4th Heidelberg Deformity-Day
Orthopaedic University Hospital Heidelberg
Schlierbacher Landstr. 200a 69118 Heidelberg Germany
Heidelberg, Germany
 After three successful meetings we cordially invite you to attend and participate the Heidelberg Deformity Day IV, which will take place in Heidelberg, Germany on September 30th and October 1st, 2011.

This year the main focus of D-Day lies on the management and the strategies for avoidance of complications and pitfalls of foot and ankle surgery. Again we prepared an interesting programme which will be enriched by our distinguished faculty from different countries all over the world. You will experience a voyage through the most important topics of paediatric and adult foot surgery. The knowledge of complications and their management is of major importance for a successful treatment of foot and ankle deformities.

The feedback of the past meetings encouraged us to proceed with our concept to provide an excellent platform for discussions and to share the knowledge and experiences of you and the faculty. Therefore, we kindly invite you to bring your cases (clinical pictures, x-rays, videos) to discuss them during the cases of the audience sessions. Feel free to contact us before the meeting for an easy incorporation in the programme. Furthermore, this year's programme will focus more on the discussion with the audience.

Of course, besides the regular presentations, we hold on our concept of panel discussions, audio-response sessions and cases of the audience sessions for a programme which is rich in variety. On Friday subsequent to the scientific programme we cordially invite you to our get-together Bavarian party.

We look forward to meeting you in Heidelberg and to sharing our experiences with you.


Schedule of Presentations:

Friday, September 30, 2011
08:00:00 Registration
08:25:00 Introduction
08:30:00 Welcome
08:40:00 Introduction Wolfram Wenz
09:10:00 Keynote Lecture
09:25:00 Topic I: Mistakes in indication Sunil Dhar
09:30:00 Understanding the deforming forces
09:45:00 Neurogenic vs congenital deformities Kunbo Park
10:00:00 Who is the wrong patient? Dishan Singh
10:15:00 Indication algorithms Michael Dujela
10:30:00 Coffee break and industrial exhibition
11:30:00 Topic II: Problems in soft tissue surgery Kunbo Park
11:30:00 Finding the right transfer tendon W. Bret Smith
11:45:00 Where to put the transfer tendon? Dishan Singh
12:00:00 How to fix the transfer tendon? Anish R. Kadakia
12:15:00 How to balance? Thomas Dreher
12:30:00 Lunch, workshops, industrial exhibition
13:55:00 Topic III: Problems in bony surgery John S Gould
14:00:00 How to perform the perfect osteotomy? Dan-Henrik Boack
14:15:00 When and how should we fuse the joint? Hans Zwipp
14:30:00 How to fix? Georg Gradl
14:45:00 Bone healing problems and strategies for management John S Gould
14:50:00 Topic IV: Diabetes associated problems
14:55:00 How to fix the diabetic and charcot-foot Anish R. Kadakia
15:00:00 Advantages and problems of internal fixation John S Gould
15:15:00 Outcome after internal fixation in charcot-foot Anish R. Kadakia
15:30:00 Amputate or reconstruct? Ralph Springfeld
15:45:00 Skin healing and associated problems in diabetes Georg Gradl
16:00:00 Coffee break and industrial exhibition
16:25:00 Panel I – My way of complication management Dishan Singh
16:30:00 Cases of Dan-Henrik Boack Dan-Henrik Boack
16:40:00 Cases of Sunil Dhar Sunil Dhar
16:50:00 Cases of Anish Kadakia Anish R. Kadakia
17:00:00 Cases of Michael Dujela Michael Dujela
17:10:00 Cases of Dishan Singh Dishan Singh
17:20:00 Cases of Hans Zwipp Hans Zwipp
17:30:00 Cases of Ralph Springfeld Ralph Springfeld
17:30:00 Panel II – Lost battles W. Bret Smith
17:40:00 Cases of Thomas Dreher Thomas Dreher
17:50:00 Cases of John Samuel Gould John S Gould
18:00:00 Cases of Kunbo Park Kunbo Park
18:10:00 Cases of Bret Smith W. Bret Smith
18:20:00 Cases of Wolfram Wenz Wolfram Wenz
18:30:00 Cases of the audience
19:00:00 Get together in the industrial exhibition
Saturday, October 1, 2011
08:15:00 Registration
08:45:00 Keynote Lecture - “Work-Life-Balance of the Foot” David Stainsby
09:30:00 Topic V: Over- and undercorrection in deformity treatment Ernst Orthner
09:30:00 Clinical relevance of over-and undercorrection Wolfram Wenz
09:45:00 Reasons and management of undercorrection and relapse Kunbo Park
10:00:00 Reasons and management of overcorrection Ernst Orthner
10:15:00 Coffee break and industrial exhibition
10:45:00 Live Surgery Thomas Dreher
11:00:00 Topic VI: Problems after complex foot and ankle trauma Gerhard Schmidmaier
11:05:00 The treatment of complex foot trauma Jan von Recum
11:15:00 Failures of initial treatment in complex foot trauma and their management Anish R. Kadakia
11:30:00 Problems and management of compartment syndrome and its consequences Hans Zwipp
11:45:00 Non-union after complex foot trauma Gerhard Schmidmaier
12:15:00 Lunch, workshops, industrial exhibition
13:45:00 Panel III – Complex foot trauma, bone and wound healing problems Jan von Recum
13:50:00 Cases of Dan-Henrik Boack Dan-Henrik Boack
13:55:00 Cases of Georg Gradl Georg Gradl
14:05:00 Cases of Anish Kadakia Anish R. Kadakia
14:15:00 Cases of Jan von Recum Jan von Recum
14:25:00 Cases of Gerhard Schmidmaier Gerhard Schmidmaier
14:35:00 Cases of Hans Zwipp Hans Zwipp
14:40:00 Topic VII: Problems in/after total ankle replacement Dan-Henrik Boack, Georg Gradl
14:45:00 Indications and contraindications Michael Dujela
15:00:00 Planning complex cases Dan-Henrik Boack
15:15:00 Revision TAR – Limitations, Problems and Management W. Bret Smith
15:30:00 Reconversion – Limitations, Problems and Management Sunil Dhar
15:45:00 Coffee break and industrial exhibition
16:30:00 Audience response-session
17:30:00 Panel IV – Good Luck / Bad Luck Wolfram Wenz
17:35:00 Cases of Hans Zwipp Hans Zwipp
17:40:00 Cases of Michael Dujela
17:50:00 Cases of John Samuel Gould John S Gould
18:00:00 Cases of Dishan Singh Dishan Singh
18:10:00 Cases of Bret Smith W. Bret Smith
18:20:00 Cases of Wolfram Wenz Wolfram Wenz
18:30:00 Cases of the audience
19:00:00 End of meeting
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