Assessment of Immunogenicity in Clinical Trials
Intercontinental Hotel Boston
500 Atlantic Ave
the essential protein engineering summit,
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Engineering Proteins for Delivery
Clinical Development of
Therapeutic Antibodies
Immunogenicity in Clinical Trials
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Schedule of Presentations:

Wednesday, April 30, 2008
07:30:00 Registration Open IMMUNOGENICITY ASSAYS
08:30:00 Chairperson’s Opening Remarks
08:40:00 Evaluation of Cut Points and Related Characteristics for the Identification and Confirmation of Anti-Drug Antibody Positive Samples Viswanath Devanarayan
09:10:00 Application of Recommendations Concerning Validation of Anti-Drug Antibody Assays Boris Gorovits
09:40:00 Cell-Based Versus Non-Cell Based Assays to Characterize Neutralizing Antibodies Deborah Finco Kent
10:10:00 Coffee Break in the Exhibit Hall
11:10:00 Case Study Characterization of Neutralizing Antibodies to Interferons Using a Novel Cell-Based Assay Michael Tovey
11:40:00 Case Study Detection of Anti-Drug Antibodies in the Presence of Excess Drug Annette Zaar
12:10:00 Luncheon Technology Workshop (Sponsorship Available) or Lunch on Your Own
13:10:00 Break
13:30:00 Chairperson’s Remarks
13:35:00 Case Study - Clinical Immunogenicity of Protein Therapeutics Surinder Sharma
14:05:00 Immunogenicity Testing in Non-Clinical Studies What Questions are We Trying to Answer, When Should Evaluations be Performed, What Evaluations are Needed Bonita Rup
14:35:00 Solutions Showcase I
14:50:00 Solutions Showcase II
15:05:00 Refreshment Break in the Exhibit Hall
15:50:00 Preclinical Immunogenicity Screening Strategies Philippe Stas
16:20:00 Decreasing the Cost of Developing Protein Products: Eradicating Immunogenicity by Screening, Re-engineering and Treg Induction Anne S. De Groot
16:50:00 Networking Cocktail Reception in the Exhibit Hall
Thursday, May 1, 2008
08:30:00 Chairperson’s Remarks
08:35:00 Risk-Based Bioanalytical Approaches for Immunogenicity Gopi Shankar
09:05:00 Case Study –Risk-based Immunogenicity Assessment Plan for an Antibody Drug Conjugate Therapeutic Valerie Quarmby
09:35:00 Problem Solving Break-Out Session Drafting a Risk-Based Immunogenicity Plan for a New Biologic Drug Candidate
10:35:00 Coffee Break in the Exhibit Hall
11:05:00 Problem Solving Break-Out Session – Reporting back on Risk-Based Immunogenicity Plans
11:50:00 End of Conference
11:50:00 END
20:00:00 Registration Open RISKED-BASED ASSESSMENT PLANS
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