10th International Symposium on Resistance Arteries (ISRA)
Comwell Rebild Bakker a-s
Comwell Rebild Bakker a-s Rebildvej 36 DK-9520 Skørping Denmark
Rebildvej , Denmark
We are pleased to invite you to attend the 10th International Symposium on Resistance Arteries (ISRA) which will be held from Sunday 8th to Thursday 12th May 2011 at Comwell Rebild Bakker, Rebild, Denmark.

This conference follows on from previous highly successful ISRA meetings, which have traditionally provided outstanding opportunities to discuss and develop resistance artery research. Themes of the symposium will include vascular biology of the endothelium and the smooth muscle, control of vascular tone and vascular structure, intercellular communication, reactive oxygen species, inflammation, hypertension and diabetes and manipulation of endothelial and smooth muscle gene expression.

The programme will include overview lectures and presentations selected on the basis of the incoming abstracts. We welcome abstracts for both oral and poster presentations to enable participation by all registrants. The presentation of data at this meeting will provide the opportunity for scientific interaction and discussion with a highly informed audience.

Prizes will be awarded for the best oral and best poster presentation.

The congress activities will take place at Comwell Rebild Bakker, a purpose built hotel and conference centre set in one of Denmark’s national parks. It is conveniently located near Aalborg and offers recreational facilities as well as access to the beautiful countryside, featuring the Rold Forest, Denmark’s largest forest area.

Schedule of Presentations:

Sunday, May 8, 2011
20:00:00 Overview lecture Michael J Mulvany
Monday, May 9, 2011
08:15:00 Session 1 | Vascular Structure Michael J Mulvany
08:20:00 Transglutaminases in vascular remodeling Ed van Bavel
08:40:00 Early mechanisms of vasoconstriction-induced arteriolar remodeling Luis Martinez Lemus
09:05:00 Basement membraines of the blood vessel wall and their contribution to structural and functional vascular integrity Lydia Sorokin
09:30:00 Uterine vascular remodeling | form follows function George Osol
09:55:00 Coffee
10:15:00 The retinal microvasculature - a window to human microvascular disease Alun Hughes
10:40:00 Immune modulation of structure and function of small arteries Ernesto Schiffrin
11:05:00 Oxidative stress and vascular remodeling Brad Berk
11:30:00 miRNA-dependent circuits controlling phenotype variation and motility of vascular smooth muscle cells Thomas Braun
11:55:00 Lunch and poster session
14:30:00 Session 2 | Smooth Muscle Excitation-Contraction Coupling
14:35:00 Overview lecture | Excitation-contraction coupling in smooth muscle Avril V Somlyo
15:15:00 Calcium sparklets in arterial smooth muscle Fernando Santana
15:40:00 Mitochondrial architecture and mobility in resistance arteries John McCarron
16:05:00 Coffee
16:25:00 Role of Rho exchange factors in the regulation of vascular smooth muscle contraction Gervaise Loirand
16:50:00 The role of calcium sensitization in the myogenic response of cerebral arteries Mike Walsh
17:15:00 Submitted abstract
17:30:00 Submitted abstract
18:00:00 Dinner
20:00:00 Overview lecture | Do changes in integrin adhesion accompany excitation-contraction coupling in vascular smooth muscle? - Insights using Atomic Force Microscopy Gerald A. Meininger
Tuesday, May 10, 2011
08:15:00 Session 3 | Endothelial Function
08:20:00 Overview lecture | Endothelial cell signaling | a target for translational biomedicine Ingrid Fleming
09:00:00 Intercellular signaling along arteriolar endothelium Steve Segal
09:25:00 Networking between the endothelium and vascular smooth muscle: role of reactive oxygen species Rhian M Touyz
09:50:00 Coffee
10:15:00 EDHF-mediated responses in the renal circulation of normotensive and hypertensive mice Michel Félétou
10:40:00 Regulation of vascular tone by arachidonic acid metabolites William Campbell
11:05:00 SIRT1 and AMPK | the Seesaw Effect in regulating endothelial senescence yu wang
11:30:00 Submitted abstract
11:45:00 Submitted abstract
12:00:00 Submitted abstract
12:15:00 Lunch and poster session Niels-Henrik Holstein-Rathlou
14:30:00 Session 4 | Nerves, glia, retina, fat etc
14:35:00 Overview lecture | Title to be confirmed Martin Lauritzen
15:15:00 Sympathetic vascular tone assessed in vivo through the use of FRET type biosensor mice Gill Wier
15:40:00 Sensory-motor nerves against the vasoconstrictor effects of endothelin Jo De Mey
16:05:00 Mechanisms of resistance vessel dysfunction in human obesity-hypertension Bill Haynes
16:30:00 Coffee
16:45:00 Adventia, perivascular fat and vascular tone Maik Gollasch
17:10:00 Submitted abstract
17:25:00 Submitted abstract
18:00:00 Dinner
20:00:00 Session 1 | Vascular Structure continued
20:05:00 Title to be confirmed Axel Pries
20:30:00 Structural alterations of small resistance arteries in patients with metablic syndrome Damiano Rizzoni
21:00:00 In essential hypertension, resistance artery structure tells a different story than blood pressure itself Kent Lodberg
Wednesday, May 11, 2011
08:40:00 Session 5 | Gas and the Vascular Wall Ulf Simonsen
08:45:00 Overview lecture | Gas and the Vascular Wall Harald Schmidt
09:25:00 Cerebrovascular regulation by carbon monoxide Jonathan H. Jaggar
09:50:00 Coffee
10:15:00 Hydrogen sulfide and the vasculature: What's a gas like you doing in a place like this? Matt Whiteman
10:40:00 Gas sensing by ion channels in the cardiorespiratory system Paul Kemp
11:05:00 Submitted abstract
11:20:00 Submitted abstract
11:35:00 Submitted abstract
11:50:00 Submitted abstract
12:05:00 Lunch and poster session Alun Hughes
14:30:00 Session 6 | Ion Channels and Transporters
14:35:00 Overview lecture | Role of Kv7 channels in blood vessel tone Iain Greenwood
15:15:00 Regulation of arterial calcium channel expression by intravascular pressure Nancy Rusch
15:40:00 T channels and vascular function: where are we now Caryl Hill
16:05:00 Cation channel TRPM4 is an important regulator of smooth muscle membrane potential and arterial tone Scott Earley
16:30:00 Coffee
16:45:00 Calcium-activated chloride channels and TMEM16A - a new therapeutic target in pulmonary arterial hypertension? Normand Leblanc
17:10:00 Molecular basis for calcium-activated chloride conductances in the arterial wall Vladimir Matchkov
17:35:00 Submitted abstract
17:50:00 Submitted abstract
18:05:00 Submitted abstract
20:00:00 Conference Dinner
Thursday, May 12, 2011
08:15:00 Session 7 | Pathology
08:20:00 Overview lecture | Small arteries and tumours Justin Stebbing
09:00:00 Do resistance vessels modulate the tumour microvasculature? Nicola J. Brown
09:25:00 Diabetic microangiopathy | insights into glucose toxicity Chris Triggle
09:50:00 Coffee
10:15:00 Structural adaptation of normal and tumor vascular networks Timothy Secomb
10:40:00 Mechanisms of improved vascular funciton following modest exercise in type 2 diabetic mice Issy Laher
11:05:00 Bone morphogenic protein and endothelial dysfunction in hypertension Y Huang
11:30:00 Submitted abstract
11:45:00 Submitted abstract
12:00:00 Submitted abstract
12:15:00 Lunch
13:30:00 Session 8 | Discussion Group | Are Functional Microdomains Credible? George Osol
13:30:00 PLasmerosomes in resistance arteries | key to the pathogenesis of hypertension Mordecai Blaustein
13:45:00 Discussion
14:00:00 The myoendothelial signalling circuit Kim Dora
14:15:00 Discussion
14:30:00 Integration of signalling in smooth muscle caveolae Karl Swärd
14:45:00 Discussion
15:00:00 Close of Conference
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