Screening Europe
Stockholm International Fairs
S-125 80 STOCKHOLM, Mässvägen 1
Stockholm/Älvsjö,, Sweden

Schedule of Presentations:

Tuesday, February 19, 2008
08:30:00 Track B Registration
08:30:00 Track A Registration
09:30:00 Track B Screening Automation and Miniaturisation Alf Månsson
09:30:00 Track A Novel High-Throughput Platforms Hakim Djaballah
09:35:00 Track A High Content Screening of Human ES Cells Using Laser Scanning Confocal Microscopy Hakim Djaballah
09:35:00 Track B Molecular Motor Powered Lab-on-a-Chip Devices for Highly Parallel and Miniaturized Drug Screening Alf Månsson
10:05:00 Track A Modern Approaches for an Old Problem: High-Throughput Screening and Compound Profiling of Proteases Lorenz Mayr
10:05:00 Track B High-Throughput siRNA Transfection Applying a 384-Multichannel Pipetting Head Avoiding Disposable Tips Eberhard Krauß
10:35:00 Track A Coffee break and networking in exhibition hall
10:35:00 Track B Coffee break and networking in exhibition hall
11:20:00 Track B A Flexible HCA System for the Automatic Image Analysis and Interpretation of Cell Images
11:20:00 Track A Transcription-Guided Discovery: Using Changes in Gene Expression to Guide All Stages of Drug Development Reinhard Ebner
11:50:00 Track A Advances in Docking and Structure Based Compound Screening Ruben Abagyan
11:50:00 Track B The Industrialisation of 1536 Well Format High Throughput Screening for Modulators of G Protein-Coupled Receptors Stuart Baddeley
12:20:00 Track A Lunch & networking in exhibition hall
12:20:00 Track B Lunch & networking in exhibition hall
12:50:00 Track B GE Healthcare Workshop
12:50:00 Track A GE Healthcare Workshop
13:20:00 Track B Poster viewing
13:20:00 Track A Poster viewing
14:00:00 Track B GPCR’s Torsten Schöneberg
14:00:00 Track A Oncology Target Screening
14:05:00 Track A qPCR and Methylation Sensitive qPCR Performance at Sites of Stable non-B DNA Structure in Human Gene Promoters Steven Smith
14:05:00 Track B Effector-Dependent Signaling Profiles of GPCR Ligands in Recombinant and Primary Cells Evi Kostenis
14:35:00 Track A Identification of Therapeutic Targets Associated with PI3K/Akt Signalling Through High Content Loss-of-Function Screenings
14:35:00 Track B Emerging GPCR Assay Technologies for Drug Discovery Sandra Siehler
15:05:00 Track B Coffee break and networking in exhibition hall
15:05:00 Track A Coffee break and networking in exhibition hall
15:50:00 Track B Novel Concepts in GPCR Drug Discovery Guido Zaman
15:50:00 Track A Using 3-D Culture Models to Screen for Compounds that Induce Apoptosis of Cancer Cells Stig Linder
16:20:00 Track A Beyond Biomolecular Screening: A Multi-Paradigm Approach to Oncology Lead-Finding Dennis France
16:20:00 Track B Unveiling Drug Selectivity Via Functional Profiling and a Multi-Prong Approach to Hit Validation Using Chemiscreen™ GPCR Cell Lines Blaine N. Armbruster
16:50:00 Track A Development of Hsp90 Inhibitors for Multiple Cancers Rob Howes
16:50:00 Track B Functional Characterization of GPCR in the Light of Evolution Torsten Schöneberg
17:20:00 Track B Drinks reception compliments of
17:20:00 Track A Drinks reception compliments of
Wednesday, February 20, 2008
08:00:00 Track A TTP Labtech Workshop
08:00:00 Track B TTP Labtech Workshop
09:00:00 Track B Cell-Based Assays and Assay Development Christer Wingren
09:05:00 Track B Design of Recombinant Antibody Microarrays for High- Throughput Proteomics Christer Wingren
09:30:00 Track A Label-Free Detection Oliver Nayler
09:35:00 Track A Cell-Impedance Measurements of GPCR Modulators –Characterization of Signalling Pathways in Non-Recombinant Cells Oliver Nayler
09:35:00 Track B Point-of-Care Diagnosis Through Impedimetric Detection of a Biomarker in Whole Blood
10:05:00 Track B Adult Epithelial Stem Cell Assay Development Patricia Hurley
10:05:00 Track A A Method for Label-Free Screening in Fragment-Based Drug Design Andrei Zhukov
10:35:00 Track B Coffee break and networking in exhibition hall
10:35:00 Track A Coffee break and networking
11:20:00 Track B Slide-Based Miniaturized Microtiter Plate for ELISA and Cellbased Assays Namyong Kim
11:20:00 Track A Label-Free Screening of Fragment Libraries by SPR Imaging Renate Sekul
11:50:00 Track A A Comparison of Cell-Based Label-Free Assay Tools Lisa Minor
11:50:00 Track B Phenotypic Cell-Based Assay Development for HTS for Anti-Infectious Diseases Drugs Identification Thierry Christophe
12:20:00 Track B Lunch & networking in exhibition hall
12:20:00 Track A Lunch & networking in exhibition hall
13:00:00 Track B Poster viewing
13:00:00 Track A Poster viewing
13:30:00 Track A Protein Kinases
13:30:00 Track A Neglected Diseases: Building a Lead Discovery Engine Dominique Perrin
14:05:00 Track A Coffee break and networking in exhibition hall
14:35:00 Track A The Role of the Host - Identification and Characterization of Host Cell Factors Involved in Infection Processes Nikolaus Machuy
15:05:00 Track A Receptor Selection and Amplification Technology: A Unique, Powerful Screening Platform for Drug Discovery
15:35:00 Track A Close of conference
16:00:00 Track B Close of conference
3D Tissue Models
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