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BayBio Annual Conference 2011 | Powering Global Innovation
Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport
1333 Bayshore Highway, Burlingame, CA
Burlingame, California
With Northern California regarded as a global innovation engine, the BayBio2011 Annual Conference will explore themes and topics that focus on fostering global collaborations in research, development and commercialization

The BayBio2011 Annual Conference is expanding into a two-day event and will attract more than 1,000 life science professionals from around the globe

Daily conference rate does not include admission to the Opening Night Gala. Admission to the Opening Night Gala is available for purchase separately, limited to the day-pass conference attendees only.

**  Group offer is for life sciences companies only, individuals registering from the same company. Membership is subject to verification.

***  Service provider company attendees are eligible to participate in the Partnering Forum on Thursday for an additional fee of $750 per person. Life science company registration for Partnering Forum is included in the price of conference registration

Schedule of Presentations:

Wednesday, April 20, 2011
08:30:00 Registration and Breakfast
08:55:00 Plenary Session
09:00:00 The New Deal: Emerging Trends in Biopharmaceutical Partnering Jörg Reinhardt
10:10:00 Session 1
10:15:00 Track 3 Gene Acres | Mitigate Your Risk: A Due Diligence Check List for Second Generation Facilities
10:15:00 Track 4 Human Resources | Talent Strategies: Remaining Competitive Jennifer Troia, Dennis Driver, Dorian Rinella, Marco Rosa, Howard Simon, Glen C. Sunnergren
10:15:00 Track 1 Entrepreneurial | The Brave New World of Venture Capital Louis C. Bock, Casper de Clercq, David J. Collier
10:15:00 Track 2 Emerging Markets | The Promise Eric Easom, Hongbo B. Lu, Peter Maag
11:15:00 Partnering Forum | Partnering Meetings
11:30:00 Coffee Break
11:40:00 Session 2
11:45:00 Track 1 Entrepreneurial | Inside the VC Thought Process Gaurav Aggarwal, Kurt von Emster, Vaughn M. Kailian
11:45:00 Track 2 Emerging Markets | The Clinical Trials Vitaly Glozman, Moritz Beissenhirtz, Joanne Jiang
11:45:00 Track 3 Gene Acres | Discovering ROI through Energy Efficiency
11:45:00 Track 4 Human Resources | Hiring and Engaging Key Talent in a Competitive Compensation Landscape David Knopping, John Radford
12:45:00 Partnering Forum | Partnering Meetings
13:00:00 Lunch
13:25:00 Plenary Session
13:30:00 The Perfect Storm: Will America's Most Successful Industry Fight Off Demise? Myrtle Potter
14:25:00 Session 3
14:30:00 Track 1 Entrepreneurial | Building an Exit Strategy Alan C. Mendelson, Andrew Gengos, Lutz B. Giebel, Peter Van Vlasselaer
14:30:00 Track 4 Human Resources | BioSpace Career Fair
14:30:00 Track 2 Emerging Markets | The Regulatory Environment Richard Lowenthal
14:30:00 Track 3 Gene Acres | Speaking the Same Language: C- Suite and Facilities Management
15:30:00 Partnering Forum | Partnering Meetings
15:45:00 Coffee Break
15:55:00 Session 4
16:00:00 Track 1 Entrepreneurial | Strategic Springboard for Success Paul J. Hastings, Matthew J. Plunkett, Harold E. Van Wart
16:00:00 Track 2 Emerging Markets | The Commercial Opportunity Friedhelm Blobel, Jimmy Zhang
16:00:00 Track 3 Gene Acres | Survival Guide: Business Continuity when Emergency Strikes
16:30:00 Track 4 Human Resources | BioSpace Career Fair
Thursday, April 21, 2011
08:30:00 International Delegation Breakfast
09:55:00 Session 1
10:00:00 Track 3 Business Development | Making and Breaking Option Deals Robert Blum, Julie Cheng, Juergen Lasowski, Anna Williamson
10:00:00 Track 4 Company Presentations | TBA
10:00:00 Track 1 Financial | Communicating Life Science Value Propositions David Yeary, Gautam Kollu, Jim McLoughlin, Scott W. Morrison, Scott D. Packard, Howard Raff, Sam Renwick
10:00:00 Track 2 Regulatory and Commercialization | Integrating Product Development and Corporate Strategies Arlene M. Morris
11:00:00 Partnering Forum | Partnering Meetings
11:15:00 Coffee Break
11:25:00 Session 2
11:30:00 Track 1 Financial | Early Stage Life Sciences Financing Sam Zucker, Jake Bauer, Shauna Farr-Jones, Allan May, Samuel Wu
11:30:00 Track 4 Company Presentations | TBA
11:30:00 Track 2 Regulatory and Commercialization | Understanding Payers Mary Bordeaux, Louis Brunetti
11:30:00 Track 3 Business Development | Optimizing Structured M&A Deals Laura Berezin, Stan Abel, Jennifer Jarrett, Ed Hurwitz, David Low
12:00:00 Partnering Forum | Partnering Meetings
12:45:00 Lunch
13:15:00 Lunch Keynote Session
14:10:00 Session 3
14:15:00 Track 2 Regulatory and Commercialization | Forecasting Jennifer Bonilla, Daniel Parera, John Selig, Sandy Wrobel
14:15:00 Track 4 Company Presentations | TBA
14:15:00 Track 1 Financial | Mid Stage Life Sciences Financing Bruce Deming, Rob Pomeroy, Camille D. Samuels, John Smither
14:15:00 Track 3 Business Development | Renegotiating Terms After The Deal is Signed Sergio Garcia, Rekha Hemrajani, Ethan Knowlden, Gwen Melincoff
15:15:00 Partnering Forum | Partnering Meetings
15:30:00 Coffee Break
15:40:00 Session 4
15:45:00 Track 4 Company Presentations | TBA
15:45:00 Track 1 Financial | Later Stage Life Sciences Financing John Gourary, Michael Fusco, Michael Herman, Cris Larson, Collin Teague
15:45:00 Track 2 Regulatory and Commercialization | Product Launch: An Integrated Approach for Success Rachael Lester, Onaiza Cadoret-Manier, Rob Etherington
15:45:00 Track 3 Business Development | Reality and Stigma Mark Simon, Frances K. Heller
16:45:00 Partnering Forum | Partnering Meetings
17:00:00 Closing Reception
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