2011 World Stem Cell Summit
Pasadena Convention Center
300 E. Green Street Pasadena, CA 91101 626-793-2122
Pasadena, California
   The World Stem Cell Summit is the flagship international event uniting
   the stem cell community by bringing together scientists, patients,
   advocates, business people, investors, educators, ethicists, policy
   makers, government representatives, and others to network and learn
   from each other and to chart the future of regenerative medicine.

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Schedule of Presentations:

Monday, October 3, 2011
07:00:00 Registration Opens
08:00:00 Welcome Overview Bernard Siegel, Richard Jove, Shlomo Melmed, Paul Patterson, Carmen A. Puliafito
08:30:00 Keynote Address | CIRM's Translational Roadmap to Stem Cell Cures Alan Trounson
09:00:00 Plenary Discussion | How Stem Cells are Transforming Medicine - ISSCR Perspectives Heather Rooke, Arnold Kriegstein, Ann S. Tsukamoto, Lawrence S. B. Goldstein
10:30:00 Break
10:45:00 Science Keynote Address Lawrence S. B. Goldstein
11:30:00 KEYNOTE Addresses | Translational Medicine: Key to Progress or Bridge to Nowhere?
13:00:00 Experts Luncheon: Conversations with Experts
13:05:00 Luncheon Workshop | IRB, SCRO and ESCRO Workshop I | Meeting the Institutional Oversight Challenges of Stem Cell Research Melinda Abelman, Steven Peckman, Geoffrey Lomax
14:30:00 focus Sessions | Stem Cell Science - Cancer Luis F Parada
14:40:00 Stem Cell Translational Report-Diabetes Camillo Ricordi, Meri Firpo
14:50:00 Strategies and Tactics in the Battleground States Don Reed
15:00:00 Unleashing Regenerative Medicine to Extend the Healthy Lifespan: Technological Issues and Commercial Opportunities Aubrey de Grey, Michael R. Wester, Xianmin Zeng
15:10:00 Stem Cells as a Powerful Tool for the Pharmaceutical Industry Devyn M. Smith
15:15:00 Stem Cell Progress Report - HIV/AIDS Paula Cannon, John Zaia, Irvin S.Y. Chen
15:20:00 Financing Pathways for Stem Companies and Novel Funding Options
15:30:00 Break
16:00:00 Concurrent Sessions | Translational and Clinical Studies of Stem Cells for Heart Regeneration Arnold Caplan
16:10:00 Understanding the legal and policy challenges to stem cell research- Sherley v. Sebelius and beyond Alan Jakimo, Jeanne F. Loring, Hank Greely
16:20:00 The Outlook for the Cord Blood- All Things Considered Charles F. Simmons, C. Michael Cotten, Jennifer Willert
16:30:00 Economic Development: Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine as an Engine for Economic Growth Drew Lyall, Michael J. May, Elona Baum
17:00:00 exhibitor Networking Reception & poster viewing WITH PRESENTERS PRESENT
Tuesday, October 4, 2011
07:30:00 Networking Breakfast
07:30:00 Registration Opens
08:30:00 Canada welcome David Fransen
08:45:00 Science Keynote Address Rudolf Jaenisch
09:30:00 Keynote address | Harnessing Regenerative Medicine for US Service-members James K. Gilman
10:15:00 Break
10:30:00 Industry Keynote Address | Cell Therapy Industry: Billion Dollar Global Business with Unlimited Potential Chris Mason
11:15:00 Industry Keynote Address | The Transformational Potential of Regenerative Medicine, and How It Will Change Healthcare As We Know It Gil Van Bokkelen
12:15:00 Concurrent Sessions | Safety Issues in Stem Cell Therapies: Immunogenecity, Tumorgenicity and Genetic Stability Martin Pera, Nissim Benvenisty, Yang Xu, Kun Zhang
12:30:00 Stem Cell Politics: The Advocacy Agenda for 2012 John Hlinko, Mary Woolley
12:55:00 Reimbursement and Insurance Solutions for Cell Therapies and Related Industries
13:05:00 A Global Approach to Clinical Trials - Pros and Cons I. Richard Garr, Armand Keating
13:15:00 Luncheon Workshops
13:20:00 Workshop | Stem Cells Below the Equator- South America Roundtable Mari Cleide Sogayar
13:25:00 Workshop | Empowering Advocates and Researchers Through Social Media and the Blogosphere John Hlinko, Don Reed, Paul Knoepfler
13:30:00 IRB, SCRO and ESCRO Workshop II | Meeting the Institutional Oversight Challenges of Stem Cell Research Melinda Abelman, Steven Peckman, Geoffrey Lomax
13:35:00 Tech Transfer Workshop | How to Turn Your Lab Research into Valuable Intellectual Property
14:30:00 focus Sessions | Stem Cell Science - Regenerating Whole Organs Tracy C. Grikscheit, Doris A Taylor
14:40:00 Stem Cell Translational Report- Spinal Cord Injury, Paralysis and MS Arlene Chiu, Aileen J. Anderson
14:50:00 Effective Tools from CIRM to Empower Advocates
15:00:00 Commercial Stem Cell Standardization Solutions Roberto “Rob” Herrera, Anne. L. Plant, Raymond H. Cypess
15:05:00 A Consumer Guide - Clinical Uses of Stem Cells Derived from Cord Blood Claudia Zylberberg
15:10:00 Mixing Modalities:Cells, Genes and Devices Michael C. Holmes
15:15:00 Global Regulation Overview Norman Viner, Raj K. Puri
15:30:00 Break
15:45:00 Concurrent Sessions | GMP,GCP- Taking Cells to the Clinic- Scientific Perspectives Scott R. Burger, Larry A. Couture, Gerhard Bauer
15:50:00 The Paradigm Shift to Cell Based Medicine: How Investors Can Discern True Value Zami Aberman, Keith Murphy
16:00:00 Stem Cells for Modeling Neurological Disorders Clive Svendsen, Arnold Kriegstein, Wange Lu, Dimitri Krainc
16:10:00 The Emergence of Academic Interdisciplinary Stem Cell Institutes as Engines for Translational Progress Edward C. Holmes, Brock Reeve, Philip A. Pizzo
16:45:00 Exhibitor Networking Reception and poster viewing
19:30:00 Stem Cell Action Awards Dinner
Wednesday, October 5, 2011
07:30:00 Registration Opens
07:35:00 Networking Breakfast
08:00:00 Plenary Discussion | State of the States: Research Programs, Public Funds and Interstate Collaborations Geoffrey Lomax, Marianne Horn, Melissa J. Lopes
09:00:00 Plenary Discussion | Leading International Institutions and Their Strategies for Advancing Regenerative Medicine Norio Nakatsuji
10:00:00 Plenary Discussion | New translational Directions at the NIH
11:00:00 focus Sessions | Stimulating Endogenous Stem Cells Paul Patterson, David DiGiusto, Benjamin Deverman
11:10:00 Stem Cell Translational Report- Diseases of the Eye Dennis Clegg, Peter Coffey
11:20:00 The Shifting Landscape of Intellectual Property Law and Its Impact on the Future of Regenerative Medicine S Peter Ludwig
11:30:00 Where to Draw the Line on Stem Cell Tourism Heather Rooke, Douglas A. Sipp, Insoo Hyun
11:35:00 Forging Relationships between Industry and Regulators Michael Werner
11:40:00 Stem Cell Translational Report- ALS, Parkinson's and other Neurological Diseases Evan Snyder, Clive Svendsen
11:45:00 Stem Cell Translational Report- Cancer Ravi Bhatia, Avi Treves
12:00:00 Luncheon Workshops | IRB, SCRO and ESCRO Workshop III | Meeting the Institutional Oversight Challenges of Stem Cell Research Melinda Abelman, Steven Peckman, Geoffrey Lomax
13:00:00 Concurrent Sessions | New Stem Cell Discoveries - Clinical Implications David Warburton
13:10:00 Emerging Trends in Cell Banking Joseph C. Laning
13:20:00 International Government Collaborations for Funding Cindy Bell, Subramanian Ramaswamy
13:30:00 Healing Our Wounded Warriors: Armed Forces Investment in Regenerative Medicine Terry R. Irgens
14:00:00 Concurrent Sessions | Cell Therapy and Pharmaceutical Industries-The Search for the New, New Thing Chris Mason, Allen Eaves, Leanna Caron
14:10:00 Hospital and Clinician Perspectives on Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine Theodore G. Krontiris, Leon G Fine, Brent Polk
14:20:00 Key Clinical Trial Updates K S Aboody, Martin McGlynn, Jane Lebkowski
14:45:00 stem cell awareness day town hall meeting
15:00:00 Break
15:15:00 ADVOCACY Keynote Address | New Government and Philanthropic Paradigms for funding Stem Cell Research
15:45:00 Plenary Discussion | The Mandate to Deliver Cures- Aligning patient advocacy, industry & science Bernard Siegel, Danny Heumann, Paul Knoepfler, James C. Greenwood
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