Shaping the Future of Cardiovascular Care
InterContinental Hotel and Conference Center
9801 Carnegie Avenue Cleveland, OH 44106 216.707.4100
Cleveland, OHIO
    *  Explain the role of HDL in overall cardiovascular risk reduction and how HDL-C particle size may relate to lipid metabolism
    * Describe various cardiac biomarkers and their implications for patient screening and management
    * Review the role of cardiac resynchronization therapy in managing patients with heart failure
    * Discuss strategies for evaluating and treating patients with symptomatic AF
    * Describe the need for accurate diagnosis and risk stratification of stable CAD patients, and interpret findings from COURAGE and BARI 2D.
    * Describe the role of imaging in the diagnosis and risk of cardiovascular disease
    * Examine clinical trial results of novel oral anticoagulants used in the prevention of AF-related stroke
    * Discuss how new and emerging stent technologies have evolved and their potential to improve patient outcomes in CAD
    * Summarize state of the art treatment for aortic and peripheral vascular disease

Schedule of Presentations:

Wednesday, October 5, 2011
16:00:00 Welcome and Opening Remarks Bruce W. Lytle
16:05:00 Session 1 | Overcoming Barriers and Challenges in Translational Research Venu Menon, Stephen Nicholls
16:10:00 Is Over - Regulation of the Drug and Device Industry Hurting Innovation? Stephen Ubl
16:35:00 The European Perspective Rory Collins
16:55:00 The U.S. Perspective Marc S. Sabatine
17:20:00 Panel Discussion | Session Presenters Steven E Nissen
Thursday, October 6, 2011
07:50:00 Session 2 | Structural Heart Disease: Innovations in Intervention Joseph Sabik, Lars G. Svensson
07:55:00 A Closer Look at TAVI: Quality, Cost, Appropriateness, and the Future of Percutaneous Valves
08:00:00 Will TAVI Lead to Inappropriate Use? E. Murat Tuzcu
08:15:00 QOL and Economics David Cohen
08:30:00 Percutaneous vs Minimally Invasive Surgical AVR-A Look at the Results
08:45:00 Transcatheter Valves-Where Will We Be in 5 Years? Michael J. Mack
08:55:00 Valve Choice in Children and Young Adults: Tissue or Mechanical
09:00:00 The Case for Mechanical Valves Hartzell V. Schaff
09:15:00 The Case for Tissue Valves Lawrence Cohn
09:30:00 Panel Discussion | Session Presenters Hani Najm
09:45:00 Session 3 New Frontiers in Preventive Cardiology | The Promise or The Myth? Stephen Nicholls, Leslie Cho
09:50:00 Do Biomarkers Add Value to Traditional Risk Assessment? Roger S. Blumenthal, Paul Ridker
10:20:00 HDL Function is More Important than the Level Stanley L. Hazen, Stephen Nicholls
10:50:00 Management of Dyslipidemia: Where Have We Been and Where Are We Going? Daniel J Rader
11:05:00 Panel Discussion | Session Presenters
11:25:00 Break
11:35:00 Session 4 | AF Management: Current Status and Future Therapeutic Options Bruce D Lindsay, Walid Saliba
11:40:00 Anti-thrombotic Therapies: Should We Still Use Warfarin?
11:50:00 Managing AFib
11:55:00 Management of Atrial Fibrillation: What is the Role of Medical Therapy vs. Ablation? Douglas L. Packer
12:10:00 New Technologies for Catheter Ablation: Spiraling Costs of Care. Distinguishing Value vs. Unnecessary Cost Hugh Calkins
12:25:00 Do Surgeons Underutilize Operations to Eliminate Atrial Fibrillation? James Cox
12:40:00 Panel Discussion | Session Presenters
13:00:00 Lunch
13:50:00 Session 5 | Innovations in Heart Failure and MCS Randall C. Starling, James B. Young
13:55:00 Controversies in Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy
14:00:00 When is the Right Time to Use CRT for Heart Failure: Early vs. Later? Michael R. Gold
14:15:00 What are the Risks of CRT and How Do They Affect Timing of CRT? Bruce Wilkoff
14:30:00 Should We Continue to Expand Criteria for Destination Therapy? Rationale, Cost, and Quality of Life Nicholas G. Smedira, Marriel L. Jessup
15:00:00 Panel Discussion | Session Presenters
15:15:00 Session 6 | Cardiovascular Imaging Thomas Marwick, Brian Griffin
15:20:00 The Role of CCTA in Screening in Low Risk Patients Rita Redberg, Matthew Budoff
15:50:00 Imaging Vulnerable Plaque: Opportunities and Challenges Peter Libby
16:05:00 Panel Discussion | Session Presenters Steven E Nissen, Paul Ridker
16:25:00 Break
16:35:00 Session 7 | Minimally Invasive Approaches to Treating CV Disease Joseph Sabik
16:40:00 Percutaneous Repair of the Mitral Valve Should Not Be the First Option A. Marc Gillinov, Howard C. Herrmann
17:10:00 Minimally Invasive Approaches Do Not Confer an Advantage Cary W. Akins, Tomislav Mihaljevic
17:40:00 Panel Discussion | Session Presenters
Friday, October 7, 2011
07:55:00 Session 8 | Hot Topics in Aortic and Vascular Disease Management Matthew J. Eagleton, Heather Gornik
08:00:00 Advances in Endovascular Aortic Repair: Conquering the Ascending and Aortic Arch - Will Open Surgery Ever Be Necessary Again? Roy K. Greenberg, Joseph S. Coselli
08:30:00 Repair of Chronic Dissections: Endo versus Open - Which is Safer and Which is More Effective? Joseph Bavaria, Eric E. Roselli
09:00:00 Peripheral Innovations - Have We Really Made a Difference in Outcomes Carotid Stenting Wesley Moore
09:15:00 SFA Intervention - Atherectomy, Drug Eluting Balloons, Drug Eluting Stents Daniel G. Clair
09:30:00 Panel Discussion | Session Presenters
09:55:00 Session 9 | Ideal Management of CAD Bruce W. Lytle, Samir R. Kapadia
10:00:00 Utilizing Imaging to Guide Cost Effective Care Thomas Marwick
10:00:00 Break
10:40:00 Optimal Management Strategies
10:45:00 Medical Therapy is Still the Best William S Weintraub
11:00:00 Stents Stephen G. Ellis
11:15:00 Surgery Joseph Sabik
11:30:00 Bariatric Surgery | The Ultimate Cure for CVD
11:45:00 Panel Discussion | Session Presenters Hani Najm
12:15:00 Adjourn
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