25th Annual Southeastern Fracture Symposium (SEFS)
Washington Duke Inn
3001 Cameron Blvd. Durham, NC 27705, United States (919) 490-0999
Durham, North Carolina
Welcome to the 25th annual meeting of the Southeastern Fracture Symposium jointly sponsored by the Southeastern Fracture Consortium Foundation, Wake Forest University School of Medicine, and the Northwest Area Health Education Center. The conference chairs represent Wake Forest University, Medical Center of Central Georgia, Duke University, University of Virginia and University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Schools of Medicine and Carolinas Medical Center. The Southeastern Fracture Consortium Foundation welcomes new orthopaedic individual memberships as well as institutional memberships. The research consortium group is well recognized for its research endeavors through national conference presentations and publications. www.washingtondukeinn.com

Schedule of Presentations:

Thursday, January 26, 2012
08:25:00 PRE-CONFERENCE SESSIONS | Coding Course Agenda
08:30:00 Coding Course Preliminary Agenda | Coding and Reimbursement Rules
10:30:00 Coffee Break
10:45:00 Fracture and Trauma Update 2012
10:50:00 Fracture Coding
10:55:00 Global vs Itemized
11:00:00 Splints/ Cast
11:05:00 Initial
11:10:00 Re-application
11:15:00 Resident Involvement
11:20:00 Orthopaedic Coding Concepts
11:25:00 Bone Grafts
11:30:00 Microscope
11:35:00 Non Biodegradable Drug Delivery Implants
11:40:00 Negative Pressure Wound Therapy
12:15:00 Lunch on your own
13:00:00 Wound Care
13:05:00 Skin Replacement Surgery
13:10:00 Surgical Preparation
13:15:00 Wound Repairs
13:20:00 Debridement Associated with Open Fracture
14:30:00 Break
14:45:00 Case Coding
14:50:00 E&M Update 2012
14:55:00 CPT Code Update
15:00:00 Levels of Service Documentation Requirements
15:00:00 Industry Research Session
15:05:00 Categories
15:10:00 History
15:15:00 Examination
15:20:00 Medical Decision Making
16:00:00 Coding Course Adjourn
17:00:00 SEFC Board Meeting
19:00:00 SEFC Research Session William Obremskey
21:00:00 SEFC Research Session (Cont.) William Obremskey
Friday, January 27, 2012
07:55:00 The General Session is intended for orthopaedists, fellows, residents, nurses (clinic and operating room), mid-level providers and operating room technicians working in major trauma centers as well as in general orthopaedic practice settings.
08:00:00 Course Welcome
08:10:00 SESSION ONE | Fragility Fractures Kyle J. Jeray
08:15:00 Managing Osteoporosis | What’s New Kyle J. Jeray
08:25:00 Fixation Techniques for Osteoporotic Bone William Obremskey
08:40:00 Periprosthetic Fractures
08:55:00 The Hip | Intertrochanteric Fractures James Kellam
09:10:00 The Elderly Femoral Neck Fracture Douglas Dirschl
09:25:00 Discussion
09:50:00 Break
10:10:00 SESSION TWO | Failures of Fixation- What Do I Do next? Panel Discussion Steven Olson, Tim Harris
11:00:00 SESSION THREE | Case Discussions–Locking Fixation | When, Why and How
12:00:00 Lunch
12:55:00 SESSION FOUR | Health Care Policy
13:00:00 Introduction and Health Policy - Why It Matters William Obremskey
13:15:00 History of Health Care Reform in America Alex Jahangir
13:30:00 Understanding Health Care Reform Manish Sethi
13:45:00 Government Enforcement
14:00:00 Planning for Reform Steven T Olson
14:15:00 Discussion
14:25:00 SESSION FIVE | Articular Injuries
14:45:00 Distal Radius
15:00:00 The Bicondylar Tibia Plateau Hassan Mir
15:15:00 When is an Ankle Replacement an Option in Trauma? Selene Parekh
15:30:00 Discussion
15:45:00 Break - Foyer
16:00:00 SESSION SIX
16:05:00 Group Discussion | Faculty’s Favorites-Case Studies
Saturday, January 28, 2012
08:00:00 Surgical Approach Lab Travel to Duke University Soft-Tissue Lab
08:00:00 Non-Physician Concurrent Session | Washington Duke Hotel
08:05:00 Non-Physician Concurrent Session | Non Physician Roles | Clinical Nurse Specialist, RN First Assist, NP, PA (Beth Stewart, Duke)
08:05:00 Opening Comments - Update - Techniques for Fracture Care James Kellam
08:05:00 Pilon fractures Bob Zura
08:10:00 Non-Physician Concurrent Session | Defining Roles: Office and Hospital, Peter Gunn (NP at Duke)
08:20:00 Non-Physician Concurrent Session | Defining Roles: OR and Emergency Department, Brenda Kulp
08:20:00 Extended indications for tibial nailing Gregory J. Della Rocca
08:20:00 SESSION SEVEN | Two Concurrent Sessions: Moderator: Steve Olson / Jim Kellam Non-Physician Roles in Orthopaedic Care, Surgical Approach Lab
08:25:00 Non-Physician Concurrent Session | Defining Roles: Clinical Research Coordinator, Maria Manson
08:35:00 Non-Physician Concurrent Session | Discussion
08:35:00 Distal femoral fractures
08:50:00 Pediatric Supracondylar fractures
09:00:00 Non-Physician Concurrent Session | Clinical Research Coordination - What is involved?
09:05:00 Clavicle fractures Kyle J. Jeray
09:05:00 Non-Physician Concurrent Session | Study Design / IRB approval
09:10:00 Non-Physician Concurrent Session | Budgets and Compliance
09:15:00 Non-Physician Concurrent Session | Patient Enrollment
09:20:00 Non-Physician Concurrent Session | Follow-up
09:20:00 Discussion
09:30:00 Surgical Approaches Demonstrations
09:35:00 Pilon Bob Zura, Shepard Hurwitz
09:40:00 Knee Hassan Mir
09:50:00 Hip
09:55:00 Distal radius | volar plating of distal radius fracture Dave Ruch
10:05:00 Elbow | Approach to supracondylar humerus fracture Frasier Leversedge
10:10:00 Clavicle Kyle J. Jeray
10:30:00 Non-Physician Concurrent Session | Common Office Orthopaedic Conditions
10:35:00 Non-Physician Concurrent Session | Upper Extremity (Broderick)
10:40:00 Non-Physician Concurrent Session | Lower Extremity (Lochow)
10:45:00 Non-Physician Concurrent Session | Case Examples
12:00:00 Non-Physician Concurrent Session | End
12:30:00 Travel to Washington Duke for Lunch
12:30:00 LUNCH - Washington Duke Hotel
13:25:00 SESSION EIGHT | Hands-On Labs
13:30:00 Participants will have the opportunity for hands on exposure to implants. Small group discussion will center on technical aspects of treatment for the listed fractures.
13:35:00 Proximal Humerus Locking plate implants, percutaneous pinning, hemiarthroplasty and postoperative management
13:40:00 Femoral Nailing Antegrade, Trochanteric, Retrograde
13:45:00 Pelvis External fixator and symphyseal plating Demonstration of proper application of sheet, AIIS pins
13:50:00 Distal Radial Fixation
13:50:00 Spanning external fixation
14:00:00 Negative Pressure Treatment of wounds
14:10:00 Tibial Nailing
15:15:00 SESSION NINE | Complications
15:20:00 Acute Postoperative Infections
15:35:00 Bone graft options Janet Conway
15:50:00 DVT/PE -Where we are?
16:05:00 Compartment Syndrome
16:20:00 Discussion | End of Course Summary James Kellam
3D Tissue Models
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