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The World Congress for Psychotherapy (WCP2011)
Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre
Darling Drive Darling Harbour, Sydney Tel: +61 2 9282 5000 Fax: +61 2 9282 5041
Darling Harbour, Sydney
The 6th World Congress for Psychotherapy (WCP2011), will be held in Sydney, Australia from 24-28 August 2011. The Congress will feature internationally renowned psychotherapists, representing different fields of psychotherapy, counselling, and related disciplines. A number of oral and poster presentations, invited symposia and workshops are currently being planned for the Congress

While the interconnectedness of the modern world has given rise to the phenomenon known as “the global village�, we are a long way from appropriate recognition and understanding across the many cultural divides that shape the richness and diversity of humanity.

At times overwhelmed by this diversity, we are all still aware of our common humanity and shared environment. The intention of psychotherapy has always been to find forms of communication, expression and understanding that allow non-violent resolution of conflicts and the emergence of the individual human spirit.

Many Indigenous Australians say that the capacity to hold in mind a living connection with the environment has been integral to the culture of “The Dreaming� that has been sustained for more than 40,000 years. Arguably this worldview reflects a form of human life in relative balance with its surround.

The Indigenous vision is ancient but may contain something relevant to the needs of humanity in the new millennium. One of the oldest living cultures in the world today may be in a special position to share knowledge about the continuity of human experience across the ages.

We also see the pain of traditional cultures struggling to adapt to the modern world and the need for all peoples to recognize this struggle as their own. Psycho-analysis and psychotherapy have given attention to dreaming as a path to the understanding of self. The impact of interpersonal trauma upon our capacity to think and dream is profound. Trauma impacts individuals, communities and cultures.
It reverberates across generations with devastating effects on identity and well-being. Responding to trauma does not simply involve the recognition of brute facts: it involves the recognition and animation of human encounters through the imaginative elaboration, between people, of new ways of being together, of playing, and of working together. This is World Dreaming.

You are cordially invited to participate in the World Dreaming experience.

Key dates

Early Bird registration closes: 
8 June 2011
Author registration closes: 
8 June 2011

Schedule of Presentations:

Wednesday, August 24, 2011
08:00:00 Dreaming a Paradigm Shift: Generational Healing from Generational trauma through Educating
08:10:00 Maringiringi noa | death ritual & Maori women
08:20:00 Treating Eating Disorders in Italy. Family, Individual and Group Therapies. Systemic, Psychodynamic, cognitive and medical approaches
08:30:00 Clinical dream incubation and body: Theory and demonstration
08:40:00 The Future of Psychotherapy | Reflecting the way we live in our land Sharon Bowden
08:50:00 Psychotherapists treating bodily disease | dreaming or realistic goal for healthcare
09:05:00 Psychotherapy for the human family
09:10:00 Reflective practices in family therapy as a triadic relational space: Intersecting psychoanalytic ideas of thirdness with systemic theory and practice concerns Carmel Flaskas
09:20:00 Positive Psychotherapy in the age of globalization
09:30:00 Dissociative Identity Disorder - Complex problems requiring complex approaches
09:40:00 Deep consciousness levels besides subconsciousness
09:50:00 A new four part Biopsychosociospiritual paradigm for understanding Human Being
11:00:00 Always Daddy's Little Girl' | Incestuous Abuse During Adulthood
11:10:00 Puna Roimata : Ritualised adult crying in New Zealand Maori death rituals
11:20:00 ANZAP Symposium - The Conversational model: The use of video Skype with clinical illustrations
11:30:00 Dreaming the dream; living the nightmare. The therapist's hope as the ultimate betrayal
11:40:00 Collective Dreaming, Healing and Continuing Traumatic Stress
11:50:00 Dreams, nightmares and other visions of reality: Existential therapy and the human dilemma Emmy van Deurzen
12:00:00 Spirituality and Healing
12:10:00 Consciousness and dreaming evolutionary spandrels: A theoretical framework for exploring the reciprocal influence between relational experience and mentalization in the psychotherapy process
12:10:00 Indigeneity and global horizons: grounded identities, universality, and the search for place Mason Durie
12:20:00 Conversation as dreaming: an approach to the problem of personal coherence Russell Meares
12:30:00 Trauma, Dissociation and Psychosis Colin Ross
12:40:00 Playing oneself: Weaving the world and the dream into a person Mary Target
Thursday, August 25, 2011
Friday, August 26, 2011
Saturday, August 27, 2011
Sunday, August 28, 2011
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