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Athens Hilton Hotel, 5*
46, V. Sofias Avenue, 11528, Athens, Greece
Athens, Greece
The Hellenic Society of Internal Medicine has the pleasure and honor to host the 10th Anniversary Congress of the European Federation of Internal Medicine, which will take place October 5-8, 2011 in Athens, Greece.

The Scientific Committee structures a program that will cover all contemporary key aspects of the internal medicine and related fields and will initiate a dialogue that will bring together experts of the laboratory research with clinical practitioners through a range of interactive sessions.

Interesting content, high-quality scientific program, extensive exhibition, interactive sessions and networking opportunities will be the basic components of this premier event.

The audience of internists will experience and enjoy not only a “journey� through the latest developments of the scientific field, but also the actual journey in Athens, one of the most attractive cities in Greece.

On behalf of the Hellenic Society of Internal Medicine, I would like to express my strong belief that participating in the 10th EFIM Congress will be an experience to remember

Looking forward to welcoming you in Athens!


Schedule of Presentations:

Wednesday, October 5, 2011
20:00:00 HIPPOCRATES KEYNOTE LECTURE | "The European Health Economy in the Financial Crisis' Yannis Stournaras, Matthias Graf Von Der Schulenburg
20:30:00 WELCOME
Thursday, October 6, 2011
09:30:00 Terpsichore B Hall | ORAL PRESENTATIONS
09:30:00 Erato ABC Hall | 2ND NURSES DAY | OPENING REMARKS Nuran Akdemir
09:30:00 SYMPOSIUM | ''Iron in Internal Medicine'' | Terpsichore A Hall Maria Domenica Cappellini, Ioannis Papassotiriou
09:35:00 Terpsichore A Hall | Hepcidin in clinical practice
09:45:00 Terpsichore A Hall | Anemia of chronic disease
09:55:00 Terpsichore A Hall | Clinical aspects of genetic hemochromatosis
10:00:00 Erato ABC Hall | LECTURE | EFN: Making Strong The Nursing Role On Patient Care
10:30:00 Erato ABC Hall | LECTURE | ICN IND 2011 Theme Closing The Gap: Increasing Access and Equity
11:30:00 Terpsichore A Hall | PLENARY LECTURE | Vitamin D: a panacea for life?
12:00:00 Erato ABC Hall | BREAK
12:00:00 Terpsichore A Hall | THE AMERICAN COLLEGE OF PHYSICIANS (ACP) LECTURE | High‐Value Cost‐Conscious Care Werner Bauer
12:30:00 Terpsichore B Hall | CLINICAL SESSION | The year in review: The best clinical papers in 2011 Faustino Ferreira, António Vaz Carneiro
12:30:00 Terpsichore A Hall | PARALLEL LECTURE | Thyroid nodules: Modern management Apostolos Vagenakis, Jan Willem Elte
13:00:00 Terpsichore A Hall | PLENARY LECTURE | Recent anvances and challenges in the treatment of type 2 diabetes Sotirios A. Raptis, Werner A. Scherbaum
13:30:00 Erato ABC Hall | PANEL | Dynamic on European Nursing Education and Training Shirley Reveley
14:30:00 Terpsichore B Hall | INTERACTIVE CASE STUDY | CHD: What intervention for my patient? Valentin Kokorin
14:30:00 Terpsichore A Hall | ROUND TABLE | Resistance to Medicine Efstratios Maltezos
14:40:00 Terpsichore B Hall | J curve in hypertension: Does it exist?”, Jiri Widimsky ”CHD: intervention or conservative treatment in angina?
14:45:00 Terpsichore A Hall | Insulin resistance George Dimitriadis
14:50:00 Terpsichore B Hall | Bypass/ angioplasty‐stent
15:00:00 Erato ABC Hall | COFFEE BREAK
15:00:00 Terpsichore A Hall | The burden of antibiotic resistance Helen Giamarellou
15:15:00 Terpsichore A Hall | Chemotherapy resistance Meletios A. Dimopoulos
15:30:00 Terpsichore B Hall | PARALLEL LECTURE | Current approach to pulmonary hypertension in the presence of associated or underlying disease(s) Anastasia Kotanidou, Stylianos Orfanos
16:00:00 Terpsichore A Hall | ROUND TABLE | Clinical Focus in Antithrombotic therapy Pier M. Mannucci, Christos D. Liapis
16:00:00 Terpsichore B Hall | CLINICAL GRAND ROUNDS | CLINICAL GRAND ROUNDS | Eppur si muove" (And yet it moves): Zoonoses for the non‐initiated: when to suspect them, how to diagnose them, how to treat them
16:15:00 Terpsichore A Hall | New Anticoagulants in atrial fibrillation Pier M. Mannucci
16:15:00 Terpsichore B Hall | The Dutch experience: Q fever in the Netherlands
16:30:00 Terpsichore B Hall | The Balkan experience: Brucellosis
16:30:00 Terpsichore A Hall | Acute Stroke and TIA: Antithrombotic Management Update Christos D. Liapis
16:45:00 Terpsichore A Hall | Venous Thromboembolism in the Cancer Patient Manuel Monreal
16:45:00 Terpsichore B Hall | The Greek experience: West Nile virus
17:00:00 Terpsichore A Hall | Managing Complications of Anticoagulation Therapy: The Bleeding and Anticoagulant Patient
18:00:00 Terpsichore A Hall | ASCLEPIUS AWARD & LECTURE | Subphenotypes of Obesity: Role of liver and brain Sotirios A. Raptis
18:30:00 Terpsichore A Hall | SYMPOSIUM | Current management of chronic HBV and HCV infections George Dalekos
18:45:00 Terpsichore A Hall | Indications of treatment and how‐to‐treat patients with chronic hepatitis B George Papatheodoridis
19:00:00 Terpsichore A Hall | Treatment of HBV infection in special patient groups Giovanni Raimondo
19:10:00 Terpsichore A Hall | Treatment options in chronic HCV infection: The nonresponder or relapser patient Hans L. Tillmann
19:20:00 Terpsichore A Hall | Treatment options in chronic HCV infection: The treatmentnaïve patient Cihan Yurdaydin
Friday, October 7, 2011
09:30:00 Terpsichore B Hall | CLINICAL PEARLS | New resuscitation guidelines
09:30:00 Terpsichore A Hall | CLINICAL GRAND ROUNDS | Treating a multimorbid 80 years old patient Athanasions Raptis
09:30:00 Erato ABC Hall | ORAL PRESENTATIONS
09:40:00 Terpsichore A Hall | Heart failure
09:45:00 Terpsichore A Hall | Renal failure
09:50:00 Terpsichore A Hall | Respiratory failure
09:55:00 Terpsichore A Hall | Hepatic insufficiency
10:30:00 Terpsichore A Hall | PLENARY LECTURE | Inflammatory arthritis as a novel risk factor for cardiovascular disease Petros P. Sfikakis, George Kitas
11:30:00 Terpsichore B Hall | PARALLEL LECTURE | Long term metabolic complications in HIV treatment Sven Danner
11:30:00 Terpsichore A Hall | GRAND ROUNDS | Radiology / Oncology / Infectious Diseases Eleni Boutati, Werner Bauer
12:00:00 Terpsichore B Hall | MEET THE EXPERT | Novel therapeutic targets for Rheumatoid arthritis Petros P. Sfikakis, Eugene Joseph Kucharz
12:30:00 Terpsichore B Hall | PARALLEL LECTURE | Subclinical Thyroid Disease: Scientific Review and Guidelines for Diagnosis and Management George Dimitriadis, Apostolos Vagenakis
13:00:00 Terpsichore A Hall | PLENARY LECTURE | Type 3 diabetes: Often Underdiagnosed and Misdiagnosed Reinhard G. Bretzel
14:30:00 Terpsichore B Hall | SYMPOSIUM | Hypertension
14:30:00 Erato ABC Hall | 5th YOUNG INTERNISTS DAY | Young Internists: Who we are? Lenska Bosanska
14:30:00 Terpsichore A Hall | ROUND TABLE | A crossroad in women's health: Autoimmunity, Metabolic syndrome Cardiovascular disease and Cancer Eleni Boutati
14:40:00 Terpsichore A Hall | Women and autoimmunity Daniel Jacques Séréni
14:45:00 Terpsichore B Hall | Salt reduction and blood pressure
14:45:00 Erato ABC Hall | How to get involved? An example from The Netherlands
14:50:00 Terpsichore A Hall | MS in women: A menopause’s effect Eleni Boutati
14:55:00 Terpsichore B Hall | Hypertension and atrial fibrillation
15:00:00 Erato ABC Hall | LECTURE | Why being an internist?
15:05:00 Terpsichore B Hall | The role of exercise & physical fitness in hypertension
15:05:00 Terpsichore A Hall | Red alert for women’s heart
15:15:00 Terpsichore B Hall | Significance of metabolic syndrome in patients treated by primary PCI
15:20:00 Terpsichore A Hall | Αndrogens and cardiovascular risks in women, throughout their life cycle: From puberty, reproductive years to menopause
15:30:00 Erato ABC Hall | SMALL GROUP DISCUSSION Lenska Bosanska
15:30:00 Terpsichore A Hall | Obesity and Cancer
15:35:00 Terpsichore A Hall | Closing Remarks – Discussion – Summary
16:00:00 Terpsichore B Hall | PARALLEL LECTURE | Stem cells: areas of established therapy; areas of vague benefit and areas of disappointing results
16:30:00 Terpsichore A Hall | GRAND ROUND | The Nuclear Debate: Optimizing the diagnostic and screening potential of PET/CT Nikolaos Kelekis, Daniel Jacques Séréni
16:30:00 Terpsichore B Hall | MEET THE EXPERT | How to: Decrease of cardiovascular risk
16:30:00 Erato ABC Hall | BREAK
16:45:00 Terpsichore A Hall | Fever of Unknown Origin Lubos Kotik
17:00:00 Erato ABC Hall | CLINICAL GYMNASIUM Maria Domenica Cappellini, Lorenzo Dagna
17:00:00 Terpsichore B Hall | PARALLEL LECTURE | The role of the kidney in type 2 diabetes Verena Briner
17:00:00 Terpsichore A Hall | Usefulness in chronic inflammatory diseases
17:15:00 Terpsichore A Hall | Usefulness in diagnosis and follow up in cancer patients Amanda Psyrri
17:30:00 Terpsichore B Hall | PARALLEL LECTURE | Asthma and the Elderly / Asthma in Elite‐athletes Christina Gratziou
18:30:00 Terpsichore A Hall | PLENARY LECTURE | Alcohol as a public health issue, particularly as it relates to acute medical admissions Nick Sheron
19:00:00 Terpsichore A Hall | SYMPOSIUM | Hemoglobinophaties: Past, present and future Maria Domenica Cappellini, Dimitrios Loukopoulos
19:45:00 Terpsichore A Hall | Thalassemia and Hemoglobinophaties in Europe: What is changing Dimitrios Loukopoulos
19:50:00 Terpsichore A Hall | The clinical complexity of adult thalassemia patients Maria Domenica Cappellini
19:55:00 Terpsichore A Hall | The new era of iron chelation Antonios Kattamis
20:30:00 Terpsichore A Hall | PLENARY LECTURE | Is Diabetes still a CAD equivalent? Evidence and clinical implications John Lekakis, Eberhard Standl
21:00:00 Terpsichore A Hall | PLENARY LECTURE | Music as a complementary treatment for cardiovascular patients
Saturday, October 8, 2011
09:30:00 Terpsichore A Hall | PLENARY LECTURE | Hepatocellular Carcinoma: Overview of current treatment strategies George Dalekos, Emanuel Manesis
10:00:00 Terpsichore A Hall | ROUND TABLE | Antiphospholipid Syndrome: Current Aspects Petros P. Sfikakis
10:00:00 Terpsichore B Hall | THE BRITISH MEDICAL JOURNAL (BMJ)
10:20:00 Terpsichore B Hall | MEET‐THE‐EDITOR
10:30:00 Terpsichore B Hall | How to publish a scientific paper
10:30:00 Terpsichore A Hall | Pathogenesis of antiphospholipid syndrome Yehuda Shoenfeld
10:40:00 Terpsichore A Hall | Clinical manifestations and management
11:05:00 Terpsichore A Hall | Catastrophic antiphospholipid syndrome Ricard Cervera
12:00:00 Terpsichore A Hall | PLENARY LECTURE | Postprandial Dysmetabolism: A real health damage Sotirios A. Raptis
12:30:00 Terpsichore A Hall | ROUND TABLE | Professionalism in Europe: 9 years later Sotirios A. Raptis
12:45:00 Terpsichore A Hall | Medical Professionalism: European Perspectives
12:50:00 Terpsichore A Hall | The global role of the doctor in health care
14:30:00 Terpsichore B Hall | DEBATE
14:40:00 Terpsichore B Hall | Pro vs. Con: Guideline vs. clinical practice‐driven strategies in treating severe infectious diseases Helen Giamarellou, Serhat Unal
15:00:00 Terpsichore B Hall | Guidelines are essential for treatment and diagnosis George Daikos
15:00:00 Terpsichore A Hall | The German situation of Internal Medicine
15:15:00 Terpsichore B Hall | Nothing can replace clinical judgment Haim Bitterman
16:00:00 Terpsichore A Hall | PLENARY LECTURE | Telomers and their importance: Setting checkpoints in perspective Haim Bitterman, Meir Lahav
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