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Neurobiology, genetics, life events, coping strategies – all have an impact on the development and maintenance of mental health. Psychiatric nursing continues to work at the interface of these factors through psychoeducation, psychotherapy, medications and other evidence-based practices. Yet the conceptual frameworks of psychiatric nursing practice continue to evolve and respond to changing perceptions and new research.

The Psychiatric Nursing Conference provides an exceptional opportunity to learn new ideas and strategies to take your practice to the next level. Explore how national trends in seclusion and restraint reduction, recovery and integrated care concepts, and changing approaches to drug use prevention and treatment can translate into your daily practice. Join us and investigate the options with our expert faculty and your colleagues from across the country!

Highlights of the 2011 conference include:

    * An exciting Preconference offered on Trauma and Its Impact on Psychological and Behavioral Functioning, focused on working with individuals who have experienced traumatic events in their lives and a cutting-edge Preconference on Psychopharmacology, addressing Multiple Diagnoses, Complex Care in emerging controversial areas of psychiatric practice.
    * An excellent opportunity to earn pharmacology credit for gaining or renewing prescriptive practice.
    * Main Conference topics developed to challenge your current daily practice and the broader concepts on which practice is built.
    * 20 Concurrent Session choices at each conference, spanning a wide spectrum of psychiatric nursing hot topics.
    * Case studies and built-in discussion time to encourage interaction and bring the didactic presentations to life.
    * Emphasis on clinical applications of the information presented.

Schedule of Presentations:

Sunday, May 15, 2011
06:55:00 Preconference A
06:55:00 Preconference B
07:00:00 Preconference B | Preconference Registration | Check-In
07:00:00 Preconference A | Registration | Check-In
08:00:00 Preconference A | Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics | Making Sense of Clinical Research to Improve Patient Care Andrew Penn
08:00:00 Preconference B | Assessing Trauma | What It Is (and What It Is Not) Paul Thomas Clements
09:30:00 Preconference B | Refreshment Break
09:30:00 Preconference A | Refreshment Break
09:45:00 Preconference B | The Neurobiology of Trauma: Impacts and Psychopharmacologic Options Mary Ann Nihart
09:45:00 Preconference A | A Smoking Gun | Evidence Linking Schizophrenia and Nicotine Matt Tierney
11:15:00 Preconference A | Questions and Discussion
11:15:00 Preconference B | Questions and Discussion
11:45:00 Preconference A | Lunch Break
11:45:00 Preconference B | Lunch Break
12:45:00 Preconference A | Chronic Pain and Mental Health | What Are the Boundaries for Practice? Andrew Penn
12:45:00 Preconference B | Behavioral Functioning and Treatment Paul Thomas Clements
14:15:00 Preconference A | Refreshment Break
14:15:00 Preconference B | Refreshment Break
14:30:00 Preconference B | Principles of Trauma Informed Systems of Care Mary Ann Nihart
14:30:00 Preconference A | Medical Marijuana | Smoking Out the Facts Related to Mental Health Matt Tierney
16:00:00 Preconference A | Questions and Discussion
16:00:00 Preconference B | Questions and Discussion
16:30:00 Preconference B | Adjourn
16:30:00 Preconference A | Adjourn
Monday, May 16, 2011
06:00:00 Understanding Genetics | What Does DNA Have to Do With It? Pamela E. Marcus
07:00:00 Main Conference Registration | Check-In
08:00:00 National Drug Control Policy | Promoting Programs for Prevention, Treatment and Individuals in Recovery David K. Mineta
08:50:00 National and International Trends in Restraint and Seclusion Reduction Marlene Nadler-Moodie
09:35:00 Refreshment Break
10:00:00 Borderline Personality Disorder | If Nothing is New, Why Are We Stuck? Paul Thomas Clements
10:45:00 Wake Me Up Inside! A Patient's Perspective of Her Journey Through PTSD
11:30:00 Questions and Discussion
12:10:00 Lunch Break
13:30:00 Examining the Placebo Effect | Helping the Mind to Heal Itself Andrew Penn
15:00:00 Refreshment Break
15:30:00 Recovery Transformation | What's In It For Me? Joan Kenerson King
16:15:00 Questions and Discussion
16:45:00 Adjourn
Tuesday, May 17, 2011
08:00:00 CONCURRENT SESSIONS 1 | Working with Fatigue Pamela E. Marcus
08:15:00 CONCURRENT SESSIONS 1 | Patient Assessment: What Do We Need to Know Before Prescribing? Laura G. Leahy
08:30:00 CONCURRENT SESSIONS 1 | Putting Ourselves at Risk for Violence Paul Thomas Clements
08:45:00 CONCURRENT SESSIONS 1 | Treating PTSD: Not One Size Fits All
09:00:00 CONCURRENT SESSIONS 1 | Keys to Unlocking Restraints | Strategies That Work Marlene Nadler-Moodie
09:30:00 Refreshment Break
10:00:00 CONCURRENT SESSIONS 2 | Working with Suicidal Patients Turi Honegger
10:15:00 CONCURRENT SESSIONS 2 | Medical and Psychiatric Management of Eating Disordered Patients in an Intensive Outpatient Setting Katie Bell
10:30:00 CONCURRENT SESSIONS 2 | Treating ADHD Across the Lifespan Patti A. Varley
10:45:00 CONCURRENT SESSIONS 2 | Developing a Healthy Staff Culture Michael Fitzgerald
11:00:00 CONCURRENT SESSIONS 2 | Guesting Area | An Alternative for Boarding Mental Health Patients Seen in Emergency Departments Jeannine Loucks
11:30:00 Lunch Break
13:00:00 CONCURRENT SESSIONS 3 | Working with Hallucinations Mary Ann Nihart
13:15:00 CONCURRENT SESSIONS 3 | Symptoms, Circuits and Side Effects: Maximizing Use of Psychotropic Agents Laura G. Leahy
13:30:00 CONCURRENT SESSIONS 3 | Lateral Violence Among Nurses | Interrupting Bullying Behavior Anne M. Klevay
14:00:00 CONCURRENT SESSIONS 3 | Moving from Treatment Planning to Recovery Planning Joan Kenerson King
14:15:00 CONCURRENT SESSIONS 3 | Understanding How Anxiety Disorders Affect the Person Pamela E. Marcus
14:30:00 Refreshment Break
15:00:00 CONCURRENT SESSIONS 4 | Working with Frustration and Anger Mary Ann Nihart
15:15:00 CONCURRENT SESSIONS 4 | Prescribing Gems Patti A. Varley
15:30:00 CONCURRENT SESSIONS 4 | Best Practices for Delirium, Dementia and Depression Anne M. Klevay
15:45:00 CONCURRENT SESSIONS 4 | Bringing Mind and Body Back Together | Integrative Models of Care A Revisited Opportunity for Nursing Joan Kenerson King
16:30:00 Adjourn
Wednesday, May 18, 2011
08:00:00 Unintended Consequences of the Electronic Age Patti A. Varley
08:45:00 Distortion | What Happens to Thinking in Crisis Situations? Mary Ann Nihart
09:30:00 Refreshment Break
09:45:00 Update on Treatment of Bipolar Disorder Laura G. Leahy
10:30:00 The Man Talk | Strategies for Alliance, Resistance and Change with Male Patients Turi Honegger
11:15:00 Questions and Discussion
11:45:00 Conference Summary | Evaluation
12:00:00 Adjourn
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