9th Congress on Lung Cancer
Hotel Meliá Barcelona
Avda. Sarriá, 50 08029 Barcelona (Spain)
Barcelona, Spain

Schedule of Presentations:

Thursday, November 17, 2011
10:25:00 SESSION 1 | Early NSCLC
10:30:00 Introduction
10:35:00 Predictive gene signature Ramón García-Escudero
10:50:00 Gene signatures in early NSCLC
11:05:00 Modern approaches to customizing adjuvant chemotherapy Michel van den Heuvel
11:20:00 Molecular analysis of survival signaling pathways from the NATCH trial: A Trans-Atlantic Collaboration Fadlo Raja Khuri
11:35:00 SESSION 2 | Pathology and Lung Cancer Biology Susana Benlloch
11:35:00 Conclusions
11:40:00 Introduction: relevance of translational research
11:45:00 Molecular advances in lung cancer pathology Santiago Ramon y Cajal
12:00:00 BRAF mutations in NSCLC Federico Marchetti
12:15:00 ALK, LKB1 and P130 assessment
12:30:00 p53 mutations in lung cancer Miguel Á. Molina
12:45:00 Endothelial circulating cells and microparticles in lung cancer
13:00:00 Lunch
14:10:00 SESSION 3 | Discoveries in Cancer Biology Montserrat Sánchez-Céspedes
14:15:00 Mutation screening and biological characterization of BRG1 and other tumor suppressor genes in lung cancer Montserrat Sánchez-Céspedes
14:30:00 Keynote Lecture | NF-kB in FAS signaling pathway in tumors with EGFR mutations
14:45:00 Genes involved in chromatin remodeling complex as determinants of sensitivity to ALK and EGFR inhibitors René Bernards
15:15:00 AEG-1 and BRCA1 as determinants of outcome to erlotinib in EGFR-mutated NSCLC
15:30:00 Break
15:40:00 SESSION 4 | Customized Clinical Trials Carlos Camps, Bartomeu Massutí
15:45:00 EURTAC Luis Paz Ares
16:00:00 SCAT
16:15:00 BREC Carlos Camps
16:30:00 BREC-China
16:45:00 Olaparib+gefitinib Rosario García-Campelo
17:00:00 Bevacizumab
17:15:00 Coffee Break
17:35:00 CLINICAL WORKSHOP Carlos Camps
17:40:00 Lung cancer in never-smokers: differential issues
17:50:00 Different endpoints with targeted therapies Manuel Cobo
18:00:00 Optimal techniques for early detection of response
18:10:00 New drugs, new toxicities
18:20:00 Treatment strategy for advanced squamous carcinoma
18:30:00 Selection of patients for maintenance treatment Ana Blasco
18:40:00 Treatment for patients resistant to EGFR-TKIs Ramón Palmero
18:50:00 The REASON study Bartomeu Massutí
19:00:00 Outcomes to pemetrexed in advanced NSCLC: An overview of recent findings
19:10:00 Discussion Carlos Camps
Friday, November 18, 2011
08:00:00 SLCG Plenary Session Manuel Cobo
08:30:00 Plenary Lecture Rafael Rosell
08:55:00 SESSION 5 | Applicability of Translational Research
09:00:00 mRNA expression of genes involved in the EGFR and NF-kB pathways
09:15:00 NF-kB inhibitors and RAS signalling Haian Fu
09:30:00 The refined BRCA1 model in cisplatin-treated patients
09:45:00 Circulating tumor cells
10:00:00 EGFR in Latin America Andrés F. Cardona
10:15:00 The TOFEM registry
10:30:00 Molecular predictive markers for response to bevacizumab: the role of the AMP kinase pathway Stefano Indraccolo
10:45:00 Keynote Lecture: FGFR1 amplification and other targetable alterations in squamous cell carcinoma Roman Thomas
11:00:00 Coffee Break
11:15:00 SESSION 6 | Chemoradiotherapy Wilfried Eberhardt
11:20:00 Trimodality in stage III NSCLC Wilfried Eberhardt
11:35:00 Progress in chemoradiotherapy studies Pilar Garrido
11:50:00 Potential role for customized and targeted therapies in the NSCLC neoadjuvant setting Diego Márquez-Medina, Yolanda García García
12:05:00 Translational research in stage III NSCLC
12:20:00 Conclusions Josep Jové
12:25:00 SESSION 7 | SCLC
12:30:00 Optimal approach for limited disease Corinne Finn
12:45:00 Treatment of metastatic SCLC FIONA BLACKHALL
13:00:00 Molecular research in SCLC: an empty field?
13:15:00 Conclusions
13:25:00 SESSION 8 | Special Cases
13:30:00 Mesothelioma: state of the art and projects Rolf A. Stahel
13:45:00 Molecular research in mesothelioma: an empty field? Enric Carcereny
14:00:00 Management of elderly patients
14:15:00 Lunch
15:05:00 SESSION 9 | Targeted Therapies and Novel Agents Felipe Cardenal
15:10:00 Introduction Felipe Cardenal
15:15:00 State of the art of clinical trials with novel agents Enriqueta Felip
15:30:00 The role of the ETOP in clinical trials Rolf A. Stahel
15:45:00 Cost-efficacy management in the use of EGFR TKIs Ana Clopés
15:55:00 Conclusions
16:00:00 SESSION 10 | SLCG Clinical Trials Enric Carcereny
16:05:00 PHALCIS
16:15:00 ANGIOMET Eloísa Jantus
16:25:00 TARZO
16:45:00 RENO Mariano Provencio
3D Tissue Models
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