Melanoma 2012: 22nd Annual Cutaneous Malignancy Update
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San Diego, California
As the incidence of melanoma continues to rise rapidly in the United States and around the world, the need to educate clinicians from various specialties on the disease also increases. During this course nationally recognized experts will present information on prevention, risk assessment, early detection, genetic factors, and current and future treatment choices for melanoma patients. Issues concerning surgical management, adjuvant therapy, advanced disease therapy, and personalizing the course of treatment for individual patients will also be discussed. This course is designed to provide information that will help clinicians in their decision making regarding these difficult patient problems. The course will be taught by a wide range of experts as this most serious of skin cancers will require multidisciplinary efforts to conquer.

    *  Plenary talks from nationally recognized experts
    * Case presentations and expert discussion
    * Ample question and answer time with course faculty
    * Networking opportunities among colleagues

Schedule of Presentations:

Saturday, January 21, 2012
07:00:00 Registration, Continental Breakfast & View Exhibits
07:40:00 Welcome and Educational Overview
07:45:00 Melanoma | Art and Science, Yesterday and Today James W. Patterson
08:45:00 Pathology of Melanoma | Current Status and Prognostic Indicators
09:05:00 Digital Photography for Nevi and Melanoma
09:20:00 Early Diagnostic Techniques Including Dermoscopy
09:40:00 The Role of Sun Exposure and Sun Protection in Melanoma
10:00:00 Ministering to the Melanoma Patient (Non-CME)
10:15:00 Break & View Exhibits
10:45:00 Metastatic Evaluation and Follow-up of the Melanoma Patient Daniel E. Zelac
11:05:00 Evaluation of Melanonychia
11:20:00 Are Dysplastic Nevi Dysplastic?
11:50:00 Lunch
12:50:00 Sentinel Node Evaluation Part I Merrick I Ross
13:35:00 TERENCE O’GRADY MEMORIAL LECTURE | Melanoma in Specific Anatomic Sites
14:05:00 Ocular and Periocular Melanoma
14:20:00 Melanoma, the Primary Lesion | Biopsy and Excisional Surgery
14:50:00 Break & View Exhibits
15:15:00 The Role of Dermatology Physician Assistants and Support Staff
15:30:00 Case Presentations
16:30:00 Adjourn
Sunday, January 22, 2012
07:00:00 Continental Breakfast & View Exhibits
07:30:00 Sentinel Node Evaluation Part II Merrick I Ross
08:30:00 Melanoma in the Foot and Ankle Hubert T. Greenway
08:30:00 Melanoma in Solid Organ and Bone Marrow Transplant Patients
08:45:00 Systemic Therapy for Advanced Melanoma Michael P. Kosty
09:30:00 Radiation Therapy for Melanoma Ray Lin
09:45:00 Mohs Surgery for Melanoma
10:00:00 Break & View Exhibits
10:30:00 Cutaneous Lasers | Is There a Role in Melanoma Management? E. Victor Ross
10:45:00 Melanoma | Medical Legal Complications
11:15:00 Multiple Melanomas in the Same Patient
11:30:00 Molecular Pathways of Melanoma and Emerging Targeted Therapies
12:05:00 Case Presentations
12:30:00 Final Adjournment
3D Tissue Models
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