FDI Annual World Dental Congress New Horizons In Oral Health Care
BANAMEX Convention and Exhibition Centre
Av. Conscripto 311 Col. Lomas de Sotelo Del. Miguel Hidalgo C.P.11200 México D.F.
Del. Miguel Hidalgo, México D.F.
Now in its 99th year, FDI's leading Dentistry Congress brings to light key issues and facilitates information exchange - helping optimize oral health care on a global scale.

This year's conference features:
• An advanced scientific programme
• World renowned experts
• Professional development accreditations
• An exhibition of the latest technologies and equipment

Don't miss this unforgettable event in an equally
unforgettable venue - Mexico City!


Schedule of Presentations:

Wednesday, September 14, 2011
09:00:00 Looking to new paradigms of caries management by risk assessment | Caries symposium: caries free Communities John D.B Featherstone
09:05:00 The tooth as a toolbox: dental stem cells and their role in tissue homeostasis, pathology and regeneration | Dental Stem Cells Thimios Mitsiadis
09:10:00 Aesthetic guidelines for the restoration of anterior teeth
09:15:00 Oral and maxillofacial radiology | An update of new techniques (including Cone Beam CT) and review of the basic principles of interpretation Juan F Yepes
09:20:00 Global trends in patient safety and infection control | Organisation for safety and Asepsis procedures symposium | WHO Patient Safety Curriculum: the impact on dental education globally A. Enrique Acosta Gio
09:25:00 New vision in periodontology: Prevention or cure. Biofilm impact in health and disease Biofilm impact in health and disease
09:30:00 Odontopediatría: nuevos horizontes en el tratamiento Francisco Ramos-Gomez
09:35:00 Calidad y Seguridad en la Atención OdontológicaEstrada
09:40:00 Coordinating and calibrating infection control standards in Latin America
09:45:00 Business continuity planning for dental organizations and institutions
11:30:00 Looking to new paradigms of caries management and risk assessment | Caries symposium: caries free Communities John D.B Featherstone
11:35:00 Making decisions about providing crown and bridgework | The extensively damaged tooth: When does it need a crown? Richard Ibbetson
11:40:00 Dealing with difficult patients | Meet the Fokkers (and learn to love them)
11:45:00 New dental materials for the paediatric dentist
11:50:00 Global trends in oral cancer and the pathological basis of disease prevention | Early diagnosis and preventive strategies of oral cancer and pre-cancer in developing countries Prasad Amaratunga
11:55:00 Dentomaxilofacial Esthetics | The New Parameters and Technique: Looking for the link between the clinic the lab and back to the clinic in a predictable way
12:00:00 Nuevas tendencias en las técnicas de manejo de comportamiento en odontología pediátrica Carlos Díaz Covarrubias Alatorre
12:10:00 La salud bucodental en México | Perfil epidemiológico *no interpretación - idioma: español Gerardo Hermosillo
15:00:00 Global Oral Health Initiative The new diagnostic frontier: saliva Salivary diagnostics David Wong
15:05:00 Implant prosthodontics: Immediate loading protocols | Rationale, applications, pitfalls Carlo Ercoli
15:15:00 Innovations in non surgical periodontal therapy
15:20:00 Orthodontics | Functional appliances, RME or SME, new developments in expansion of the palate, for the general dental practitioner
15:25:00 New frontiers in global sciences
15:30:00 New Frontiers in Oral Pathology | The Odontology Initiative Jose Luis Tapia
15:35:00 HPV and Oral cancer | Stina Syrjanen
15:40:00 Approach for nerve injury following dental implant surgery Ken-ichi Fukuda
15:45:00 Domestic and Family Violence | Early diagnosis and adequate action in the dental practice
15:50:00 Women Dentists Worldwide Forum | OPEN TO ALL INTERESTED David Gonzales
15:55:00 The world's largest dental program for people with intellectual disabilities wants to work with you
16:00:00 Special olympics special smiles forum | OPEN TO ALL INTERESTED
Thursday, September 15, 2011
09:00:00 CLO3 – Custom-made Lingual Orthodontics in 3 steps
09:05:00 Oral plastic surgery | Maximizing esthetics with minimally invasive dentistry
09:10:00 Dentogingival aesthetics… An interdisciplinary approach to treatment planning Ricardo Mitrani
09:20:00 Predictable Successful Endodontics | How to feel, fill and thrill accessory canals
09:25:00 Diagnosis and treatment for chronic orofacial pain | Management of orofacial pain
09:30:00 Periodontology: model for effective prevention | Transferring evidence to preventive care Pierre Baehni
09:35:00 TMD: new diagnostics and management techniques
09:40:00 Who's in charge in your practice? | Dental Practice Committee Forum
09:45:00 Different ways to expand the value of your practice Armando Hernandez Ramirez
09:55:00 Will prevention influence your income? | OPEN TO ALL INTERESTED
10:00:00 La compleja rehabilitacion con implantes dentales del paciente edentulo | Diagnostico, plan de tratamiento y resultados predecibles
11:30:00 Medical Emergencies in the Dental Office
11:35:00 Unlocking knowledge and potential of oral soft tissue | Role of oxidative stress and potential of topical antioxidants in treatment of oral diseases
11:40:00 Bioesthetic dentistry. Searching for the perfect balance! | Understand how to control function, esthetics and biology in the every day and complex cases
11:45:00 Clinical Approaches to Dental Materials Gottfried Schmalz
11:50:00 Knowledge exchange and oral health | WDDHPC/PHS Forum
11:50:00 Practice management | Dollars and Sense
12:00:00 Communicating scientific outcomes to the community using web based technologies Jörn Krückeberg
12:00:00 Integration of ART into the oral health services of Mexico through Training the trainers concept
12:10:00 Incorporating Oral Health within the current International Non-Communicable Disease Agenda | OPEN TO ALL INTERESTED
12:15:00 Global Oral Health Intiative ICDAS ICCMS Nigel Pitts
12:20:00 Fighting the non-communicable disease (NCD) epidemic: the link between diabetes and oral disease | International Association of Periodontology (IAP) Symposium Martin R. Gillis
12:25:00 Incorporando la tecnología digital a la implantología dental
12:35:00 Lo más avanzado de la tecnología dental
15:00:00 Medical Emergencies in the Dental Office Stanley Malamed
15:05:00 Protocols to enhance the esthetic predictability of implant therapy: rationale, techniques, and prognosis
15:10:00 Minimal Intervention | Innovations for dental practitioners
15:15:00 Aesthetic and practical anterior resin composites restorations Marcos Vargas
15:20:00 The changing face of periodontology | A look in the past 10 years
15:25:00 The Intelligent Practice | Optimising record keeping Gerhard K. Seeberger
15:30:00 ¿Los conductos radiculares pueden desinfectarse perfectamente antes de la obturación endodóncica?
15:35:00 De lo sencillo a lo complejo en rehabilitación oral con Zirconia CAD/CAM en dientes e implantes
Friday, September 16, 2011
09:00:00 Technology and Periodontics | Utilizing technology to enhance "success" in periodontics Samuel B Low
09:05:00 Learning to work as a dental team
09:10:00 Surgical and Prosthetic Coordination on Advanced Implant Cases Frank LaMar
09:15:00 Pearls of Practice
09:20:00 Caries Management under science and clinical evidence Armando Hernandez Ramirez
09:25:00 Orthodontics |Functional appliances today - the evidence, choices and optimum clinical management
09:30:00 Como rejuvenecer con no mas de seis restauraciones | Técnicas propias
09:35:00 Endodoncia versus Implantes: La Nueva Polémica en Odontología
11:30:00 Odontology | The art and science of micro ultrasonic instrumentation in periodontal therapy Samuel B Low
11:35:00 Bonding all Ceramic restorations in 2011 | Using advanced materials and technologies Nasser Barghi
11:40:00 Class III correction with orthodontic mini implants
11:40:00 Innovations in surgical periodontal therapy
11:45:00 Current Innovations in Dental Materials | Always newer - always better? Gottfried Schmalz
11:45:00 Articulación temporomandibular: diagnóstico por imágenes, indicaciones y consideraciones
11:50:00 Prevención de lesiones de mancha blanca (LMB) en el esmalte dental durante el tratamiento ortodóncico con aparatos fijos, y disminución de frecuencia del desprendimiento accidental de brackets
15:00:00 Non or minimal invasive dentistry
15:05:00 Endodontics decision making a current view Jorge Vera Rojas
15:10:00 Prevention and early intervention in special care dentistry | International Association for Disability and Health Prevention Dimitris Emmanouil
15:15:00 Infant dentistry Managing early child caries: Opportunity for preventive practice
15:20:00 Carillas Cerámicas
15:20:00 Volunteering: You can make a difference for global oral health
15:25:00 Cartilla de Odontología para el Bebé.Generación Cero Caries ®
Saturday, September 17, 2011
09:00:00 Making decisions about providing crown and bridgework. | The tooth supported fixed prosthesis: Is it obsolete in the age of the implant? Richard Ibbetson
09:10:00 Functional and biologic determinants in smile design: principles, techniques and evidence
09:15:00 Multidisciplinary approach to achieving maximum aesthetic results | FOLA Symposium
09:15:00 The role of dentists in the initial recognitions of systemic diseases
09:20:00 GOHI (Hygienists session) Nigel Pitts
09:25:00 Comprehensive school health care: Where does oral health fit?
09:30:00 Manejo clínico de maloclusiones de clase II división I y división II de la dentición mixta a la permanente con técnicas ortopédicas fijas y arco recto | Distalización con mecanismos de alambre Adan Casasa
11:30:00 The use of composite grafts of recombinant human bone Morphogenetic Protein-2/ Acellular Collagen Sponge (rhBMP-2/ACS), Cancellous Freeze Dried Allogeneic Bone (CFDAB) for the reconstruction of alveolar bone defect Michael Peleg
11:35:00 So little room, so much to see | The complete pediatric oral examination
11:40:00 Planning for success in Practice
11:45:00 Oral health of older people: a challenge for dental profession Daniel Pierre Kandelman
11:50:00 Why children should have an orthodontic check-up no later than age 7? | A review of early orthodontic treatment indications
11:55:00 Non Communicable Diseases
12:00:00 The role of dental practioners as advocates promoting health by integrating general and oral health promotion
12:05:00 The role of oral health care professionals in overall health Michael Glick
12:10:00 Prótesis funccional y estética | Estética predecible en el sector anterior y en la maxila edéntula basada en restauraciones implanorretenidas
12:15:00 Bases Biológicas de la Regeneración Osea sobre los Diferentes Sustitutos Oseos
15:00:00 Patient safety and dental practice: what do we need to know
15:05:00 A general look at patient safety from a dental practice perspective
15:05:00 Minimum Intervention: The secret to a new dental practice | MI: Innovative Technologies
15:15:00 Excellence in esthetics | The latest in esthetics…composite, porcelain and zirconia
15:20:00 Oral pathology in children and adolescents: from the easy to the complicated
15:25:00 Elements of patient safety in ambulatory dental care – a surgical checklist Bernardo Perea Perez
15:30:00 The roadmap for continuing education Lone Schou
15:35:00 Adherencia epitelial en implantes dentales | Cómo lograr resultados estéticos
15:45:00 Show Case FDI AWDC 2012 HONG KONG - Leading the World to Optimal Oral Health: a new century of advances in dentistry
3D Tissue Models
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