3D Tissue Models
Superbugs & Superdrugs
Millenium Gloucester Hotel
Harrington Gardens, London, SW7 4LH,
London, United Kingdom

   Michael Gwynn, Director, Microbiology, Infectious Diseases CEDD ,
   Neil Ryder, Executive Director, Infectious Diseases, Novartis
   Institutes for Biomedical Research
   Erin Duffy, Vice President, Discovery Research, Rib-X Pharmaceuticals
   David Wareham, Clinical Senior Lecturer & Honorary Consultant, Centre
   for Infectious Disease, Barts and The London School of Medicine and
   Penny Heaton, Head of Clinical Research and Development Clusters,
   Novartis Vaccines and Diagnostics
   Chandresh Harjivan, Director, PRTM

   According to recent EMEA reports, resistance among Gram-positive and
   Gram-negative bacteria is already reaching 25% or more in several EU
   Member States. The most recent concern is the emergence of
   Gram-negative bacilli expressing the New Delhi metallo-beta-lactamase
   ( NDM -1), which are resistant to all available antibiotics, and late
   clinical stage antibiotic pipeline is very limited, indeed at its
   lowest point since the discovery of penicillin in 1928.

   Superbugs & Superdrugs 2011 will address the regulatory expectations
   and standards for conducting trials of new antibacterial agents have
   meant current methods of conducting some specialized types of clinical
   trials are becoming inadequate. Covering key topics, including: Global
   trends in infectious disease strategies Identifying infectious disease
   threats, commercial opportunities, challenges facing antibiotic drug
   development and the role of the EC in funding antimicrobial research
   Responding to multi-resistant organisms Addressing the threat of
   carbapenemase producing enterobacterial strains, novel antibiotics to
   combat MDR organisms and the role of molecular diagnostics in treating
   MDR organisms, improving therapy and patient outcomes Novel
   antimicrobial therapeutic approaches & areas Investigate the next
   generation of antimicrobial therapeutics and learn from case studies
   and development strategies Vaccine, anti-viral and anti-fungal
   developments Trends in vaccine development, the need, opportunities
   and approaches for novel antifungal therapies and a new paradigm for
   treating infections and disease caused by HCMV Plus the not to be
   missed Interactive Workshop entitled: Translating Innovation to
   Success in Antimicrobial Drug Discovery and Development Hosted By:
   Nafsika Georgopapadakou, Anti-infective Research Consultant & Bozena
   Korczak, Senior Vice President, Chief Development Officer In
   Association with: PolyMedix

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Schedule of Presentations:

Wednesday, March 16, 2011
08:30:00 Registration | Coffee
09:00:00 Chairman's Opening Remarks
09:10:00 Overview of the key global trends in infectious disease strategies Chan Harjivan
09:40:00 Infectious disease drug discovery today - How and where will new antibiotics come from? William Weiss
10:10:00 Morning Coffee
10:40:00 Overview of Trends and Issues for Anti-Microbial Development in the United States Jennifer R. R. Hannesschlager
11:10:00 European Union support to research on antimicrobial resistance Anna Lönnroth
11:40:00 Chemical mimetics of host defense proteins- a lesson from nature Bozena Korczak
12:20:00 Addressing the threat of carbapenemase producing enterobacterial strains David Wareham
12:50:00 Networking Lunch
13:50:00 Healthcare solutions for multidrug resistant bacterial or fungal related infectious diseases Laurent Fraisse
14:20:00 The role of molecular diagnostics in addressing multi-drug resistant organisms Fred Tenover
14:50:00 New beta-lactam antibiotics addressing multi-drug resistant Gram-negative bacteria Malcolm Page
15:20:00 Afternoon Tea
15:50:00 The challenge of serious fungal infections: opportunities and approaches for novel therapies Neil Ryder
16:30:00 Terminase Inhibitors: A new paradigm for treating infections and disease caused by HCMV
17:00:00 Overview of vaccine development - Where are vaccines going?
17:30:00 Chairman’s Closing Remarks and Close of Day One
Thursday, March 17, 2011
08:30:00 Registration | Coffee
09:00:00 Chairman's Opening Remarks Ian Chopra
09:10:00 A new twist on antibacterial discovery: Structure based approaches with DNA gyrase Michael Gwynn
09:40:00 Discovery of new antibacterial agents targeting gram positive infections
10:20:00 Morning Coffee
11:00:00 Chemical mimetics of host defense proteins - antimicrobial activities Richard Scott
11:30:00 Antibodies as novel treatment options for ventilator-associated pneumonia Michael Rudolf
12:10:00 Lead generation against novel antibacterial targets - recent experiences at AstraZeneca
12:50:00 Networking Lunch
14:10:00 Unique molecular insights for designing new broad-spectrum antibiotics Erin M. Duffy
14:40:00 Developing a novel, specific spectrum, oral antibiotic for staphylococcal infections Nachum Kaplan
15:10:00 Afternoon Tea
15:40:00 Novel approaches to anti-bacterial drug discovery Colin Fishwick, Alex O'Neill
16:10:00 Interactive Panel Discussion Barry Eisenstein, Barry Hafkin
16:50:00 GP-Ceph Heterodimers - A multivalent approach
17:20:00 Chairman’s Closing Remarks and Close of Day Two
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