Developmental Disabilities: An Update for Health Professionals
UCSF Laurel Heights Conference Center
3333 California St.
San Francisco, California
This conference provides a practical and useful
update for primary care and subspecialty health
care professionals caring for children, youth and
adults with complex health care needs and
developmental disabilities. This year’s topics offer
new perspectives, research findings and clinical
guidelines, including an overview of relevant
information for pediatricians, family physicians,
internists, and nurse practitioners who are involved
in the care of individuals with autism spectrum
disorders, cerebral palsy, and other disabilities.
Of special significance, we have invited US
Surgeon General, Dr. Regina Benjamin, as our
major keynote speaker to address issues related
to diversity among health care providers serving
an increasingly diverse population of children
and adults with autism and other disabilities. The
conference should also be of interest to those in
other health disciplines including health policy,
school health, social work, speech pathology and
case management services, as we address how
to make various systems work to the benefit of
individuals with disabilities and their families.
Based upon previous conference attendees’
requests, the 2011 conference focuses on Autism
Spectrum Disorders and Developmental Disabilities
across the lifespan, including topics on new
electronic and computer based devices and
applications to enhance communication for
individuals with autism and other impairments
of communication, the controversies surrounding
whether health care insurance benefits should
include treatments for autism and a provocative
talk on the new frontier for health care systems
for adults with disabilities.
Keynote presentations feature outstanding
educators, clinicians and epidemiologists. Our
popular “Clinical Pearls� section includes updates
on sleep disorders, cerebral palsy, and new
research on outcomes of high risk newborns,
presented by outstanding expert faculty.
The “Living with Disabilities� presentations
continues to be a highlight each day, with a
special presentation on disability policy by an
outstanding speaker who also has Asperger’s
Syndrome and a return presentation by an
individual living with cerebral palsy.
Exhibitors for the conference will include
several book publishers and other resources
to help individuals better care for people with
developmental disabilities and their caregivers.
We hope that you will attend, and that your
patients and clients with special health care
needs will benefit from your participation.

Schedule of Presentations:

Thursday, March 10, 2011
07:15:00 Registration and Continental Breakfast
07:50:00 Welcome and Course Overview Lucy S. Crain
08:00:00 An Explosion of Electronic Marvels-iPads Apps and More for People with Autism Spectrum Disorders Danielle Samson
08:45:00 Electronic Health Records in the Medical Home Fawzia S. Ashar
09:45:00 Q&A
10:00:00 Break, Exhibits
10:20:00 Various Perspectives on the Diagnosis of Autism
11:15:00 Living With Disabilities and Policy Update
12:00:00 Lunch on your own
13:30:00 Considering Diversity in Caring for Children and Adults with Autism and Developmental Disabilities Regina Benjamin
14:15:00 Do Gender and Ethnicity Matter in Healthcare Patient-Provider Communication? John I. Takayama
15:00:00 Q&A
15:10:00 Break, Exhibits
15:30:00 The New Frontier for Adults with Disabilities | A Policy Perspective arissa Kripke
16:15:00 Making Systems Work for Children and Adults with Disabilities and their Families Juno Duenas
17:00:00 Q&A
17:15:00 Networking Reception
Friday, March 11, 2011
07:15:00 Registration and Continental Breakfast
07:50:00 Welcome and Course Overview
08:00:00 Workup of Autism and Developmental Disabilities in 2011 Barbara Bennett
08:50:00 The California DDS Report on ASD Interventions | Informing Clinical Practice Lynne C. Huffman
09:30:00 Q&A
09:40:00 Break, Exhibits
09:55:00 High Risk Infants | Using Neuroimaging to Understand Outcomes for Pre-Term Children Irene M. Loe
10:40:00 Cerebral Palsy | Update and New Trends in Treatment Issues and Assistive Mobility Hank Chambers
11:30:00 Living With Disabilities
12:00:00 Q&A
12:15:00 Lunch on your own
13:45:00 Sleep Disorders in Children with Disabilities Rafael Pelayo
14:45:00 Health Insurance Coverage for Autism Diagnosis and Treatments Karen Fessel, Feda Almaliti
15:30:00 Oral Health and Overall Health: Using Caries Risk Assessment (C.A.M.B.R.A.) to Prevent Dental Caries for Patients with Special Health Care Needs Allen Wong
16:15:00 Q&A
16:30:00 Evaluations and Adjourn
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