16th Annual Update on Cardiopulmonary Bypass
Fairmont Chateau
4599 Chateau Boulevard
Whistler, British Columbia

Schedule of Presentations:

Sunday, March 6, 2011
12:30:00 Registration
14:00:00 Workshop 2 | Human Factors and Teamwork Building through Effective Communication in Cardiac Surgery Bruce D. Spiess, Ross M. Ungerleider
14:00:00 Workshop 1: CPB | Managing difficult problems during CPB Robert C. Groom, Eugene A. Hessel II, Kenneth Shann
14:05:00 Workshop 2 | Welcome and Introduction/Background Bruce D. Spiess
14:05:00 Introduction Robert C. Groom
14:10:00 Workshop 2 | Communication Dysfunction as a Common Denominator in all Medical Human Errors
14:10:00 Session 1 | Massive Air Embolism
14:40:00 Workshop 2 | Communication Techniques that Enhance Team Function and Decrease Error Ross M. Ungerleider
15:00:00 Workshop 3 | Echocardiography: Learning TEE by Case-based Application and Discussion Albert T. Cheung, Phil Murphy,, Alexander Mittnachtu
15:05:00 Workshop 3 | Introduction Albert T. Cheung
15:10:00 Workshop 3 | Assessing Right Ventricular Function for Successful Separation from CPB Phil Murphy,
15:10:00 Session 2 | Poor Oxygenation
15:10:00 Workshop 2 | The FOCUS Data on Communication Errors and the VA Study on Surgical Team Communications Bruce D. Spiess
15:40:00 Workshop 2 | Panel Discussion: Two Cases of Failed Communication Ross M. Ungerleider, Bruce D. Spiess, Scott T. Reeves, Christopher P. Hess
15:40:00 Workshop 3 | Mitral Regurgitation: Repair, Replace, or Leave it alone Albert T. Cheung
16:10:00 Workshop 2 | BREAK
16:10:00 Session 3 | Vasoplegia
16:10:00 Workshop 3 | TEE for Determining the Cause of Hypotension
16:25:00 Workshop 2 | Hands-on Team Building Exercise - Learn Techniques of Effective Communication for yourself and your Team Ross M. Ungerleider
16:40:00 Workshop 3 | TEE for Thoracic Aortic Operations Gregory M. Janelle
17:10:00 Session 4 | High Arterial Line Pressure, Poor Venous Return, Venous Air Lock
17:10:00 Workshop 3 | BREAK
17:30:00 Workshop 3 | TEE Quantification of Cardiac Function Bonnie L. Milas
18:00:00 Workshop 3 | TEE Instrumentation and Image Optimization Scott T. Reeves
18:10:00 Wrap-up | Q&A
18:15:00 Workshop 2 | Wrap Up Discussion Ross M. Ungerleider
18:30:00 Workshop 3 | Distinguishing Shadows from Disease Alexander Mittnachtu
19:00:00 Welcome Reception
Monday, March 7, 2011
06:15:00 Continental Breakfast
06:50:00 Challenges in the Treatment of Functional MR Bonnie L. Milas
06:55:00 Welcome | Announcements
07:00:00 Pathophysiology and Mechanisms of Functional MR
07:30:00 Echocardiographic Diagnosis and Assessment of Functional MR Albert T. Cheung
08:00:00 Surgical Techniques and Decision to Treat Functional MR Michael A. Borger
08:30:00 MR in the Face of Primary Coronary or Aortic Disease - What to do? David D’Alessandro
09:00:00 Case Presentation – Panel
16:00:00 Challenges in Minimally Invasive Approaches to Cardiac Surgery Bonnie L. Milas
16:05:00 Historical Overview of Minimally Invasive Surgery (i.e. HeartPort, robotics, small incisions, etc.)
16:30:00 Results of Minimally Invasive Surgery Michael A. Borger
17:00:00 TEE During MIS Bonnie L. Milas
17:30:00 Perfusion During MIS Kevin M Shannon
18:00:00 Case Discussions – Panel
Tuesday, March 8, 2011
06:15:00 Continental Breakfast
06:50:00 Managing Catastrophic Events Albert T. Cheung, Robert C. Groom
06:55:00 Welcome | Announcements
07:00:00 Aortic Dissection During Cannulation/CPB Scott T. Reeves
07:30:00 The Role of Simulation in Educating the Team in Managing High Risk, Low Frequency Events
08:00:00 Human Factors and Team Function in Emergency Situations Bruce D. Spiess
08:30:00 Case Presentation - Examples of Real Emergencies –Panel
16:00:00 Preventing End-Organ Injury after Cardiac Operations Albert T. Cheung, Kevin M Shannon
16:05:00 Preserving Cerebral Autoregulation and Perfusion during CPB Kerrie Brady
16:30:00 Strategies to Reduce Postoperative Renal Injury C. William Hanson III
17:00:00 Protecting and Augmenting the Injured Heart
17:30:00 Case presentation: Patient with LVEF<30% at risk for stroke and renal failure undergoing CABG and valve repair or replacement – Moderators and Panel
Wednesday, March 9, 2011
06:15:00 Continental Breakfast
06:50:00 Surgery on the Aortic Root and Ascending Aorta Gregory M. Janelle
06:55:00 Welcome | Announcements
07:00:00 Valve Sparing Operations on the Ascending Aorta
07:30:00 Open Surgical Approaches to the Aortic Arch
08:00:00 Endovascular Approaches to the Aortic Arch: The Holy Grail?
08:30:00 Cerebral Protection During Procedures on the Aortic Arch Danny Muehlschlegel
09:00:00 Case Presentation: Aortic Arch Anomalies - Rarities and Oddities –Panel
15:55:00 Non-Medical Treatment of End-Stage Heart Failure: Mechanical circulatory support and heart transplantation Gregory M. Janelle
16:00:00 Modern Mechanical Support: Improvements in long-term mechanical circulation Danny Muehlschlegel
16:30:00 Small Adults? Similarities and Differences Between Adult and Pediatric Mechanical Support and Transplantation Alexander Mittnachtu
17:00:00 Perioperative Strategies to Minimize Reperfusion Injury
17:30:00 Novel Therapies for Extending Graft Function David D’Alessandro
18:00:00 Case Presentation – Panel
18:30:00 Posters and Wine & Cheese Reception (separate registration and fee required for guests)
Thursday, March 10, 2011
06:15:00 Continental Breakfast
06:50:00 Blood Conservation Linda Shore-Lesserson
06:55:00 Welcome | Announcements
07:00:00 Heparin Resistance and HIT: What’s new? Case Discussion: Impact of LMWH Jonathan Leff
08:00:00 STS Blood Conservation Guidelines - Why the Update? Linda Shore-Lesserson
08:30:00 Update on TRALI Abbe Steel
09:00:00 Prothrombotic Agents i.e. Octoplex, rFVIIa
16:00:00 Shock Bruce D. Spiess
16:05:00 Oxygen Debt/Economics and the Microcirculation C. William Hanson III
16:30:00 What Happens to the Intestine During CPB? Eugene A. Hessel II
17:00:00 Perioperative Shock Assessment - Controversies in Resuscitation Abbe Steel
17:30:00 Monitoring Forefronts in Shock - What they mean and how to interpret them C. William Hanson III
18:00:00 Vasoplegia - How to deal with it and does Methelene Blue really work? Bruce D. Spiess
Friday, March 11, 2011
06:15:00 Continental Breakfast
06:50:00 Adult Congenital Heart Disease Ross M. Ungerleider
06:55:00 Welcome | Announcements
07:00:00 Bicuspid Aortic Valve: Case presentation and discussion of anesthetic issues
08:00:00 AVR in 35 year old with bicuspid aortic valve - which valve?
08:15:00 AVR in 35 year old with bicuspid aortic valve - which valve? | Ross procedure Ross M. Ungerleider
08:30:00 AVR in 35 year old with bicuspid aortic valve - which valve? | Stentless aortic valve
09:00:00 AVR in 35 year old with bicuspid aortic valve - which valve? | Mechanical aortic valve
16:00:00 Quality Initiatives – How can we do better and get paid for it?
16:05:00 Performance Improvement in Cardiac Surgery: The surgeon’s view
16:30:00 Performance Improvement in Cardiac Surgery: The perfusionist’s view Kenneth Shann
17:00:00 Performance Improvement in Cardiac Surgery: The anesthesiologist’s view
17:30:00 Show Me the Money
3D Tissue Models
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