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5th European Pediatric Motility Meeting
Academic Medical Center
Meibergdreef 9 NL-1105 AZ Amsterdam T +31 20 566 39 26 F +31 20 697 55 94
Amsterdam, Netherland
It is with great pleasure that I announce that
Amsterdam, and in particular the Emma Children’s
Hospital/AMC, will organize the 5th European
Pediatric Motility Meeting.
We hope that our 5th meeting will again provide
an unique opportunity to exchange experiences,
discuss new developments and ideas, show you the
latest developments by means of live demonstrations
and more importantly strike up some new
friendships. The field of gastrointestinal motility
in children and adolescents is still developing and
we make more and more progress in understanding
these common gastrointestinal problems.
As you will see from the programme, world-renowned
specialists in our field will come to Amsterdam and
will cover all aspects of pediatric motility. In 3 days
a full scope of topics will pass and we invite you to
be part of this exciting programme.
Please be welcome in Amsterdam from 8 to 10
December 2011 and enjoy our city in wintertime.

Schedule of Presentations:

Thursday, December 8, 2011
09:30:00 Gastro-esophageal reflux disease in the infant and older child
09:35:00 Motility disorders and genetics: The future is bright Raoul Hennekam
09:50:00 Non-acid reflux as a cause of symptoms André Smout
10:10:00 Role of diagnostic tests in GERD Tobias Wenzl
10:30:00 l i v e de m o : pH-metry and pH-impedance for symptomatic reflux disease Taher Omari, Tobias Wenzl, Yvan Vandenplas
11:00:00 c o f f e e b r e a k
11:30:00 Non-pharmacologic therapies for GERD Michiel van Wijk
11:30:00 Gastro-esophageal reflux disease in the infant and older child
11:50:00 Uses and abuses of acid suppressing therapy for GERD in children Eric Hassall
12:10:00 New emerging therapies, including GABA-agonists André Smout
12:30:00 Surgical endoscopic interventions for GERD, why and when? Mike Thomson
13:00:00 l u n c h | Poster presentation and discussion with authors
14:00:00 Allergy and motility Eric Hassall
14:05:00 Eosinophilic esophagitis
14:20:00 Cow’s milk allergy / food intolerance and motility Yvan Vandenplas
14:40:00 New insights in pathophysiology and therapy in achalasia Guy Boeckxstaens
15:00:00 l i v e de m o : High resolution manometry André Smout
15:30:00 Tea Break
16:00:00 Extra-esophageal symptoms and motility Mike Thomson, Michiel van Wijk
16:05:00 Belching, aerophagia and rumination
16:20:00 Pharyngo-esophageal motility in neurologically impaired children
16:40:00 Extra-esophageal symptoms and how do we treat them?
17:00:00 l i v e de m o | Pharyngeal HR manometry
Friday, December 9, 2011
09:00:00 Obesity in the adolescent André Smout
09:05:00 Obesity and it’s relation to motility disorders André Smout
09:20:00 Dietary and pharmacological intervention/motility Ad Masclee
09:40:00 Swallowing and GI physiology following LAP banding Taher Omari
10:00:00 Surgical treatment (bariatric treatment) Justin de Jong
10:30:00 c o f f e e b r e a k
10:45:00 Bacteria and functional Gastro Intestinal disease Miguel Saps
10:45:00 Probiotics and FGID
11:05:00 Bacteria and functional GI disease Denise Kelly
11:45:00 Marc Benninga
12:05:00 Selected oral presentations Yvan Vandenplas
12:10:00 Abstract 1
12:20:00 Abstract 2
12:30:00 Abstract 3
12:40:00 Abstract 4
12:50:00 Abstract 5
13:00:00 Abstract 6
13:10:00 l u n c h | Poster presentation and discussion with authors
14:00:00 Abdominal pain Arine Vlieger
14:05:00 From bench to bedside? René van den Wijngaard
14:20:00 Functional abdominal pain and infectious disease Miguel Saps
14:40:00 What do we really need in the work-up of abdominal pain? Carlo Di Lorenzo
15:00:00 Pharmacological treatment for abdominal pain Miguel Saps
15:30:00 t e a b r e a k
15:45:00 Behavior and sexual abuse in children with abdominal pain Miranda van Tilburg
16:05:00 Non-pharmacological treatment for abdominal pain Arine Vlieger
16:25:00 The role of placebo in functional Gastro Intestinal disease Irving Kirsch
Saturday, December 10, 2011
08:55:00 Defecation disorders Marc Benninga
09:00:00 Advances of enteric neurobiology: how close are we for clinical use?
09:20:00 Brain imaging and FGID
09:40:00 Hyposensitivity and constipation, true or untrue? Mark Scott
10:00:00 Diagnostic testing in constipation; is it necessary? Carlo Di Lorenzo
10:30:00 c o f f e e b r e a k
11:00:00 l i v e de m o : Smart Pill Mark Scott
11:30:00 i v e de m o : Colonic HR-manometry Phil Dinning, Carlo Di Lorenzo
12:30:00 l i v e de m o : Percutaneaous Endoscopic Cecostomy for refractory constipation Justin de Jong, Bart Koot
13:00:00 l u n c h
14:00:00 Defecation disorders Carlo Di Lorenzo
14:05:00 Treatment of constipation: where do we go? Annamaria Staiano
14:20:00 Treatment of slow transit constipation Bridget Southwell
14:40:00 Long-term follow-up and course of life in children with constipation Marc Benninga
15:00:00 t e a b r e a k
15:30:00 The role of the mast cell in motility Wouter de Jonge
15:50:00 The clinical picture of pseudo-obstruction syndrome Nikhil Thapar
16:10:00 From ACE to Replace – role of surgery and transplantation in motility disorders Carlo Di Lorenzo
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