MedChem Europe
Stockholm International Fairs
S-125 80 STOCKHOLM, Mässvägen 1
Stockholm/Älvsjö, Sweden

Schedule of Presentations:

Tuesday, February 19, 2008
08:30:00 Registration
09:30:00 Platforms and Combinatorial Chemistry Aaron Beeler
09:35:00 New Approaches to the Discovery of Novel Chemical Reactions and Chemotypes Aaron Beeler
10:05:00 New Organocatalytic Systems for Asymmetric Epoxidation Phil Page
10:35:00 Coffee break and networking in exhibition hall
11:20:00 Efficient Assembly and Selection of Macrocycle Libraries by DNA-Programmed Chemistry Jinbo Lee
11:50:00 ConGO: A New Paradigm for Pattern Recognition of Drug Electronic Structure Maria Grishina
12:20:00 Lunch & networking in exhibition hall
12:50:00 GE Healthcare Workshop
13:20:00 Poster viewing
14:00:00 High Throughput Synthetic Chemistry Thomas Müller
14:05:00 Synthesis of Pharmacologically Relevant Ring Systems by One-Pot Cyclizations Peter Langer
14:35:00 Applications of Multicomponent Reactions (MCRs) in Library Synthesis
15:05:00 Coffee break and networking in exhibition hall
15:50:00 Multi-Component and Domino Syntheses of Pharmaceutically Relevant Heterocycles Thomas Müller
16:20:00 Dihydropyridine Derivatives and Dihydroazines as Bioprotectors Gunars Duburs
16:50:00 Methodologies Enabling ‘Iterative Efficiency’ in Medicinal Chemistry Christopher Hulme
17:20:00 Drinks reception compliments of
Wednesday, February 20, 2008
08:00:00 TTP Labtech Workshop
09:30:00 Target Identification and Lead Optimisation Dmitry Samarsky
09:35:00 Time Dependent Cytochrome P450 Inhibition: Review of the Common Sub-Structures and Implications for Drug Development
10:05:00 Molecular Effects of Akt and Src on the Activity of mTOR-Dependent Signalling Pathway in v-Src-Transformed Cells Zdena Tuhackova
10:35:00 Coffee break and networking in exhibition hall
11:20:00 Analogs of Griseofulvin with Enhanced Anticancer Activity Mads Clausen
11:50:00 Improving Processes in Lead Optimisation Andreas Sewing
12:20:00 Lunch & networking in exhibition hall
13:00:00 Poster viewing
13:30:00 Development and Optimization of Novel RNAi Therapeutics Platforms Dmitry Samarsky
14:00:00 Coffee break and networking
14:30:00 Structure Based Design of a Novel and Highly Potent Anti-HIV Non-Nucleosidic-Reverse-Transcriptase-Inhibitor: IDX12899 Christophe Parsy
15:00:00 HDAC Inhibitors: Bench to Bedside Thomas A. Miller
15:30:00 Close of conference
3D Tissue Models
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