalized Medicine vs. Fee for Service Matthew J. Meyer
11:10:00 Expanding Personalized Medicine from a Niche Market to Standard of Care | Clinical Utility, Cost Effectiveness and Education of Diagnostics in Real World Settings
11:45:00 Rx/Dx Partnering | Two Products Towards One Goal | Delivering the Prospect of Personalized Medicine Andrea H. Lauber
12:20:00 Luncheon
13:35:00 Workshop | The Drivers and Financial Benchmarks of Personalized Medicine Peter Keeling, Mollie Roth
15:25:00 Afternoon Refreshment Break
15:50:00 Oncotype Dx | How Lessons Learned in the US and Internationally Have Informed the Next Generation of Development and Commercialization
16:25:00 Personalized Medicine in a Changing Regulatory Environment | Lessons Learned and the Challenges that Lie Ahead
17:00:00 Presentation TBA
17:35:00 Evening Reception
18:20:00 Networking Dinner
Tuesday, April 12, 2011
07:30:00 Continental Breakfast
08:15:00 Chair's Opening Remarks Keith F. Batchelder
08:25:00 Partnering to Integrate Genetic Benefits Management into Personalized Medicine
09:15:00 A Stakeholder-Driven Approach to Improving the Evidence Base for Molecular Diagnostics in Cancer Patricia Deverka
09:50:00 Pioneering Partnerships: Business Models for Successful Companion Diagnostic Co-development Richard Watts
10:25:00 Morning Refreshment Break
10:50:00 A Therapeutic Company’s Perspective on Successful Companion Diagnostic Partnering
11:25:00 The Use of Population Based Health Care Information to Create Personalized Health Care Delivery Scott Taylor
12:00:00 Luncheon
13:15:00 Commercialization of Companion Diagnostics | The Perspectives of a Leading IVD Company
13:50:00 Pricing & Market Access Strategies for Companion Diagnostics Patrick Terry
14:25:00 Panel Session | Topic TBA
15:15:00 Companion Diagnostics | FDA's Current Thinking Elizabeth Mansfield
15:50:00 End of Conference
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