Idibell Cancer Conference on Metastasis and Angiogenesis
Hotel Hesperia Tower
Gran Via, 144 08907 Barcelona Cómo llegar 934 135 000
L'Hospitalet de Llobregat, Barcelona

     *  Abstract Deadline:
       15th March 2011

     *  Registration Deadline:
       15th April 2011


   Ralf Adams, Kari Alitalo, Thomas Brabletz, Peter Carmeliet, Oriol
   Casanovas, Gerhard Christofori, Elisabetta Dejana, Manel Esteller,
   Holger Gerhardt, Johanna Joyce, Raghu Kalluri, Robert Kerbel,
   Christoph Klein, Jonathan M. Kurie, Christopher J. Marshall, Harold L.
   Moses, Klaus Pantel, Francesc Viñals Canals, Robert A. Weinberg, Danny
   R. Welch.

   *IDIBELL Cancer Conference ( ICC ) on Metastasis and Angiogenesis *,
   Barcelona, May 26-27 2011.

   The ICC on Metastasis and Angiogenesis is co-organized by Dr Manel
   Esteller (Cancer Epigenetics and Biology Program ( PEBC ), IDIBELL ,
   Barcelona, Spain), Oriol Casanovas (Institut Català d’Oncologia ( ICO
   ), IDIBELL ), Francesc Viñals Canals (Universitat de Barcelona, ICO ,
   IDIBELL ) and Danny R. Welch (University of Alabama, Birmingham AL,
   USA ). The sessions will take place at the Hesperia Tower Hotel
   (L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, Barcelona, Spain), will last for 2 days
   (May 26-27, 2011) and will host a total of 20 plenary conferences
   given by the most recognized international experts in the field (see
   attached Poster) and poster/oral presentations that will be selected
   among conference applicants.

   The main objective of the ICC on Metastasis and Angiogenesis is to
   highlight the latest advances in the biological mechanisms and the
   natural history of metastasis and angiogenesis in tumorigenesis and to
   provide an opportunity for the best scientific experts in these fields
   of research to meet and exchange scientific views and knowledge. At a
   more general level, we wish it to be a means of contact between the
   members of the scientific world as well as a chance for scientists who
   are starting their career to have access to the latest discoveries
   made in the Metastasis and Angiogenesis fields. This conference is
   thus open to the whole international scientific community, and more
   concretely to scientists who are developing their research in the
   field of Metastasis and Angiogenesis.

   Please be so kind to find attached the Poster of the ICC on Metastasis
   and Angiogenesis.

   For any further information please, visit our PEBC web page ( ), and the ICC web page (
   ) for Registration.

Schedule of Presentations:

Thursday, May 26, 2011
09:15:00 Welcome organizers
09:30:00 Keynote Lecture | EMT, Cancer Stem Cells, and HIgh-Grade Malignancy Robert A Weinberg
10:10:00 Session I | Epigenetic control of metastasis
10:15:00 Epigenetic contributions to Metastasis and angiogenesis Manel Esteller
10:50:00 Tumor invasion and metastasis | MicroRNAs, EMT and Cancer Stem Cells Thomas Brabletz
11:50:00 Metastasis Suppressors | Genetics, Epigenetics and the Tumor Microenvironment Danny R. Welch
12:25:00 MicroRNA-200 | A Sensor of the Extracellular Milieu and Regulator of Metastasis Jonathan M. Kurie,
13:00:00 Short talk | to be selected amongst the posters 1
13:10:00 Short talk | to be selected amongst the posters 2
14:55:00 Session II | Tumor cell invasion
15:00:00 Transcriptional control of EMT and cancer metastasis Gerhard Christofori
15:35:00 The tumor microenvironment in cancer progression and response to therapy Johanna A Joyce
16:10:00 Tumor microenvironment controls the rate of metastasis Raghu Kalluri
17:05:00 Circulating tumor cells in cancer patients | Detection, biology and clinical implications Klaus Pantel
17:40:00 The dynamics of systemic cancer spread Christoph A Klein
18:10:00 Session III | Mechanisms of angiogenesis
18:15:00 Third generation anti-angiogenic strategies: novel players, novel principles Peter Carmeliet
Friday, May 27, 2011
09:25:00 Session III | Mechanisms of angiogenesis (2nd part).
09:30:00 Regulation of angiogenesis by Notch and Eph/ephrin signaling Ralf H. Adams
10:05:00 Cell competition and cooperation in the angiogenic sprout Holger Gerhardt
10:40:00 Transcriptional mechanism of endothelial cell differentiation and angiogenesis Elisabetta Dejana
11:35:00 Session IV | Tumoral angiogenesis
11:40:00 Mechanisms of lymphangiogenesis and lymphatic metastasis Kari Alitalo
12:15:00 TGF-beta regulation of chemokine expression and metastasis Harold L Moses
12:50:00 Tumor malignization after antiangiogenic therapies Oriol Casanovas
15:00:00 TGF-beta signalling during tumor angiogenesis
15:35:00 Recent issues emerging from the use of antiangiogenic drugs in the clinic Robert S Kerbel
16:10:00 Short talk | to be selected amongst the posters 3
16:20:00 Short talk | to be selected amongst the posters 4
16:30:00 Molecular analysis of signaling pathways involved in tumor cell invasion Chris Marshall
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