2011 International Conference on Eating Disorders
InterContinental Miami
100 Chopin Plaza Miami, FL 33131
Miami, Florida
The Academy for Eating Disorders (AED) is the largest multidisciplinary
professional society in the eating disorders field.
Founded in 1993, the AED has grown to include more than
1,350 members worldwide who are working to prevent and
treat eating disorders, such as anorexia nervosa, bulimia
nervosa and binge eating disorder.

The AED provides cutting-edge professional training and
education; advances new developments in eating disorders
research, prevention, and clinical treatments; and advocates
for the rights of people with eating disorders and their

Describe the results of new psychological treatment
studies on the full spectrum of eating disorders - binge
eating disorder, bulimia nervosa and anorexia nervosa -
and understand the clinical implications of the findings.

Identify risk factors for the development of adolescent
weight and shape concern, describe the long-term
outcome of adolescent eating disorders across the weight
spectrum, and explain recent prevention and treatment
efforts targeting adolescents.

Assess the clinical relevance of new findings from recent
neuroimaging studies on elements of reward circuitry
across the full spectrum of eating and weight disorders.

Discuss public policy initiatives emerging globally to
prevent eating disorders, and identify possible ways to
implement prevention efforts in the public policy arena.


Schedule of Presentations:

Wednesday, April 27, 2011
08:00:00 AED Board of Director’s Meeting
08:30:00 AED/EDRS Research Training Day
11:00:00 Registration
14:00:00 Clinical Teaching Day Workshops
14:30:00 Enhanced Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT-E) for Anorexia Nervosa
15:00:00 Don’t Give Up: Conceptual and Practical DBT Strategies in the Treatment of Complex ED Patients
15:05:00 Exhibitor Set-Up
15:10:00 Poster Session Set-Up
15:30:00 Medical Complications of Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia and Their Treatment
16:00:00 Overcoming Barriers in the Eating Disorders: Self-Compassion, Engagement and Readiness for Change
17:00:00 The Treatment of Obesity
Thursday, April 28, 2011
07:30:00 Registration
07:35:00 Breakfast With Exhibitors
07:40:00 Special Interest Group (SIG) | Chairs Organizational Meeting
08:30:00 Exhibits Open
08:35:00 Welcome and Conference Goals Jacqueline C. Carter
09:00:00 Keynote Address | The Diagnosis of Eating Disorders: The Good, the Bad, and DSM-5 B. Timothy Walsh
10:15:00 Refreshment Break with Exhibitors
10:45:00 Plenary Session I | New Treatment Research on Eating Disorders Jacqueline C. Carter, Patricia Fallon
11:00:00 A Randomized Controlled Trial for Obesity and Binge Eating Disorder | Combining Low Energy Density Nutrition Counseling and Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Robin M. Masheb
11:20:00 Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT-E) for Anorexia Nervosa | A Three-Site Study Christopher G. Fairburn
11:50:00 A Randomized Controlled Trial of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Bulimia Nervosa Stig Poulsen
12:15:00 Uniting Couples in the Treatment of Anorexia Nervosa | (UCAN) Cynthia M. Bulik
12:45:00 Lunch on Your Own
12:50:00 Special Interest Group (SIG) Annual Meetings
14:00:00 Workshop Session I | Family-Based Treatment for Adolescent Eating Disorders: “Real World” Practice Implementation, Beyond the Randomized Controlled Trial Katharine L Loeb
14:10:00 Conducting Clinical Research Based on a Treatment Program | How It’s Done and Why It’s Important Marion P. Olmsted, Traci McFarlane
14:20:00 Integrative Cognitive-Affective Therapy for Bulimia Nervosa (and BED?) Stephen A Wonderlich
14:30:00 Assessment & Treatment of Eating Disorders in Pre- and Post-Operative Bariatric Patients Leslie J Heinberg, Kathleen Ashton, James Mitchell, Janelle Coughlin, Angela Guarda
14:40:00 Who’s Who of the Brain | A User-Friendly Guide to the Key Brain Structures and their Functions in Eating Disorders Bryan Lask, Kenneth Nunn
14:50:00 Preventing Weight Related Disorders | What are the Active Ingredients to Promote Collaborative and Sustainable Cross Sector and Inter-disciplinary Partnerships Gail McVey, Katie Walker, Manuela Ferrari
15:00:00 The Therapeutic Relationship in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for the Eating Disorders Glenn Waller
15:10:00 The Loughborough Eating Disorders Activity TheraPy (LEAP) | A New Approach to Driven Exercise in Anorexia Nervosa Phillipa Hay, Caroline Meyer, Stephen Touyz, Jon Arcelus, Sloane Madden, Lorin Taranis, Kathleen Pike
15:15:00 A Guide for Student and Early Career Researchers on Developing a Grant-Funded Program of Research Kelly Klump, Mark Chavez, Pamela K Keel
15:20:00 Building E-communities to Increase Awareness, Early Detection and Resilience in Young People: A European Perspective Susan Ringwood, Eric van Furth
15:25:00 Does Family Environment Matter in the Etiology of Eating Disorders? An Integrative Paradigm Michael Strober
15:30:00 Refreshment Break with Exhibitors
16:00:00 Oral Scientific Paper Session I
17:30:00 Opening Reception | Poster Presentation Session | Exhibit Hall Open
Friday, April 29, 2011
07:30:00 Registration
07:35:00 Breakfast with Exhibitors
07:40:00 New Member Breakfast | Come meet the AED community
07:45:00 Exhibits Open
08:30:00 Meet the Experts
08:35:00 Special Interest Group (SIG) Discussion Panels
08:40:00 The Future of Eating Disorders Research | The AED-NIMH Travel Fellowship Awards
08:45:00 Special Interest Group (SIG) Discussion Panels | Special Interest Group (SIG) Discussion Panels | Bariatric Surgery | An Update on the Field
09:00:00 Special Interest Group (SIG) Discussion Panels | Treatment Approaches to the Complex, Co-morbid Eating Disorder and Borderline Personality Disorder Patient
09:15:00 Special Interest Group (SIG) Discussion Panels | Technology-enhanced Interventions for Health Promotion, Prevention and Treatment of Eating Disorders and Obesity
09:25:00 Special Interest Group (SIG) Discussion Panels | Is Biological Research Making Psychological Explanations of Eating Disorders Less Compelling?
09:35:00 Special Interest Group (SIG) Discussion Panels | Latest developments in Cognitive Remediation
09:45:00 Special Interest Group (SIG) Discussion Panels | Multidisciplinary Services for College Students with Eating Disorders
09:50:00 Special Interest Group (SIG) Discussion Panels | Can Obesity Treatment and Prevention be Reconciled with the Treatment and Prevention of Eating and Body Image Disorders?
10:00:00 Refreshment Break with Exhibitors
10:30:00 Plenary Session II | Is Food Rewarding for People with Eating Disorders? Clinical Insights from Brain Imaging Studies Laurel Mayer, Phillipa Hay
10:45:00 Reward Processing in Anorexia Nervosa and the Problem with Refeeding Guido K.W. Frank
11:15:00 Bulimia Nervosa and Addictions | Insights from PET Imaging Studies Allegra Broft
11:45:00 Functional Neuroimaging Studies of Food Motivation in Obesity | Implications for Weight Control Cary R. Savage
12:00:00 Bringing It All Together | The Reward for the Audience Ken Nunn
12:30:00 Lunch on Your Own
12:35:00 Special Interest Group (SIG) Annual Meetings
14:00:00 Plenary Session III: “Growing Up” | An Update on Adolescent Eating and Weight Disorders Nadia Micali, Lucy Serpell
14:30:00 Risk Factors for Adolescent Weight and Shape Concern | The Effects of Genes and Environment Tracey Wade
15:00:00 Longitudinal Trajectories and Prevalence of Disordered Eating Behaviors Across the Weight Spectrum in Adolescence Alison Field
15:15:00 Prevention of Disordered Eating and Disordered Weight Dianne Neumark-Sztainer
15:35:00 Update on Treatment and Care Pathways for Adolescent Anorexia Nervosa Ivan Eisler
16:00:00 Refreshment Break with Exhibitors
16:30:00 Workshop Session II
16:35:00 Media Smart | Evidence-Based Eating Disorder Prevention for Young Adolescents Simon M. Wilksch
16:45:00 The Challenges of Delivering Good Psychological Care on an Inpatient Ward Vicki Mountford
16:55:00 Genetics, Epigenetics and Gene-environment Interactions | Implications for Eating Disorders Iain C. Campbell, Ulrike Schmidt
17:05:00 Compassion-Focused Therapy for Shame and Self-Criticism in Eating Disorders Jacqueline C. Carter, Allison C. Kelly
17:15:00 Family-Based Treatment for Adolescents with Anorexia Nervosa: Focus on the Family Meal Jennifer L. Couturier, James Lock
17:25:00 Clinical Practice and Research in Hispanic and Latino ED Patients | What is Being Done? What Works? Eva M. Trujillo, Juan Manuel Mancilla, Karina Franco, Juanita Gempeler, Maritza Rodriguez, Guillermina Rutsztein, Fernando Fernandez
17:35:00 Eating, Feeding, and Treating Patients with Eating Disorders | An Integration of Research and Clinical Practice Joanna Steinglass, Michael Devlin, Laurel Mayer, Janet Schebendach, Robyn Sysko, Scott Crow
17:40:00 Medical Caveats Encountered During Attempts to Stop Purging and Their Treatments in Patients with Bulimia Nervosa Philip S. Mehler
17:45:00 What Does Recovery from an Eating Disorder Look Like? What Can It Look Like? What Should It Look Like? Anna M. Bardone-Cone
17:55:00 Research on Pro-Eating Disorder Websites | What are the Risks and How do we deal with them? Kristin M. von Ranson, Codie Rouleau
18:30:00 Fundraiser Event for the Scholarship Fund – Aimee Liu
Saturday, April 30, 2011
07:00:00 SIG Chairs Follow-Up Meeting
07:05:00 Breakfast with Exhibitors
07:10:00 Sisterhood Committee Breakfast Meeting
08:00:00 Registration
08:05:00 Exhibits Open
08:10:00 Oral Scientific Paper Session II | brief scientific papers for presentation and discussion
09:30:00 Refreshment Break with Exhibitors
09:50:00 Poster Dismantle
09:55:00 Exhibitor Dismantle
10:00:00 Workshop Session III
10:05:00 Multi-Family Therapy for Adults with Eating Disorders and their Carers Gina Dimitropoulos, Steven Balmbra, Blake Woodsode, Siri Lyngmo, Ivan Eisler
10:15:00 Update on Proposed DSM-5 Criteria for Feeding and Eating Disorders | What Text Guidance can Optimize their Clinical Utility? Anne E. Becker, Ruth Striegel-Moore, B. Timothy Walsh, James Mitchell, Marsha D. Marcus, Rachel Bryant-Waugh, Stephen A Wonderlich, Terence Wilson, Barbara Wolfe, Hans Hoek, Evelyn Attia, Richard Kreipe
10:20:00 An Evidence-based Guide to Treating Comorbid Psychiatric Disturbances in People with Eating Disorders Howard Steiger, Mimi Israel
10:30:00 Regulation of Cues for Childhood Overeating: The ROC intervention Kerri N. Boutelle, Sarah Rydell, Carol Peterson, Nancy Zucker
10:40:00 To Decide or Not to Decide | What is the Rule? The Neurobiology of Indecision in Eating Disorders and the Clinical Impact Walter Kaye, Laura Hill
10:45:00 Chances and Challenges of Technology-Enhanced Interventions for Eating Disorders Markus Moessner, Stephanie Bauer
11:00:00 Improving Treatment for Anorexia Nervosa | Psychiatrist, Psychologist, and Patient Perspectives Evelyn Attia, Kathleen Pike, Deborah Glasofer
11:10:00 The Use of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy in Treating Eating Disorders Rhonda Merwin, Emily Sandoz, Lindsay Martin, Adrienne Juarascio, Ashley Moskovich, Alix Timko
11:20:00 Understanding and Managing Countertranference in the Eating Disorders David Tobin, Charles Portney
11:45:00 Awards Ceremony & Business Meeting
13:30:00 Plenary Session IV | Public Policy Approaches to Eating Disorder and Obesity Prevention: Global Perspectives S. Bryn Austin, Debra Franko
14:00:00 Public Policy and the Prevention of Body Image and Eating Disorders | Australian Initiatives Susan J. Paxton
14:30:00 Legal Approaches to Obesity Prevention in the United States Jennifer Pomeranz
14:50:00 Eating Disorders Prevention | Public Policy Initiatives in Vienna Beate Wimmer-Puchinger
15:10:00 Public Policy Approaches for Eating Disorders Prevention on the Federal Level in the United States Gwendolyn P. Keita
15:45:00 Global Think Tank Session V | Adventures in Knowledge Transfer
15:50:00 Special Seminar | The Discovery of Genes for Anorexia Nervosa | A Status Report from the Price Foundation Collaborative Study
18:00:00 Closing Social Event
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