Chemokines and Leukocyte Trafficking in Homeostasis and Inflammation
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 The organized trafficking of leukocyte subsets through the tissue compartments of the body is critical to the generation of innate and adaptive immune responses and for normal organ immuno-surveillance; however, when misguided, such processes can promote uncontrolled inflammation resulting in tissue pathology. It is now well established that cellular adhesion and chemokine receptors play a central role in regulating tissue-specific leukocyte migration. Recent studies have started to unravel the complex mechanisms underlying the expression of these receptors on lymphocytes and highlight the importance of the local lymph node environments and migratory dendritic cells in the induction of peripheral tissue homing receptors. While immunologists have traditionally tended to focus on primary and secondary lymphoid compartments to study immunological processes and immune cell interactions, there is a growing realization that many, if not most, of our immune cells are located in peripheral tissues and that each of these sites possess unique immunological characteristics. The Keystone Symposia meeting on Chemokines and Leukocyte Trafficking in Homeostasis and Inflammation will bring together scientists and clinicians with expertise in immune cell migration, cellular adhesion/chemokine receptor regulation and tissue-specific leukocyte trafficking with a focus on the peripheral tissue compartments in health and disease.

Schedule of Presentations:

Sunday, January 8, 2012
15:00:00 Registration
18:15:00 Refreshments
19:15:00 Welcome and Keynote Session
19:25:00 Welcoming Remarks William Agace, Sirpa Jalkanen
19:35:00 Targeting leukocytes for tolerance and immunity Eugene C Butcher, Sergio A. Lira
20:00:00 Chemokines | Tales from the Clinic Phil Murphy,
Monday, January 9, 2012
07:00:00 Breakfast
08:00:00 Distinct Modalities of Chemokine Promoted Transendothelial Migration of Lymphocytes Ronen Alon
08:00:00 Leukocyte Interactions with Vascular/Lymphatic Endothelium
08:15:00 Imaging Intravascular Immunity Paul Kubes
08:30:00 Leukocyte Motility through Venular Walls in vivo Sussan Nourshargh
08:40:00 Dendritic Cell Interactions with Lymphatic Endothelium Cornelia Halin
08:50:00 Short Talk | Podoplanin-Bound CCL21 Regulates Adhesive Migration of T Lymphocytes on the Cell Surfaces of Lymphatic Endothelium
09:00:00 Short Talk | Immunoprotective Role of an IL-6/sIL-6R/gp130/STAT3 Signaling Axis Controlling Lymphocyte Trafficking during Fever Trupti D. Vardam
09:20:00 Coffee Break
11:15:00 Poster Setup
13:00:00 Poster Viewing | On Own for Lunch and Recreation
14:30:00 Workshop 1 | Modulators of Immune Cell Migration
14:40:00 T-Cell Immunoglobulin- and Mucin-Domain-Containing Molecule (Tim)-1 is a Novel Physiological Ligand for P-Selectin Gabriela Constantin
14:50:00 CCL19-Cre BAC Transgenic Mice: Targeting Lymph Node Fibroblastic Reticular Cells in vivo Burkhard Ludewig
15:00:00 Distinct Roles for Talin-1 and Kindlin-3 in LFA-1-Dependent Neutrophil Rolling and Arrest Craig T. Lefort
15:10:00 Metabolic Intervention with Pantethine Inhibits T Cell Trafficking and Autoimmune Disease
15:20:00 The Autotaxin/Lysophosphatidic Acid Axis Regulates Lymphocyte Extravasation at Lymph Node High Endothelial Venules Masayuki Miyasaka
15:30:00 Distinct Roles for CCL2/MCP-1 and CCR2 in Mammary Cancer Development and Tumor Neovascularization
15:40:00 Decreased Leukocyte Recruitment by Inorganic Nitrate and Nitrite in Microvascular Inflammation and NSAID-Induced Intestinal Injury Cecilia Jadert
16:30:00 Coffee Available
17:00:00 Migratory Pathways of Monocyte/Dendritic Cell Subsets William R. Heath
17:10:00 Migratory Potential of Dendritic Cell Precursors Miriam Merad
17:20:00 The CX3CR1 / CX3CL1 Chemokine Axis Steffen Jung
17:30:00 Chemokine-Regulated Antigen Sampling by Adipose Macrophages and Dendritic Cells Gwendalyn J Randolph
17:40:00 Short Talk | Distinct Spatial Localization and Function of Resident Dendritic Cell Subsets in Lymph Nodes Eugene W. Gerner
19:00:00 Social Hour w/ Lite Bites
19:30:00 Poster Session 1
Tuesday, January 10, 2012
07:00:00 Breakfast
08:00:00 Intra-Organ Leukocyte Migration
08:10:00 Chemotactic guidance of Dendritic cells in vivo Michael Sixt
08:20:00 Antiviral Immune Response in Lymph Nodes Ulrich H. Von Andrian
08:30:00 Visualizing Immune Responses to Toxoplasma gondii in situ Ellen A Robey
08:40:00 Circadian Influences on Leukocyte Migration Paul S. Frenette
08:50:00 Short Talk | Non-Random Layered Organization of Effector Cells in the Lymph Node Allows for Optimal Pathogen Defense Wolfgang K. Kastenmuller
09:00:00 Short Talk | Visualization of the Splenic iNKT Cell Effector Program Reveals Cross-Talk with Dendritic Cells at the Marginal Zone Irah King
09:20:00 Coffee Break
11:15:00 Poster Setup
13:00:00 Poster Viewing | On Own for Lunch and Recreation
16:30:00 Coffee Available
17:00:00 Leukocyte Trafficking to the Inflamed CNS Ronen Alon
17:10:00 Trafficking Across the Blood Brain Barrier: Go with the Flow Richard M. Ransohoff
17:20:00 Coagulation Cascade, Type 1 Interferons, Th17 and Homing to the Brain Lawrence Steinman
17:30:00 Short Talk | A Pivotal Role for Cytokine-Regulated MMP-2 and MMP-9 Activity in Leukocyte Chemotaxis into the Brain
17:40:00 Short Talk | Impact of CCR7-Dependent T Cell Migration in Memory Responses to Toxoplasma Infection in the Brain Shahani Noor
17:55:00 Short Talk | Cytosolic Rig-I-Like Helicases Act as Negative Regulators of Sterile Inflammation in the CNS Marco Prinz
19:00:00 Social Hour w/ Lite Bites
19:30:00 Poster Session 2
Wednesday, January 11, 2012
07:00:00 Breakfast
08:00:00 Generation of Tissue Tropic Lymphocyte Subset Christopher Rudd
08:10:00 Intestinal Dendritic Cell Subsets and the Generation of Gut Tropic T Cells William Agace
08:20:00 Control of Mucosal Immune Responses by Vitamin A Reina E. Mebius
08:30:00 FoxP3+ Regulatory T Cells and NKT Cells Co-Opt the Tfh Differentiation Pathway to Upregulate CXCR5 and Become Specialized T Follicular Regulatory or Helper Cells Carola G. Vinuesa
08:40:00 Lymph Node Homing of Immune Cells via Afferent Lymphatics Reinhold Förster
08:50:00 Short Talk | B Cell-Dependent Positioning of CXCR5-Expressing Dendritic Cells Drives Th2 Development
09:20:00 Coffee Break
11:00:00 Poster Setup
13:00:00 Poster Viewing | On Own for Lunch and Recreation
14:30:00 Workshop 2 | Leukocyte Migration to and within Peripheral Tissues
14:40:00 Early Induction of iBALT Enhances T Follicular Cell Recruitment to Influenza-Infected Lungs, Promotes Rapid Viral Clearance and Prevents Immuno-Pathology
14:50:00 Dynamic Expression of Selectin Ligands Directs Memory CD8 T Cells to Inflamed Tissues Independent of Antigenic Stimulation Jeffrey C. Nolz
14:50:00 RGS-1 in Intestinal T Cell Trafficking and Responsiveness
15:00:00 Interstitial Migration of CD4+ T Cells is Dependent on alpha5beta1 Integrin
15:10:00 Ly6Chigh Monocytes Give Rise to Resident and Inflammatory Intestinal Macrophages in a Context-Dependent Manner
15:20:00 Effector Memory CD8 T Cells are not as Dependent on IL-15 for Homeostatic Maintenance Kathryn A. Fraser
15:30:00 Different Patterns of Peripheral Migration by Memory CD4 and CD8 T Cells William R. Heath
15:40:00 Skin Patrol by Tissue-Resident Memory CD8+ T Cells Silvia Ariotti
16:30:00 Coffee Available
17:00:00 Chemokines and Leukocyte Trafficking at Epithelial Surfaces: Lung/Skin Reinhold Förster
17:10:00 Lymphocyte Trafficking to Inflamed Airways Andrew D. Luster
17:20:00 Dendritic cells and the initiation of airway inflammation Bart N. Lambrecht
17:30:00 T Cell Trafficking and Skin-Resident T Cells Thomas S. Kupper
17:40:00 Short Talk | Dynamics and Function of CD8 T Cell Responses within the Female Reproductive Tract Jason M. Schenkel
19:00:00 Social Hour w/ Lite Bites
19:30:00 Poster Session 3
Thursday, January 12, 2012
07:00:00 Breakfast
08:00:00 Chemokines and Leukocyte Trafficking at Mucosal Surfaces: The Gut William Agace
08:10:00 Chemokines and the Intestinal Mucosa Sergio A. Lira
08:20:00 Coordinated Migration of Regulatory T Cells Enables Intestinal Tolerance Oliver Pabst
08:30:00 How TH17 Cells are Controlled in the Gut
08:40:00 Modulating Lymphocyte Migration for the Treatment of Liver Disease David H. Adams
08:50:00 Short Talk | CXCR2 and CXCL5 Regulate IL-17/G-CSF Axis and Neutrophil Homeostasis
09:00:00 Coffee Break | On Own for Lunch and Recreation
09:35:00 Short Talk | CD103+ DCs Mobilize to the Intestinal Epithelium to Sample Luminal Bacteria
16:30:00 Coffee Available
17:00:00 Cell Migration in Cancer Sergio A. Lira
17:10:00 Chemokines as Key Components of Cancer-Related Inflammation Alberto Mantovani
17:20:00 In Vivo Dynamics of NFAT Activation in Cytotoxic T Cells Thorsten R. Mempel
17:30:00 Homing-Associated Molecules as Potential Therapeutic Targets Sirpa Jalkanen
17:40:00 Short Talk | A Clinically Active BTK Inhibitor Targets Adhesion and Migration in Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia Steven T. Pals
19:00:00 Social Hour w/ Lite Bites
20:00:00 Entertainment
Friday, January 13, 2012
09:00:00 Departure
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