TAROS 2011 - 12th Conference Towards Autonomous Robotic Systems
University of Sheffield
Western bank, Sheffield S10 2TN, United Kingdom +44 114 222 2000
Sheffield, UK
Now in its 12th edition, TAROS is the UK's premiere annual conference for autonomous robotics. The meeting encompasses topics across the entire range of robotics research and is open to worldwide contributors and participants. TAROS 2011 will be a single-track conference, which includes a limited number of invited talks as well as oral and poster presentations of high quality, original research. Submissions by authors who are new to TAROS are encouraged. 

The conference proceedings will be published by Springer in the LNAI/LNCS series. The series is listed in various indexing services including EI, ISI Conference Proceedings (listed in ISI Web of Science), Scopus, ACM Digital Library, and Google Scholar. An extra day (Friday 2nd September) has been added to this year's meeting to host a symposium on links between the academic and industrial robotics communities. 


Schedule of Presentations:

Wednesday, August 31, 2011
09:00:00 Welcome
09:10:00 Plenary Session
09:15:00 Approaches to autonomous behavior with simple neural networks Joseph Ayers
09:55:00 Paper Session 1
10:00:00 Mapping with sparse local sensors and strong hierarchical priors Charles Fox, Tony Prescott
10:20:00 A Recursive Least Squares Solution for Recovering Robust Planar Homographies.
10:40:00 Coffee Break
10:55:00 Paper Session 2
11:00:00 Sensing with artificial tactile sensors: An investigation of spatio-temporal inference.
11:20:00 A cricket-controlled robot orienting towards a sound source.
11:40:00 Deformation-based tactile feedback using a biologically-inspired sensor and a modified display. Chris Melhuish
12:00:00 Lunch Break
13:05:00 Paper Session 3
13:10:00 Design and Control of an Upper Limb Exoskeleton Robot RehabRoby.
13:30:00 Real-World Reinforcement Learning for Autonomous Humanoid Robot Charging in a Home Environment.
13:50:00 A Task Space Integral Sliding Mode Controller Implementation for 4DOF of a Humanoid BERT II arm with Posture Control.
14:05:00 Poster Teaser 1
14:10:00 A Navigation System for a High-Speed Professional Cleaning Robot
14:15:00 Long-term Experiment Using an Adaptive Appearance-based Map for Visual Navigation by Mobile Robots
14:20:00 An Implementation of a Biologically Inspired Model of Head Direction Cells on a Robot
14:25:00 CrunchBot: A Mobile Whiskered Robot Platform
14:30:00 Tactile afferent simulation from pressure arrays
14:35:00 The Interaction Between Vortices and a Biomimetic Flexible Fin
14:40:00 Cooperative Multi-Robot Box Pushing Inspired by Human Behaviour Roderich Gross
14:50:00 Enhancing Self-similar Patterns by Asymmetric Artificial Potential Functions in Partially Connected Swarms
14:55:00 Forming Nested 3D Structures Based on the Brazil Nut Effect
15:00:00 Optimal path planning for nonholonomic robotic systems via parametric optimisation
15:00:00 Evolving Modularity in Robot Behaviour using Gene Expression Programming
15:00:00 On the Analysis of Parameter Convergence for Temporal Difference Learning of an Exemplar Balance
15:00:00 Multi-rate Visual Servoing based on Dual-Rate High Order Holds
15:00:00 Airborne ultrasonic position and velocity measurement using two cycles of linear-period-modulated signal
15:00:00 Occupancy Grid-based SLAM Using a Mobile Robot with a Ring of Eight Sonar Transducers
15:00:00 Visual-Inertial Motion Priors for Robust Monocular SLAM
15:00:00 Study of routing algorithms considering real time restrictions using a connectivity function
15:00:00 Using Sequences of Knots as a Random Search
15:05:00 Instance-Based Reinforcement Learning Technique with a Meta-Learning Mechanism for Robust Multi-Robot Systems
15:10:00 Toward an Ecological Approach to Interface Design for Teaching Robots
15:15:00 Tea Break
15:30:00 Manned Poster Session 1
17:00:00 Towards Safe Human-Robot Interaction.
17:20:00 What can a Personal Robot do for you? Guido Bugmann
20:00:00 Conference Dinner
Thursday, September 1, 2011
09:05:00 Plenary Session
09:10:00 Robot Navigating, Mapping and Understanding with Laser and Vision Paul Newman
10:00:00 Robot Routing Approaches for Convoy Merging Maneuvers.
10:00:00 Paper Session 5
10:20:00 Walking Rover Trafficability - Presenting a Comprehensive Analysis and Prediction Tool.
10:40:00 Coffee Break
10:55:00 Paper Session 6
11:00:00 Evaluating the effect of robot group size on relative localisation precision.
11:20:00 Towards Temporal Verification of Emergent Behaviours in Swarm Robotic Systems.
11:40:00 Costs and benefits of behavioral specialization.
12:00:00 Lunch Break
13:05:00 Plenary Session
13:10:00 Robot Navigating, Mapping and Understanding with Laser and Vision Yiannis Demiris
13:55:00 Poster Teaser 2
14:05:00 Probabilistic Logic Reasoning About Traffic Scenes
14:05:00 Vision-Based Segregation Behaviours in a Swarm of Autonomous Robots
14:05:00 A General Classifier of Whisker Data using Stationary Naive Bayes: Application to BIOTACT Robots
14:05:00 Systematic Design of Flexible Magnetic Wall and Ceiling Climbing Robot for Cargo Screening
14:05:00 Towards Autonomous Energy-Wise RObjects
14:05:00 Covert Robotics: Improving Covertness with Escapability and Non-Line-of-Sight Sensing
14:05:00 Results of the European Land Robot Trial and their Usability for Benchmarking Outdoor Robot
14:05:00 Designing Electric Propulsion System for UAVs
14:05:00 An Approach to Improving Attitude Estimation Based on Low-Cost MEMS-IMU for Mobile Robot
14:05:00 Using Image Depth Information for Fast Face Detection
14:05:00 A validation of localisation accuracy improvements by the combined use of GPS and GLONASS
14:05:00 Grasping of Deformable Objects Applied to Organic Produce
14:05:00 Towards adaptive robotic green plants
14:05:00 A Systems Integration Approach to Creating Embodied Biomimetic Models of Active Vision
14:05:00 Cooperative Navigation and Integration of a Human into Multi-robot System
14:05:00 Coordination in Multi-Tiered Robotic Search
14:05:00 Distributed motion planning for ground objects using a network of robotic ceiling cameras
14:05:00 Adaptive Particle Filter for Fault Detection and Isolation of Mobile Robots
14:05:00 Online Hazard Analysis for Autonomous Robots
14:05:00 Learning to grasp information with your own hands
14:05:00 Solutions for a Variable Compliance Gripper Design
15:00:00 Tea Break
15:20:00 Manned Poster Session 2
16:05:00 Paper Session 7
16:10:00 Short-range Radar Perception in Outdoor Environments
16:30:00 Supervised Traversability Learning for Robot Navigation.
16:50:00 Locomotion Selection and Mechanical Design for a Mobile Intra-abdominal Adhesion-reliant Robot for Minimally Invasive Surgery
17:10:00 Awards Chris Melhuish
17:40:00 Announcement SCentRO
18:00:00 Reception
Friday, September 2, 2011
08:55:00 Academia-Industry Day
09:00:00 Plenary Session
09:05:00 Precision Farming and Agricultural Robotics Simon Blackmore
10:00:00 Exhibition / Demonstrations
12:00:00 Lunch Break
12:30:00 Parallel events | Launch of Robotics Academic Forum
13:15:00 Panel Opening
13:20:00 Panel Topics
13:25:00 EU policy in Robotics
13:30:00 UK policy and investment in robotics
13:35:00 EU flagship Robot Companion
13:40:00 Electronics KTN / Autonomous Systems and Robotics
14:35:00 Panel discussion Chris Melhuish
15:30:00 Exhibition and Demonstrations
17:30:00 Public Lecture
3D Tissue Models
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