Cosa 38th Annual Scientific Meeting
Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre
21 Mounts Bay Road Perth WA 6000, Australia (08)9338 0300
Western Australia, Australia
The COSA Annual Scientific Meeting is the premier gathering of cancer health professionals in our region. Being the peak multidisciplinary cancer conference in Australia, COSA welcomes clinicians and researchers working in cancer from medical and radiation oncology, surgery, nursing, pharmacy, and allied health.
The theme for the 2011 ASM is “Partnerships against cancer - bridging gaps, breaking barriers�, and will highlight the opportunities and challenges facing cancer health care today and in the future. This year’s scientific program will focus on urological, prostate and colorectal cancers, as well as the role of primary care in cancer.
COSA welcomes the Australian and New Zealand Urogenital and Prostate Cancer Trials Group (ANZUP) as its official partner for the 2011 ASM. This partnership will help ensure the program includes state of the art presentations on the most up to date cancer treatment, research and education in prostate and other urogenital cancers.
COSA will again host a number of satellite meetings, Clinical Professional Days for COSA Groups and a Consumer Forum co-hosted with Cancer Voices Australia. 
As this year’s ASM is being held at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre, COSA is taking advantage of Perth’s proximity to Asia and are planning to host a meeting of cancer leaders in the region – the inaugural Asia-Pacific Cancer Roundtable. We hope the meeting with be a starting point to developing a common strategy for cancer control in our region through effective collaboration, sharing of resources, training and joint advocacy.
“Everything you need to know about colorectal cancer� – a weekend workshop for advanced trainees – will be held before the ASM (12-13 November 2011), at the St John of God Hospital in Subiaco.
We have already secured many leading experts from the international and local cancer communities. So, you can’t afford to miss out this year.
We look forward to seeing you in Perth!

Schedule of Presentations:

Tuesday, November 15, 2011
07:20:00 Evolving perspectives in the treatment of urothelial cancer Ian Davis
07:25:00 How can we improve the number of patients cured of bladder cancer? Chris Sweeney
07:30:00 Improving surgical outcomes in bladder cancer
09:10:00 PLENARY | Partnerships against cancer
09:20:00 Aspirin for whom and preventing which disease? Ian Olver
09:30:00 The challenges of early diagnosis of cancer in primary care Jon Emery
09:40:00 An evolutionary process: the role of primary care in cancer follow-up
10:20:00 What is the future of dealing with Asbestos in Australia?
10:30:00 Morning Tea and Poster Preview
11:00:00 CONCURRENT SYMPOSIA | Work Related Cancers
11:10:00 The number of cancers caused by occupation in the UK Lesley Rushton
11:30:00 Occupational cancer: An online learning initiative for General Practitioners Lauren Atkinson
11:35:00 Working with General Practitioners to care for the carers of advanced cancer patients
11:40:00 Defining the problem Letitia Burridge
11:45:00 Introduction to the Caregiver Needs Assessment Tool (NAT-C) and GP Caregiver Toolkit Afaf Girgis
11:50:00 Implementing the NAT-C in oncology practice Moyez Jiwa
11:55:00 Introducing the NAT-C in oncology practice
12:00:00 Wrapping up and evaluation - does the Needs Assessment Tool - Carers (NAT-C) work?
12:05:00 Prostate cancer: Old problems and New Possibilities
12:10:00 New horizons for treating advanced prostate cancer Ian Davis
12:15:00 Genetics of prostate cancer: current status and implications for clinical practice Gillian Mitchell
12:20:00 Sexual consequences of prostate cancer treatment: Is it more than hydraulics? Isabel White
12:25:00 It's personal!
12:30:00 Best of the Best Orals - Basic and Translational research David Goldstein
12:30:00 Best of the Best Orals - Clinical Sciences and Colorectal
12:35:00 Lunch
12:45:00 Group meetings
13:30:00 PLENARY | Urologic oncology: Beyond the medical oncologists Ian Davis
13:35:00 The Molecular Urologist: Convergence of Academic Surgery and Genomic Personalized Medicine Seth P. Lerner
13:40:00 Sexual recovery after urological cancer: Embracing the couple Isabel White
13:45:00 New frontiers in GU radiotherapy Andrew Kneebone
13:50:00 Psychosocial concerns of a familial cancer diagnosis Gillian Mitchell
15:00:00 Afternoon Tea: Best of the Best Posters: Poster Viewing
15:15:00 Best of the Best Posters: Decision Making and Education
15:20:00 Best of the Best Posters: Translational
16:00:00 CONCURRENT SYMPOSIA | Bladder cancer Manish N. Patel
16:05:00 Management of Ta and T1 bladder cancer Michael Wallace
16:10:00 Multidisciplinary integrated treatment of muscle invasive bladder cancer Seth P. Lerner
16:15:00 What biology can we target to improve systemic therapy for urothelial cancer? Chris Sweeney
16:20:00 Urothelial carcinoma - a case study Kath Schubach
16:25:00 ext generation sequencing - Cancer genetics
16:30:00 Next generation sequencing: Brave new world or just the daily grind? Richard Allcock
16:35:00 Variation detection in cancer
16:40:00 The International Cancer Genome Consortium, how close to the clinic
16:45:00 The problem of too much genetic information-collateral findings in genomic sequencing Jack Goldblatt
16:50:00 Competency and delivery of cancer drug therapy
16:55:00 Delivering chemotherapy in diverse locations across Western Australia: Challenges and needs
17:00:00 Cancer medications management. Developing a framework to guide quality and competency in diverse settings Christine Carrington
17:05:00 Needs and limitations for a visiting Medical Oncologist and regional cancer services
17:10:00 Lessons learned and benefits gained when implementing a chemotherapy competency program in a multi-disciplinary clinic Judith A. Smith
17:15:00 The challenge of credentialing across state wide cancer services Rachel Jenkin
17:20:00 Best of the Best Orals - Supportive Care 1
17:25:00 Best of the Best Orals - Education and Professional Development
17:30:00 Welcome Function and Eli Lilly Luminous Awards
19:00:00 INDUSTRY DINNER SYMPOSIA | Kindest cuts in prostate cancer: Learning from the surgeon and pathologist Ian Davis
19:15:00 Ensuring best treatment outcomes for patients on selected chemotherapies for colorectal cancer, including supportive care regimes
Wednesday, November 16, 2011
07:35:00 New treatments for metastatic castrate-resistant prostate cancer: What does this mean for my patients?
07:40:00 The horizon for new CRPC treatments is no longer a mirage Chris Sweeney
07:45:00 Cognitive behavioural interventions for cancer related insomnia
07:50:00 The psychosexual sequelae of gynaecological cancer treatments - breaking the barriers and broaching the topic
07:55:00 Overcoming barriers to patient recruitment in Australia
08:00:00 Ways to minimise bureaucratic difficulties - starting with more streamlined reporting Stephen P Ackland
08:05:00 Streamlining ethics and governance procedures
08:10:00 Improving clinical trial management systems
08:15:00 Barriers to patient involvement - a personal journey
09:00:00 PLENARY | Closing the gap - Consumers in cancer care
09:05:00 Setting and Seeing through consumer centred care in cancer policy Jessica Corner
09:10:00 Measuring success: How do we rate multidisciplinary care and is it important?
09:15:00 The Australian Experience - Consumer involvement across the continuum of cancer control
09:20:00 Consumers involved in developing a National Framework for Consumer Involvement in Cancer Control
10:30:00 Morning Tea and Poster Viewing
11:00:00 CONCURRENT SYMPOSIA | The true cost of running trials for CCTGs Stephen P Ackland
11:05:00 # Clinical trials action group - implementation update # Robyn Ward - Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee and Medical Services Advisory Committee Mitch Kirkman
11:10:00 Collaboration between CCTGs to improve efficiency and effectiveness Edward 'Ted' L. Trimble
11:15:00 # Taking the time to train - credentialing site staff # Gillian Thomas - An international perspective on cooperative trials groups Hema Rajandran
11:20:00 Economic realities for the pharmaceutical industry
11:25:00 New drugs in clinical practice
11:30:00 New drugs, Melanoma Michael Millward
11:35:00 New drugs: Bendamustine, Brentuximab and Carfilzomib
11:40:00 New drugs, Breast Cancer
11:45:00 New drugs, Prostate cancer Michael Cain
11:50:00 Screening and diagnosis of bowel cancer at the coalface Jon Emery
11:55:00 Primary care and the uptake of bowel cancer screening
12:00:00 A state-wide, population-based program for the detection of Lynch syndrome based upon immunohistochemical and molecular testing of colorectal tumours Barry Iacopetta
12:05:00 Using decision aids for informed choice in bowel cancer screening Sian Smith
12:15:00 Gathering evidence in supportive care | The importance of evidence based medicine in supportive care
12:20:00 Using available data for evaluating supportive care interventions Irwin Epstein
12:25:00 Cancer and taste problems - where is the evidence? Anna Boltong
12:25:00 The use of a wiki platform for developing evidence-based guidelines: Nutritional management of patients with head and neck cancer Merran Findlay
12:30:00 Resistance training during androgen depreivation for prostate cancer
12:30:00 Best of the Best Orals - Urologic oncology Seth P. Lerner, Tim Eisen
12:35:00 Lunch: Poster viewing: Group meetings
13:30:00 PLENARY | Strategies to address the looming oncologyworkforce shortage
13:35:00 Australian Medical Oncologist Workforce Study - general workforce shortage Michael Barton
13:40:00 Discipline of surgery physician assistants in the surgical oncology setting: The Adelaide experience
13:45:00 Rural medical specialist workforce shortage
13:50:00 Clinician driven solutions towards alleviating the cancer medical speciality workforce shortages
13:55:00 The Health Workforce Australia perspective
14:00:00 Panel discussion
14:10:00 How well do common symptoms predict colorectal cancer? Barbara-Ann Adelstein
15:00:00 Afternoon Tea: Best of the Best Poster Viewing
15:10:00 Best of the Best posters: Patterns of Care Lesley Rushton
15:30:00 Best of the Best Posters: Primary Care and Health Services
16:00:00 CONCURRENT SESSIONS | Status quo on testicular cancer: ANZUP's perspective Guy Toner
16:05:00 Past, Present and Future of GCT Therapy - Using biology and collaboration to Cure All GCT Chris Sweeney
16:10:00 Losing your marble(s): The psychosocial impact of surviving testicular cancer?
16:15:00 Current status of the ANZUP Germ Cell trials. Peter Grimison
16:20:00 Improving Management Plans for Testicular Cancer Guy Toner
16:25:00 Question and Answer Session with Panel
16:30:00 Improving Patient Outcomes and Performance Measurement in Cancer and Palliative Care | Clinical Data Mining: Promoting Evidence-informed practice in hospital setting Irwin Epstein
16:35:00 Palliative care and oncology integration in the national VA hospital system
16:40:00 A systems-wide approach to performance improvement
16:45:00 The big picture downunder - A journey from the genetics of gynaecologic cancer to policy making in gynaecologic cancer | Cancer Australia in 2014
16:50:00 It's all in your genes
16:55:00 Chemo radiation, where are we now? Gillian Thomas
17:00:00 Chemotherapy in pregnancy: It is safer than we think? Judith A. Smith
17:05:00 Panel discussion
17:10:00 Best of the Best Orals - Primary Care
17:15:00 Best of the Best Orals - Health Services
19:00:00 Conference Dinner
Thursday, November 17, 2011
07:35:00 International cancer clinical trials – opportunities to share and collaborate Edward 'Ted' L. Trimble
08:00:00 Cancer Voices WA Launch
09:00:00 PLENARY | Novel therapeutics, drug development and diagnostics Allan Coates
09:05:00 Challenges in development of novel therapeutics Howard Scher
09:10:00 How to match the patient to the drug David Thomas
09:15:00 The role of the pathologist in drug research and development Chris Womack
09:20:00 Translational cancer research - from basic science to the clinic and population.
10:30:00 Morning Tea
11:00:00 CONCURRENT SYMPOSIA | Renal Cell Carcinoma: Learning from the Community David Goldstein
11:05:00 Translational cancer research Tim Eisen
11:10:00 Co-operative group trials Tim Eisen
11:15:00 The epidemiology of kidney cancer Gianluca Severi
11:20:00 ANZUP trials Ian Davis
11:25:00 Panel discussion
11:30:00 Mesothelioma: Key Phase III Trials Results: Implications and future trial options Nick Pavlakis, Michael Millward
11:35:00 A multicentre, randomized phase III maintenance study of thalidomide vs. observation in patients with malignant pleural mesothelioma (MPM) after induction chemotherapy Paul Baas
11:40:00 Vorinostat in patients with advanced malignant pleural mesothelioma (MPM) who have failed prior pemetrexed and either cisplatin or carboplatin therapy: A phase III, ramdomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial Paul Baas
11:45:00 Discussion - Implications and future trial options
11:50:00 Cancer Care Coordination: Progress, Achievements and Future Directions
11:55:00 Setting the scene: The UK experience Jessica Corner
12:00:00 Cancer Institute NSW evaluation report
12:05:00 Evaluation of the Western Australian Cancer Nurse Coordinator Role Leanne Monterosso
12:10:00 Cancer care coordination in Queensland Sue Hadfield
12:15:00 Best of the Best Orals - Supportive Care 2
12:20:00 Best of the Best Orals - Epidemiology Irwin Epstein
12:30:00 Lunch
13:20:00 Hot Topic Panel Discussion: "Doctors know best - or do they?"
13:35:00 Panel Judith A. Smith, Jessica Corner
14:00:00 Awards and Close
15:00:00 Afternoon Workshops (Optional)
15:45:00 Bus departs for Perth domestic airport
16:00:00 ABNA Workshop
17:00:00 Australia & New Zealand Melanoma Trials Group Public Forum
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