63rd Simpson Smith Symposium
UCL Institute of Child Health
30 Guilford St London WC1N 1EH, United Kingdom 020 7242 9789
London, London
The Symposium attracts regular and new participants each year from centres in the UK and throughout Europe. The thematic design of the day enables speakers to give in-depth information on the topics chosen, and there are opportunities for discussion with speakers and participants working in many different areas.


Schedule of Presentations:

Thursday, July 7, 2011
09:25:00 Session 1 | Abdominal wall defects Agostino Pierro
09:30:00 Antenatal management of wall defects Kypros Nicolaides
09:55:00 Exomphalos
10:00:00 Minor exomphalos
10:20:00 Major exomphalos Mark Davenport
10:40:00 Respiratory morbidity Ranjan Suri
11:25:00 Gastroschisis
11:30:00 Individualised surgical management Joe Curry
11:50:00 Preformed silo Sean Marven
12:10:00 Lunch
13:35:00 Session 2 | Is surgery necessary? Lewis Spitz
13:40:00 Appendicitis
13:45:00 Non-operative Jan F. Svensson
14:05:00 Operative Benno Ure
14:25:00 Interval appendicectomy (operative vs. non operative) Nigel Hall
14:40:00 Hydrocele
14:45:00 The evidence - pros and cons for surgery Simon Eaton
15:00:00 Adhesive obstruction
15:05:00 Non-operative
15:25:00 Operative Paolo de Coppi
16:10:00 Malrotation in diaphragmatic hernia
16:15:00 No Ladd’s Carl Davis
16:35:00 Ladd’s Keith Holmes
17:00:00 Simpson Smith Memorial Lecture | Surgery and conjoined twins
18:00:00 Close
3D Tissue Models
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