Optimising the Management of Pain
The Arts Centre
100 St Kilda Road, Melbourne VIC, AUSTRALIA
To highlight innovative approaches to the optimal management of acute, chronic and palliative pain, and especially those that focus on the patient experience
To showcase models of service delivery and/or care, and other innovations projects that have demonstrated improvements in the management of pain

Change Champions and Associates
Change Champions and Associates is an Australian change management group that
delivers high quality seminars as an innovation knowledge integrator and
disseminator. Our focus is on maximising participation in these events by seeking only to recover costs and supporting some attendances. On 11 January 2011, Change
Champions & Associates became the Australasian lead for CHAIN Australasia and the Asia Pacific Rim. CHAIN is a not for profit network of more than 9500 professionals in 40 countries who are committed to leading change in healthcare


Schedule of Presentations:

Wednesday, August 24, 2011
08:45:00 Session 1 | Heading TBC
08:50:00 Housekeeping
09:00:00 Opening Address
09:30:00 Keynote Presentation | A National initiative for implementing acute pain management evidence in Australian hospital emergency departments
10:10:00 Invited Presentation | Pain in the silent majority: the forgotten older population
10:50:00 Questions to Speakers
11:05:00 Morning Tea
11:25:00 Session 2 | Improving the Delivery of Pain Services
11:30:00 Establishing a Specialist Multidisciplinary Service for the Assessment and Treatment of Chronic Pain Disorders: Bridging the Gap between Evidence and Practice Melanie Newton
11:50:00 Pain Management at Home Whilst on a Transitional Aged Care Program Sue Driscoll, Josephine Chow
12:10:00 Acute Pain Management Services in the Private Sector
12:30:00 Interdisciplinary pain management can work in private practice Jacqui Stanford
12:50:00 Questions to Speakers
13:05:00 Lunch
13:55:00 Session 3 | Putting People at the Heart of Pain Assessment
14:00:00 Development of a pain assessment tool for those with cognitive impairment
14:20:00 Communicating Pain - the expression and identification of pain in people with dis-abilities and complex communication needs Marie Huska
14:40:00 Preparatory Education Program-Understanding Pain (PEP- UP): a new way to meet the demands of complex pain referrals to our service David Manning
15:00:00 Questions to Speakers
15:15:00 Afternoon Tea
15:35:00 Session 4 | Improving Clinical Outcomes
15:40:00 We already do it ......don’t we? Pain management for fractured femur in the Emergency Department Leonie Burdack
16:00:00 Optimizing the administration of Ketamine for post-operative pain management
16:20:00 Google, Facebook and Pain– The role of Technology in Pain Management
16:40:00 Questions to Speakers
16:55:00 Close
17:00:00 Networking Drinks (registered delegates and invited guest only)
Thursday, August 25, 2011
08:40:00 Session 5 | Heading TBC
08:45:00 Opening Address ACI Pain Management Network- Progressing toward an Integrated Model of Care in NSW Fiona Hodson
09:25:00 Invited Presentation | Changing the State of Pain Management, or Changing Pain Management in the State? Julia Fleming
09:40:00 Persistent Pain | not a normal part of growing old
10:00:00 SPAASMS - A score-card to monitor Clinical Outcomes in managing patients with persistent pain
10:20:00 Optimising the use of analgesics in pain management
10:40:00 Questions to Speakers
10:55:00 Morning Tea
11:15:00 Session 6 | Children and Pain
11:20:00 Children, Safety and Analgesia – a Hospital Wide Approach
11:40:00 The Treatment of Acute Pain in Children Mia Chong, Jocelyn Ong
12:00:00 Integration of PS9 in the development of new paediatric sedation guidelines for the management of painful and distressing diagnostic/therapeutic interventions
12:20:00 Sydney Children’s Hospital (SCH) Multidisciplinary Team Rehabilitation Program
12:40:00 Questions to Speakers
12:55:00 Lunch
13:40:00 Session 7 | Support and Education for Patients
13:45:00 Clinical Data Collection in the Cyber Age: The Transition from Paper to Digital Clinical Questionnaires for a Paediatric Chronic Pain Service David Anderson
14:05:00 Is dividing and conquering better than one size fits all?
14:25:00 Chronic Pain Support Group | An innovative partnership between KCHS and Eastern Health
14:45:00 Pain Support Groups | peers engaging peers validate the lived pain experience
15:05:00 Pain Link helpline | Peer support for pain Australia-wide
15:25:00 Questions to Speakers
15:40:00 Close
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