Human Evolution, Migration and History Revealed by Genetics, Immunity and Infection
Carlton House Terrace
6-9 Carlton House Terrace London SW1Y 5AG
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   Carnivora, B Fisspedia, 1901 © The Royal Society

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   Human evolution, migration and history revealed by genetics, immunity
   and infection
   6-7 June 2011
   Organised by Professor Danny Altmann, Dr Francois Balloux and Dr
   Rosemary Boyton

   Issued: October 2010 DES1998
   Registered Charity No 207043

Schedule of Presentations:

Monday, June 6, 2011
08:55:00 SESSION 1 | Human genetics, evolution and migration Marc Feldmann
09:00:00 Welcome by Royal Society Executive Director
09:05:00 Introduction Danny Altmann
09:20:00 Multidisciplinary research on the last 100,000 yrs of human migration and evolution L. . L . Cavalli-Sforza
09:50:00 Discussion
10:00:00 Out-of-Africa, the peopling of continents & islands: tracing genetic lineage trees across the map Stephen Oppenheimer
10:30:00 Discussion
10:40:00 Coffee
11:10:00 Identifying genetic traces of historical expansions Mark Jobling
11:40:00 Discussion
11:50:00 The physical and behavioural origins of modern humans Chris Stringer
12:20:00 Discussion
12:30:00 LUNCH
13:25:00 SESSION 2 | Human leukocyte antigens (HLA) as markers of human population and their history Danny Altmann
13:30:00 Primate-specific evolution of NK cell receptor recognition of MHC class 1 Peter Parham
14:00:00 Discussion
14:15:00 Tracking of human migrations by the analysis of the distribution of HLA alleles, lineages and haplotypes in closed and open populations Marcelo Fernández-Viña
14:45:00 Discussion
15:00:00 Tea
15:30:00 Immunogenetics of the Polynesian gene pool Erik Thorsby
16:00:00 Discussion
16:15:00 Role of migration, demography and natural selection in the molecular evolution of the HLA polymorphism in human populations Alicia Sanchez-Mazas
16:45:00 Discussion
17:00:00 CLOSE
Tuesday, June 7, 2011
08:55:00 SESSION 3 | Epidemics, evolution and human history Alice Roberts
09:00:00 Case-control studies of infectious disease susceptibility Adrian V.S. Hill
09:30:00 Discussion
09:45:00 Evolutionary forces in human tuberculosis Sebastien Gagneux
10:15:00 Discussion
10:30:00 Coffee
11:00:00 Pinpointing signals of natural selection to investigate the evolution of infectious agents Kristian Andersen
11:30:00 Discussion
11:45:00 Early peopling of the new world Eske Willerslev
12:15:00 Discussion
12:30:00 LUNCH
13:25:00 SESSION 4 | Pathogen selection pressure Francois Balloux
13:30:00 Evolution of genetically monomorphic bacterial pathogens of humans Mark Achtman
14:00:00 Discussion
14:15:00 Geographic patterns of variation in Europe: common variants, rare variants, and CCR5-D32 John Novembre
14:45:00 Discussion
15:00:00 Tea
15:30:00 Human pigmentation, migrations, and disease susceptibility Nina Jablonski
16:00:00 Discussion
16:15:00 Host genetics and population structure effects on parasitic diseases Sarah Williams-Blangero
16:45:00 Discussion
17:00:00 CLOSE
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