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3rd national conference Haematological Malignancies 2011
Hallam Conference Centre, London
44 Hallam Street, London, United Kingdon W1W 6JJ, United Kingdom +44 20 7706 7700
London, United kingdom
Benefits of attending Haematological
• Hear comprehensive overviews of current and novel diagnostic and prognostic
markers for the haematological malignancies
• Examine current strategies for the treatment of acute and chronic leukaemia,
lymphoma and myeloma
• Gain insights into optimising patient care, including improving palliative care
provision and ensuring effective communication between other specialists for
expansion of treatment possibilities
• Take part in interactive case study sessions on optimal management of acute and
chronic leukaemia, myeloma and Hodgkin’s lymphoma, discussed by panels of
multidisciplinary experts
• Share and exchange ideas with the leading practitioners in the field

Malignancies 2011 will
be of particular interest to the
• Haemato-oncologists
• Haematologists
• Clinical oncologists
• Haematopathologists
• Clinical immunologists
• Specialists in transplantation
• Nurse specialists and
nurse practitioners in
haematology, oncology and
• Researchers in haematology,
oncology and immunology
• Specialists in pallitive care
• All trainees in these


Schedule of Presentations:

Tuesday, September 6, 2011
08:00:00 Registration and refreshments
08:55:00 Welcome and introduction
09:05:00 Molecular markers for diagnosis and prognosis of ALL Christine Harrison
09:25:00 Recent refinements in treatment for childhood ALL Ajay Vora
09:50:00 Treatment of ALL in adults over the age of 30 David Marks
10:15:00 Discussion
10:30:00 Refreshments and exhibition viewing
11:00:00 Diagnostic and prognostic factors in AML David Grimwade
11:25:00 Identification and characterisation of AML stem cells Brian Huntly
11:50:00 Stem cell transplantation in AML: who and when? Charles Craddock
12:15:00 Treatment strategies for relapsed AML John Yin
12:40:00 Discussion
12:55:00 Lunch and exhibition viewing
13:50:00 Management of ALL: case studies and MDT panel discussion Cases prepared and presented by Adele Fielding
14:20:00 Management of AML: case studies and MDT panel discussion
14:50:00 Refreshments and exhibition viewing
15:10:00 Exploring the molecular genetics of myeloma Brian Walker
15:35:00 Detection of M-proteins and management of MGUS Jenny Bird
16:00:00 Discussion
16:10:00 Management of myeloma: case studies and MDT panel discussion Kwee Young
16:40:00 Effective communication between other specialists for expansion of treatment possibilities Ray Powles
17:10:00 Close of day one
Wednesday, September 7, 2011
08:30:00 Registration and refreshments
09:00:00 CML: first-line treatment and overcoming resistance to therapy Dragana Milojkovic
09:25:00 Second-line therapies for CML: TKIs or stem cell transplantation? Jiri Pavlu
09:50:00 Front-line therapies for CLL: who to treat, when and with what? Adrian Bloor
10:15:00 Management of relapsed and refractory CLL: current and emerging therapies Stephen Devereux
10:40:00 Discussion
10:55:00 Refreshments and exhibition viewing
11:15:00 Management of CML: case studies and MDT panel discussion Cases prepared and presented by Mary Frances McMullin
11:45:00 Management of CLL: case studies and MDT panel discussion Cases prepared and presented by Estella Matutes
12:15:00 Lunch and exhibition viewing
13:00:00 Improving palliative care provision for patients with advanced malignancies Martin Howard
13:30:00 Survivorship, support and aftercare in haematological cancers: changing the we way we think Alastair Smith
14:00:00 Discussion
14:05:00 LYMPHOMA
14:10:00 Use of functional imaging for disease monitoring in Hodgkin’s and non Hodgkin’s lymphoma George Mikhaeel
14:35:00 Treatment decisions following relapsed indolent non Hodgkin’s lymphoma
15:00:00 Discussion
15:10:00 Refreshments and exhibition viewing
15:30:00 Treatment options for T cell lymphoma
15:55:00 Emerging therapies for the treatment of diffuse large B cell lymphoma Paul Fields
16:20:00 Discussion
16:30:00 Management of Hodgkin’s lymphoma: case studies and MDT panel discussion | Cases prepared and presented by Chris Hatton
17:00:00 Discussion and close of conference
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