ADMET Europe
Stockholm International Fairs
S-125 80 STOCKHOLM, Mässvägen 1
Stockholm/Älvsjö, Sweden

Schedule of Presentations:

Tuesday, February 19, 2008
08:30:00 Registration
09:30:00 Toxicology & Safety Pharmacology Richard Walmsley
09:35:00 Improving the Accuracy of Genotoxic Hazard Assessment Richard Walmsley
10:05:00 Microelectrode Array-Based Biosensors and Their Applications in Drug Screening and Safety Pharmacology Elke Guenther
10:35:00 Coffee break and networking in exhibition hall
11:20:00 Quantitative High-Throughput Screening for Cell-Based Toxicity Assays Menghang Xia
11:50:00 Automation and Performance Assessment of a Basal Cytotoxicity Assay Intended for Regulatory Safety Assessment Mounir Bouhifd
12:20:00 Lunch & networking in exhibition hall
12:50:00 GE Healthcare Workshop
13:20:00 Poster viewing
14:00:00 Multiplexing ADME-Tox Cell-Based Assays Using Primary Cells Terry L. Riss
14:30:00 The hERG Potassium Channel: Gating to Inactivated Conformation Changes the Potency of a Range of Drugs — Relevance to the Short QT Syndrome Harry Witchel
15:00:00 Coffee break and networking in exhibition hall
15:45:00 Transporters in ADME Balazs Sarkadi
15:50:00 The Role of ABC Transporters in Drug Absorption, Metabolism, Excretion and Toxicology (ADME-TOX) Balazs Sarkadi
16:20:00 A Dominant Role for Transporters in Xenobiotic Uptake? Paul Dobson
16:50:00 Cinderella’s Shoe for Biological Action Modelling Vladimir Potemkin
17:20:00 Drinks reception compliments of
Wednesday, February 20, 2008
08:00:00 TTP Labtech Workshop
09:30:00 Optimisation of ADME Properties
09:35:00 Towards a Multidimensional Optimization in the Field of ADME-Tox: Strategies & Case Studies Holger Fischer
10:05:00 High Throughput Mass Spectrometry: CYP450 Inhibition HTS Assays for Individual (Unpooled) Human Liver Preparations and Label-Free Drug Probes Using RF-MS / 6410 Technology Can Özbal
10:35:00 Coffee break and networking in exhibition hall
11:20:00 Rescuing ADME Properties - Prodrugs and Other Tricks Hugo Kubinyi
11:50:00 From Drug Discovery to Drug Design: Uncertain Models to Certain Success? Matthew Segall
12:20:00 Lunch & networking in exhibition hall
13:00:00 Poster viewing
13:30:00 ADME Prediction Mario Lobell
13:35:00 Clinical Pharmacokinetic and Toxic Consequences of the Induction of Transporters and Drug Metabolising Enzymes Nicola Hewitt
14:05:00 Applications of an ADME Knowledge Database for Predictive Models and Drug-Drug Interactions Assessment Ismail Ijjaali
14:35:00 Coffee break and networking
15:05:00 In silico ADMET Traffic Lights and PhysChem Scores and Their Application to Kinase Inhibitors Mario Lobell
15:35:00 Biological Spectra Analysis: Linking Activity Profiles to Molecular Toxicity Peter Fedichev
16:05:00 Close of conference
3D Tissue Models
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