Update in Internal Medicine
The Westin Copley Place
10 Huntington Avenue Boston, MA 02116, United States (617) 262-9600
Boston, Massachusetts
# Ask the Expert: Answering Your Questions
# Cardiovascular Disease
# Leadership
# Obesity
# Live on stage Orthopedics Workshop
# Prostate Cancer
# Viral Hepatitis
# Plus Mind Beyond Brain: A New Understanding of Consciousness
The major objective of this course is to provide you with a comprehensive review of the most important advances that have recently been made in internal medicine.

The emphasis will be placed on progress that has been made in basic science, pathophysiology and clinical management of the most common disorders seen by you. Each of the major subspecialties will be covered including:

    * cardiology
    * endocrinology
    * gastroenterology
    * hematology
    * infectious diseases
    * nephrology
    * neurology
    * oncology
    * pulmonary disease
    * rheumatology
    * plus special lecture of relevance to the current practice of medicine.

You will also receive a CD‑ROM including chest x‑rays, ECGs, peripheral smears, cutaneous lesions, liver and renal biopsies, and selected ocular, endocrine, rheumatological and gastrointestinal abnormalities will be provided together with an extensive syllabus.

We hope that you will leave this course informed and inspired and through your work your patients will live healthier and happier lives.
Participation in this course will be immensely helpful if you are preparing for the internal medicine boards or recertification examination.

    * Practicing internists and family physicians interested in refreshing their knowledge in internal medicine.

    * Physicians preparing for the recertification examination or the internal medicine boards.

# An understanding of the clinically important advances that have been made in common diseases.

# An awareness of areas of strength and weakness by participating in interactive computer‑based sessions.

# Recommendations for optimal management of many common diseases.

# An educational CD-ROM.

# A complete syllabus that will allow you to review material at home.


Schedule of Presentations:

Sunday, December 4, 2011
07:00:00 Registration and Continental Breakfast
07:45:00 Introduction and Welcome Martin J Abrahamson
07:55:00 Oncology
08:00:00 Assessment and Management of Breast and Ovarian Cancer Risk: An Update NADINE M. TUNG
08:50:00 How We Think About and Manage Breast Cancer in 2011 Steven E. Come
09:15:00 Update on Lung and Colorectal Cancer Steven E. Come
10:05:00 Refreshment Break
10:20:00 Cancer: From Bench to Bedside Lowell E Schnipper
11:10:00 Oncology Q & A Lowell E Schnipper
11:25:00 Oncology: Challenging Cases with Your Participation Lowell E Schnipper
12:10:00 Lunch Break
13:20:00 Rheumatology
13:25:00 Gout: The Most Treatable Rheumatic Disease
14:05:00 Rheumatoid Arthritis
14:45:00 Rejuvenation Exercises
14:55:00 Diagnostic Tests in Rheumatic Disease: What's Old, What's New & What's Useful Robert H. Shmerling
15:30:00 Refreshment Break
15:50:00 Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) George C. Tsokos
16:30:00 Rheumatology Q & A Robert H. Shmerling
16:45:00 Rheumatology: Challenging Cases with Your Participation Robert H. Shmerling
17:25:00 Special Lecture
17:30:00 Ask the Expert: Neurology
Monday, December 5, 2011
06:30:00 Continental Breakfast
06:55:00 Endocrinology
07:00:00 Targeting Type 1 Diabetes: Complications and Glycemia
07:50:00 Treatment of Type 2 Diabetes 2011: Advances, Challenges and Opportunities Martin J Abrahamson
08:40:00 Refreshment Break
09:00:00 Osteoporosis Management in the Era of Limited Resources HAROLD N. ROSEN
09:40:00 Problems in Thyroid Disease
10:25:00 Endocrinology Q & A Martin J Abrahamson
10:40:00 Endocrinology: Challenging Cases with Your Participation Martin J Abrahamson
11:20:00 Gastroenterology
11:25:00 Clostridium Difficile Infection: More Difficult Than Ever J. THOMAS LAMONT
12:10:00 Lunch Break
13:05:00 Gastroenterology
13:10:00 Irritable Bowel Syndrome ANTHONY LEMBO
13:45:00 Special Lecture
13:50:00 New Frontiers in Radiology Jonathan B. Kruskal
14:30:00 Gastroenterology
14:35:00 Rejuvenation Exercises
14:45:00 Laboratory Tests and Diagnostic Procedures in Liver Disease: Adventures in Liverland Sanjiv Chopra
15:25:00 Refreshment Break
15:45:00 Celiac Sprue: Protean Manifestations CIARÁN P. KELLY
16:30:00 Inflammatory Bowel Disease: What Every Clinician Needs to Know ADAM S. CHEIFETZ
17:15:00 Gastroenterology Q & A CIARÁN P. KELLY
17:30:00 Gastroenterology: Challenging Cases with Your Participation Sanjiv Chopra
18:10:00 Special Lecture
18:15:00 Sleep Apnea: Review and Update MELANIE S. POGACH
Tuesday, December 6, 2011
06:30:00 Continental Breakfast
06:55:00 Special Symposium: An Orthopedics Primer
07:00:00 The Evaluation and Management of Common Disorders of the Shoulder ARUN J. RAMAPPA
07:40:00 The Evaluation and Management of Common Disorders of the Knee C. Christopher Smith
08:10:00 The Evaluation and Management of Common Disorders of the Hand CHARLES S. DAY
08:40:00 Panel Discussion
09:00:00 Refreshment Break
09:15:00 Keynote Lecture
09:20:00 Mind Beyond Brain: A New Understanding of Consciousness
11:00:00 Special Lecture
11:05:00 Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease: A Burgeoning Epidemic Sanjiv Chopra
11:55:00 Lunch Break
12:45:00 Viral Hepatitis: A Special Symposium
12:50:00 Hepatitis A and Hepatitis E: A Quick Primer MICHAEL P. CURRY
13:30:00 Hepatitis B: Recent Advances NEZAM H. AFDHAL
14:10:00 Chronic Hepatitis C: A Multifaceted Disease Sanjiv Chopra
14:55:00 Panel Discussion NEZAM H. AFDHAL
15:15:00 Rejuvenation Exercises
15:20:00 Infectious Diseases
15:25:00 New and Emerging Infections
16:05:00 Refreshment Break
16:25:00 Fevers in the Returning Traveler WENDY STEAD
17:05:00 Care of the HIV Patient: A Primary Care Physician's Perspective Howard Libman
17:45:00 Infectious Diseases Q & A A. w. Karchmer
18:00:00 Infectious Diseases: Challenging Cases with Your Participation A. w. Karchmer
Wednesday, December 7, 2011
06:30:00 Continental Breakfast
06:55:00 Special Lecture
07:00:00 Ask the Expert: ENT/ Ophthalmology
08:15:00 Leadership Symposium
08:20:00 Leadership for the 21st Century: The 10 Tenets of Leadership Sanjiv Chopra
09:05:00 Quality and Safety: Raising the Bar Mark L. Zeidel
09:50:00 Refreshment Break
10:05:00 Ethics, Skills and Professional Satisfaction B. LACHLAN FORROW
10:50:00 The Art and Science of Strategic Thinking MELVYN A.J. MENEZES
11:30:00 Delivering Customer Service Excellence Martin J Abrahamson
12:10:00 Panel Discussion Sanjiv Chopra, Mark L. Zeidel, B. LACHLAN FORROW, MELVYN A.J. MENEZES, Martin J Abrahamson
12:40:00 Lunch Break
13:25:00 Cardiology
13:30:00 Noninvasive Cardiac Imaging: So Many Tools to Choose From WARREN J. MANNING
14:10:00 Peripheral Arterial Disease: Journey of 1000 Steps Duane S Pinto
14:45:00 Rejuvenation Exercises
14:55:00 Atrial Fibrillation PETER J. ZIMETBAUM
15:35:00 Refreshment Break
15:50:00 Congestive Heart Failure
16:30:00 Valvular Heart Disease ELI V. GELFAND
17:10:00 Interventional Cardiology DONALD E. CUTLIP
17:35:00 Cardiology Q & A
17:50:00 Cardiology: Challenging Cases with Your Participation
Thursday, December 8, 2011
06:30:00 Continental Breakfast
06:55:00 Special Lectures
07:00:00 Sudden Death – Epidemiology and Therapy Mark E. Josephson
07:40:00 Heart Disease in Women
08:05:00 Special Symposium: Obesity Symposium
08:10:00 MedicalManagement of Obesity: What the PCP Needs to Know JODY DUSHAY
08:40:00 Surgical Treatment of Obesity DANIEL B. JONES
09:10:00 Panel Discussion JODY DUSHAY
09:25:00 Refreshment Break
09:35:00 Hematology
09:40:00 Don't Miss Causes of Anemia Reed Drews
10:30:00 Risks and Benefits ofModern Transfusion Practices LYNNE UHL
11:10:00 Diagnosis and Management of Hypercoagulability and New Anti-Coagulants: Interpreting the Data KENNETH A. BAUER
11:55:00 Hematology Q & A Reed Drews
12:10:00 Hematology: Challenging Cases with Your Participation Reed Drews
12:55:00 Lunch Break
13:45:00 Nephrology
13:50:00 Approach to the Patient with Proteinuria and Hematuria
14:30:00 Acute Renal Failure Mark L. Zeidel
15:10:00 Rejuvenation Exercises
15:20:00 Relation Between Salt and Water
16:10:00 Refreshment Break
16:30:00 Prevention and Treatment of Chronic Kidney Disease: Early Diagnosis and Aggressive Treatment ROBERT C. STANTON
17:15:00 Genetics and Nephrology MARTIN Pollak
18:00:00 Nephrology Q & A Robert S. Brown
18:15:00 Nephrology: Challenging Cases with Your Participation Robert S. Brown
Friday, December 9, 2011
06:30:00 Continental Breakfast
06:55:00 Cardiovascular Disease: A Special Symposium
07:00:00 Hyperlipidemia Update Including Markers of Vascular Inflammation
07:45:00 Hypertension 2011: Recent Trials and Rational Therapy Gerald W. Smetana
08:25:00 Acute Coronary Syndromes Duane S Pinto
09:15:00 Refreshment Break
09:35:00 Management of Chronic Coronary Disease DAVID O'HALLORAN
10:15:00 Panel Discussion Duane S Pinto
10:25:00 Special Lecture
10:30:00 What Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Want Us To Know About Health Care Disparities
11:10:00 Prostate Cancer Symposium
11:15:00 Prostate Cancer Update MARC B. GARNICK
11:55:00 A Patient's Perspective
12:15:00 Q & A Session MARC B. GARNICK
12:25:00 Lunch Break
13:15:00 Special Lecture
13:20:00 Pain Management CAROL A. WARFIELD
13:55:00 Pulmonary Disease
14:00:00 Update on Venous Thromboembolism PETER F. CLARDY
14:35:00 Fresh Air: What's New in Asthma 2011 JAVED SHEIKH
15:25:00 Rejuvenation Exercises
15:35:00 Beyond the "Hype": Pulmonary Hypertension in 2011 DAVID H. ROBERTS
16:10:00 Refreshment Break
16:25:00 Understanding COPD: Going Beyond the Wheeze Richard Schwartzstein
17:05:00 Everything You Really Need to Know About Diffuse Lung Disease
17:45:00 Pulmonary Q & A
18:00:00 Pulmonary: Challenging Cases with Your Participation Richard Schwartzstein
Saturday, December 10, 2011
07:00:00 Continental Breakfast
07:25:00 Special Lectures
07:30:00 Dementia: Current and Future Treatment Options DANIEL PRESS
08:15:00 Falls in the Elderly LEWIS A. LIPSITZ
08:55:00 Refreshment Break
09:15:00 Vitamin D: Myth or Miracle? Frank J. Domino
09:55:00 Malpractice: What the PCP Needs to Know
10:35:00 Seizures STEVEN C. SCHACHTER
3D Tissue Models
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