The Orlando Dermatology Aesthetic & Clinical conference
Rosen Shingle Creek
9939 Universal Boulevard Orlando, FL 32819
Orlando, Florida , USA
Now heading into its ninth successful year, the Annual Orlando Dermatology Aesthetic & Clinical Conference provides the perfect balance of medical and aesthetic training, delivering a comprehensive and compelling look at the practice of dermatology.

In today's economic climate, successful practitioners know that it is imperative to stay relevant in this rapidly evolving field. The ODAC educational program presents progressive medical, surgical and cosmetic techniques delivered from the foremost thought leaders in dermatology in a highly interactive and impactful way. As a result, attendees leave the conference having acquired new knowledge and skills they can put into practice immediately.

Adhering to our core mission to “Define the Future of Dermatology�, this year will mark the return of our 'Innovators Spotlight'. Join us to witness first-hand the next generation of exciting products, equipment, procedures and techniques. This will prepare you to better serve patients, and enrich and enhance your entire practice.

In keeping with our commitment to provide educational opportunities for both the advanced and the new practitioner, ODAC again welcomes the Advanced Resident Training and Education (ARTE) scholarship program.

Join us in January to build critical skills and help expand your offerings to ensure the continued success of your career and your practice.

Schedule of Presentations:

Friday, January 13, 2012
08:00:00 Comprehensive Non-Surgical Aesthetic Rejuvenation
08:05:00 Advanced Practice Management
08:10:00 Recertification: What to Expect and How to Prepare
16:00:00 Managing Actinic Keratoses and Skin Cancer: Practice-Based Strategies
16:05:00 Actinic Keratosis: Everybody Needs Consideration for “Field Therapy” Neil Alan Fenske
16:10:00 Melanoma Update: Update on American Joint Committee on Cancer Classification and Treatment Mary H. Lien
16:20:00 Non-Melanoma Skin Cancer: What’s New in Diagnosis and Management Basil S. Cherpelis
16:25:00 Merkle Cell Carcinoma: Everything You Need to Know About the Deadliest of Skin Cancers Mary H. Lien
17:25:00 The New Face of Fillers and Toxins, Part I
17:30:00 The Why and How of Blunt Cannulas
17:45:00 Blunt Cannula Demonstration
18:00:00 Blunt Cannula Panel Discussion
18:25:00 The New Science of The New Face: Advances in Fillers and Toxins
18:30:00 The New Science of Fillers
18:45:00 The New Science of Toxins Timothy C. Flynn
19:00:00 Combination Fillers and Toxins Live Demonstration
19:30:00 CEO Leadership Keynote Panel
20:30:00 Welcome Reception and Networking in the Exhibit Hall
Saturday, January 14, 2012
06:55:00 SUPPLEMENTARY SESSIONS | Breakfast will be served. Limited seating available
07:00:00 Breakfast Briefing: Pediatric Dermatology
07:05:00 Breakfast Briefing: Ethical & Legal Dilemmas in Cosmetic Dermatology
07:10:00 Breakfast Briefing: What’s New and Important in Medical Literature?
08:00:00 The New Face Aesthetic Energy
08:05:00 Body Contouring Robert H. Gotkin
08:10:00 Combination Treatments
08:15:00 Approaching The Eyes
08:20:00 Approaching The Mouth
08:25:00 Skin Tightening
09:55:00 Medical Dermatology: New Treatments and Tips
10:00:00 Atopic Dermatitis: The Use of TCI and Preliminary Data on Safety Magdalene A. Dohil
10:05:00 Update on Biologics for Psoriasis
10:10:00 What’s New in Topicals for Acne
10:15:00 Top Ten Psoriasis Tips Steven R. Feldman
10:20:00 Unlocking the Right Combination Therapies: Efficacy, Tolerability & Adherence Leon H. Kircik
10:25:00 Practical Ways to Improve Patient Outcome Steven R. Feldman
12:00:00 Lunch in the Exhibit Hall featuring Innovators Spotlight
13:00:00 Get your questions answered by a faculty moderator in an intimate setting
13:25:00 Actinic Keratosis, Skin Cancer and Reconstruction
13:30:00 What’s New in Actinic Keratosis Neil Alan Fenske
13:35:00 PDT for the Extremities
13:40:00 Radiation Therapy for Skin Cancer
13:45:00 Skin Cancer Reconstruction Joel L. Cohen
15:00:00 The New Face of Fillers and Toxins: Injectables Complication Case Studies
16:15:00 Happy Hour in Exhibit Hall Sponsored
17:15:00 Ins and Outs of PDT
17:20:00 Liposuction Today
17:25:00 Life Threatening Skin Diseases
18:30:00 Dinner Symposium | Identifying Natural Ingredients & Their Use in Skin Care* Dinner will be served. Limited seating available.
20:00:00 Faculty & Department Chair Dinner
20:05:00 ARTE Scholar Networking Reception
Sunday, January 15, 2012
06:55:00 SUPPLEMENTARY SESSIONS | Breakfast will be served. Limited seating available
07:00:00 Breakfast Briefing: New Developments and Controversies in Nanotechnology
07:05:00 Breakfast Briefing: The New Face of Cosmeceuticals
07:10:00 Breakfast Briefing: Evaluating Biologic Therapies for Psoriasis
08:00:00 The New Face of Fillers and Neurotoxins | Part III
08:05:00 Pan-Facial Rejuvenation - Why and How?
08:10:00 Fillers and Fat Compartments Rebecca Fitzgerald
08:15:00 Periorbital & Upper Face Demonstration Rebecca Fitzgerald
08:20:00 Midface & Hands Demonstration
08:25:00 Lips Demonstration
08:30:00 Lower Face & Neck Demonstration
10:00:00 A Multidisciplinary Approach to Medical Dermatology
10:05:00 Diet and Acne Whitney P. Bowe
10:10:00 Psych Derm Richard J Friedman
10:15:00 Bacteria and Fungi: What You Need to Know
10:20:00 Difficult Cases in Med Derm: When Acne isn’t Acne
10:25:00 Difficult Cases in Med Derm: Acne in Women and Teens
10:30:00 Difficult Cases in Med Derm: Pediatric Dermatology
12:00:00 Lunch and Networking in Exhibit Hall
12:05:00 Poster Session Judging
13:30:00 Practical Insights in Skin of Color Patients
13:35:00 Challenging Cases in Treating Skin of Color Patients Andrew F. Alexis
13:40:00 Lasers in Skin of Color
13:45:00 Treating Asian Patients
13:50:00 Deciding When to Cut: Keloids and Hypertrophic Scars Hilary Baldwin
15:00:00 Medical Derm Considerations
15:10:00 To Biopsy or Not: Managing Pigmented Lesions with Non-Invasive Technology Babar K. Rao
15:20:00 Improving Patient Outcomes with Cosmeceuticals Rebecca Fitzgerald
15:30:00 Controversies Panel Robert H. Gotkin
16:00:00 Happy Hour
17:00:00 New Developments in Chemical Peels
17:05:00 Cosmeceuticals 101
17:10:00 Sclerotherapy Updates
18:30:00 Dinner Symposium | Real-World Strategies for Customizing Acne Regimens for Improved Outcomes* Dinner will be served. Limited seating available.
20:00:00 Closing Reception and Invitational Dinners
Monday, January 16, 2012
06:00:00 Registration for this workshop is open to dermatology resident physicians only.
08:00:00 Hands-On Patient Injection Training
08:05:00 Aesthetic Training for Young Practitioners
08:10:00 Practice Management
08:15:00 Suture Training
08:20:00 Hands-on Aesthetic Training
08:25:00 Resident Transitions
3D Tissue Models
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